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Subject: Duels at Dusk - A new 'Volkare as nemesis'-focused game mode rss

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Greg Harris
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In the base scenarios, there is rarely a sense of rivalry between yourself and Volkare. I wanted a simple game mode that added more fights between Volkare and the player, leading up to a final showdown.

Players: 1 to 4
Type: Solo and Co-operative (for now)
Length: Six rounds (3 days and 3 nights)
Purpose: A game where you have to journey to Volkare's camp at the far end of the map, and then defeat him. At the beginning of the first and second night, Volkare will spawn nearby and begin to move towards you, forcing a brief showdown. Defeating him in these periodic encounters can help you win the final battle.

Scenario Difficulty
For now, I've only put in the base, 'easy' difficulty settings to test out until I've had a chance to fine-tune harder difficulties (and hopefully gotten some feedback from players!).

Volkare's Level: 1
City Levels: 3

Since Volkare has no levels below 4 by default, I've added 3 extra levels for use in this scenario:

Level 1: 1 Grey Token, 1 Green Token
Level 2: 1 Grey Token, 2 Green Tokens
Level 3: 2 Grey Tokens, 2 Green Tokens

Game Setup
Use the exact same map shape rules for Volkare's Quest, including placing Volkare's Camp face up at the opposite end of the map. Number of tiles and city levels are unchanged.

Dummy Player: Use the dummy player as usual. Unlike other Volkare variants, Volkare does not count towards the number of players. Unlike normal solitaire play, do not discard the dummy player's tactics cards.

Volkare Rules
Placement: At the beginning of the first and second night, after tactics have been chosen, draw one additional tactics card to determine Volkare's turn order, then put it back in the pile (it is not removed).

Then, roll 1 mana die. Each colour on the die corresponds to a number on the clock. In clockwise order: Black is 12 o' clock, White is 2, Red is 4, Gold is 6, Green is 8 and Blue is 10 (you may need to shift these numbers slightly to closer match the exact map orientation on your table). These relate to the tiles surrounding your current tile. Place Volkare in the center hex of the tile indicated by the die (regardless of whether or not it is revealed - as usual, Volkare can move over unrevealed hexes). So for example, if you rolled black, place Volkare in the center of the tile closest to north (12 o' clock) from your current tile).

If you are on the border of the map and there is no tile to the direction indicated, instead place Volkare on the edge of your current occupied tile, on the direction indicated. So for example, if we rolled a black and there was no tile to the north of us, we would place Volkare on the northernmost hex.

Volkare's Movement
On Volkare's turn, roll a mana die to determine movement. Volkare always moves towards the closest player by one or hexes per turn. On a cool colour (black, green, blue), move one space. On a warm colour (gold, red, white), move two spaces, or until he reaches the same hex as a player.

If Volkare has a choice between multiple valid hexes (each are equidistant to a player), use the colour on the die and choose the direction closest to that indicated by the placement rules. Any direction that would take him away from the player is reversed - so if the player is south of Volkare, and the movement says to go northeast, it is reversed to southwest.

If the night ends and there was no encounter between Volkare and a player, remove him from the map and resolve 'Results of Duels' as though it were a draw.

Rules on encountering Volkare and revealing his army are exactly the same as the usual scenarios, with one exception - you may not retreat from a fight with Volkare.

Fighting Volkare in the First and Second Night
Unlike the final battle, you only have one chance to fight Volkare in the first and second night. If you cannot defeat Volkare in a single turn, Volkare retreats after dealing whatever damage he can, and his army tokens are discarded.

Results of duels
If you manage to defeat Volkare in a duel, increase Volkare's level by 3 for the next encounter, and gain a reward as indicated below.

First night: Gain 8 Fame and 2 crystals of your choice.
Second night, first victory: Gain 10 fame and 2 crystals of your choice.
Second night, second victory: Gain 5 fame and 1 artifact.

If you failed to defeat Volkare in a duel, increase Volkare's level by 2 for the next encounter. You do not gain a reward.

Regardless of the outcome, remove Volkare from the map if this was the first night. If this was the second night, now place Volkare on his camp at the far end of the map.

The Final Battle
Once spawned on his camp, Volkare will wait for the player to approach. If you can defeat him at his camp, you win the game! If you cannot defeat him by the end of the final night, you lose!

Let me know if you get a chance to playtest this. It's fairly simple, the main things that might need fine-tuning are the rewards for defeating Volkare, the 3 new Volkare difficulty levels, and then to make some 'official' numbers for extra player counts and difficulties. I've played this only once, but I really enjoyed it and definitely got what I wanted out of it.
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mister mystery
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I would like to try this. you played it once. What were your experiences with it? maybe some insight helps I will probably play around a bit wiht the movement, for me this seems, it is rather fast possible that he attacks you at the beginning of night one (like after 1-2 turns)
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