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Subject: Age 2 Card Rankings rss

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Kyle Wright
Salmon Arm
British Columbia
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Fire Dragons:
- Combos amazingly well with Sea Serpent.
- Most likely gets you 16 glory as you will want your ship to die in ages 2 & 3.
- Easy to get value as you just have to put your ship in the fjord adjacent to the province that Ragnarok is going to hit.
Loki's Eminence:
- Lots of your figures will be dying in ages 2 & 3 which should net you a ton of glory.

Fire Giant:
- Can absolutely wreck one of your opponents (ideally your biggest threat).
- Strongest figure in the game.
- High rage cost.
- People will play around it.
Odin's Inspiration:
- Can lead to a tremendous amount of glory.
- Great card to draft if you already have figures in the province that's about to be destroyed.
- If players know you have it they will try to destroy your figures before Ragnarok hits.

Heimdall's Watch:
- Nothing counters it in age 2.
- Amazing if you can pull it off in a big battle for Yggorasil.
- Likely nets you between just 5-10 glory and forces everyone to lose a card.
Heimdall's Eye:
- Tremendous card that can win the game for you if used correctly.
- Can lead you to spending 2 or 3 cards just to win 1 battle.
Tyr's Challenge:
- Great way to spend excess rage.
- If used on Yggorasil can give you a tremendous advantage.
- 3 provinces make it the best quest option.
- 3 provinces make it the best quest option.

Glorious Death:
- Pretty easy to pull off in age 2.
- Only 2 provinces but quests are very important.

Loki's Backstab:
- Great card to use with the Loki strategy.
- 2 glory for every battle lost adds up.
- Age 2 has cards that force you to discard battle cards.
Tyr's Rage:
- Strongest battle card in age 2.
- Can very easily lead to you giving an opponent 6 glory if they play Heimdall's Watch.
- Tougher to pull off than most quest cards.

Dark Elf:
- Only good in Yggorasil.
Tyr's Smite:
- +5 is good but susceptible to Heimdall's Watch.
Experts in Arms:
- Doubles the strength of every warrior you have.
- Combos well with Frigga's Succor & Loki's Blessing.
- Makes every warrior you invade with cost 2.
Frigga's Protection:
- Allows you to recover if you make a misplay.
Lord of Axes:
- 3 rage is still a pretty high cost in age 2.
- You likely won't have your leader die in age 1.
- Forces you to go for Yggorasil which is risky.

- Not very strong.
Tyr's Crush:
- +4 is not very strong in age 2.
Odin's Tide:
- Bad stuff also effects you so very situational card.

Tyr's Prowess:
- Heimdall's Watch renders this card pretty useless.
- Combos with Thor's Oath & Heimdall's Eye.
Thor's Oath:
- Likely won't win you a battle in age 2 unless you have tons more strength than opponents.

Thor's Domain:
- Incredibly risky.
- In most cases won't be used.
Tyr's Smash:
- +3 is weak in age 2.


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Jim Marshall
United Kingdom
North Yorkshire
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I'd rate the Valkyrie a little higher. Her main benefit isn't strength, but the points gained for enemy losses in a pillage. Sneak her into a big Yggdrasil fight and you can net a lot of points.

She's especially useful with the upgrade that allows you to spend rage to preserve a figure - getting her into one big Yggdrasil fight is good, getting her into two or three over the last two rounds can be game-winning.
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Sylvio Z
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I don't get the "risky" thing on going to Yggdrasil. There is the most important pillage in the whole game, so, you have to go there as soon as possible, before someone march in there. Once the province is pillaged, people will lose interest on going to Ygg.

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Peter Boctor
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Sylvioze wrote:
I don't get the "risky" thing on going to Yggdrasil. There is the most important pillage in the whole game, so, you have to go there as soon as possible, before someone march in there. Once the province is pillaged, people will lose interest on going to Ygg.

1. The player who attempts to pillage Yggdrasil is likely the only one who will have to spend rage to go there. So while it does have the highest pillage bonus, it also has the greatest cost.

2. As all provinces are adjacent to Yggdrasil and it has an unlimited amount of spaces for battle, any pillage that occurs there is almost guaranteed to involve one, if not all other players and therefore cannot go without a fight. The more other players there are involved, the less likelihood of actually winning said pillage, let alone holding the province.

(while the above can be used to easily distract opponents from their own goals, the sheer reward weight is what makes it risky)

3. Due to the reasons outlined above, going after and/or holding Yggdrasil, especially in any age other than three, is considerably more risky than going after any other province.
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Miika Oksanen
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Valkyrie gives you a large amount of points in certain strategies. It also fights decently and isn't vulnerable to Troll, Fire Giant or 2nd age mystics (or Wolfman if it's included). For me it could be even 8/10.

Experts in arms is pretty huge if you already have many warriors or with Loki's Blessing or Frigga's Succor. Maybe 7/10.

Fire Giant is often too expensive for age 1. 5/10.

Odin's inspiration can be great, but it's risky and very easy to counter. 5/10 for me.
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