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Bryan Kline
United States
Winter Park
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This post is intended to house all of the questions that I've been asked since the rulebook for Manaforge was written. I will be updating this as I receive new questions that aren't adequately answered in the game rules.

Q: I can't tell the dice colors apart! How do I know which die is which?
A: The dice in Manaforge are intended to be distinguishable by the symbols on them. The dice fall into two rough categories:
- The four types of elemental dice (earth, fire, water, wind) each have two 'gem' sides corresponding to their element, plus one 'double mana' side of their element.
- The arcane dice all have a diagonal line across every face.

Q: The rules say that used gems are returned to the game box and that mana prisms are exchanged with gems in the box. Does that mean that I can't use a prism until gems have been used? Also what happens when the game runs out of gems and I need to gain one?
A: The assumption when this section was written is that the gems are kept in the game box when not owned by a player. In reality, players typically keep the unowned gems in a pile (or piles) next to the game area. In this case, when a gem is used, it is returned to that pile. Similarly, a prism is exchanged for a gem in that pile. When the game refers to tokens in the box, it really intends to refer to wherever the tokens are stored.

Q: When I store a die on the Aether Reserve talent card, can I keep it there forever? Does this let me spend the same die face every turn?
A: The intent of the Aether Reserve card is that it can only store unspent dice. Once the die attached to the card is spent, it moves off of the card and to the player's used dice area in the same way as any other spent die. However, spending the die on the card does free up the card; another unspent die may be added to the card right away.

Q: I see item cards that have a multicolored circle symbol in their cost. Mana prisms are multicolored too. That means I have to use prisms to pay for those cards, right?
A: Despite the color similarity, the rainbow circle cost and the prism tokens are very different:
- The rainbow-swirl circle symbol in any mana cost anywhere in the game (both build costs and ability costs) indicates that any type of mana may be used to pay that cost. As long as the quantity of mana is correct, the cost is met, regardless of what element(s) of mana are used or what their source is.
- Mana prism tokens can be exchanged for any mana gem during a player's turn. These gems can then be used just as any other gem; to spend as mana, upgrade a workshop card, or spend on abilities that consume gems. A prism is never spent directly; nothing currently in the game costs mana prisms.

Q: When I get a Store card, can I save its effect for later? The rules only say that the card has a one-time effect.
A: When using the build action, you pay the mana cost of an item card on the board, and then pick up that card. At that point, what you do with the card varies depending on the type. A Workshop card is immediately moved to your Workshop. (Unless your Workshop is full, in which case one of your existing Workshop cards must be discarded first.) A Store card's effect is immediately triggered, after which the card is moved to your Store pile and has no further effect. The timing in the rules states that applying the effect comes before placing the card in your Store, and both of those must occur before you can take any other actions.

Q: What's the point of the item cards that give additional dice? I've probably spent most or all of my dice for the turn by the time I get the card, so what good is an extra die after that?
A: The dice given by the Dawn item cards Earth Boots, Fire Bracers, Wind Circlet, Water Pendant, and Arcane Gloves are permanent. In addition to being rolled immediately when obtained and available for use that turn, the new dice are added to your dice pool for the rest of the game and can be spent on subsequent turns the same as any of your other dice.
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