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Subject: Last Friday Part IX: The Final Last Friday (Scenario) rss

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Luke Tau
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This is a 30-turn scenario that tries to capture the theme and style of Last Friday with more of the thrill of Whitehall Mysteries. There is no player elimination, as a killed camper is replaced on the next turn. Both sides can be killed at any time, and have tug-of-war objectives. The scenario focuses on corpse tokens and campers start on the back foot. Only by clearing a few corpses can the campers gain traction and defeat the Maniac, and at any time the campers can turn the tables by killing the Maniac. Campers and the Maniac become more powerful after 15 turns to ramp up tension on both sides.

The game begins with the campers arriving at Camp Apache to discover that a Maniac has erected two corpse shrines in the dilapidated cabins and the Maniac plans to make more! Campers win if they can successfully clear the cabins of corpses or killing the maniac, and the maniac wins by killing the intruders. Let the hunt begin!

Maniac Win Conditions:
- Maniac kills 6 campers
- Maniac kills 3 of the same coloured camper
- Maniac kills one of each coloured camper
- A corpse would be placed but the tokens are depleted
- If at the end of turn 30 there are more dead campers than removed corpses

Camper Win Conditions:
- Campers kill the Maniac
- There are no more corpses in any of the cabins
- No campers have been killed at the end of turn 15
- If at the end of turn 30 there are more removed corpses than dead campers

In the case of a tie after turn 30 the game goes to sudden death. The next removed corpse or kill wins.

Setting Up:
- Place four shovel tokens split between the graveyard (top right) and Old Apache (bottom right). Campers choose where.
- Distribute cabins normally then place two clue tokens in the three unlocked cabins, and place three corpse tokens in each of the destroyed cabins. This should leave 2 corpse tokens to draw from. If all eight of the corpse tokens are on the board the Maniac wins.
- Campers choose where the boat will start.
- All 5 campers begin outside (not on a cabin tile) anywhere on the sixth of the board containing the van (bottom left).
- The maniac can begin at 6, 150, or next to the yellow, green, or blue cabin if it is destroyed.

Rule Changes:
- The Maniac moves first, and beginning with the start of round 3, places a clue token next to the space they were 3 turns ago. THIS IS DONE EVERY SINGLE TURN.
- Clues are recycled. If a camper dies or uses a clue token then the clues are shuffled back into the pile.
- The Maniac can drag a corpse token. If the maniac passes through a corpse token and wishes to move it they drop the corpse adjacent to where they end up.
- If a corpse is dragged into any cabin it is counted as a cabin corpse and needs to be dealt with.
- The Maniac cannot use the shortcut until after they have at least one kill.
- The maniac cannot kill or move through a camper on the turn they used a shortcut.
- Campers must stop to bury a corpse.
- Whenever a camper is killed the maniac collects their card and the next camper of the matching colour appears in a camper cabin on the next turn.
- Immediately before moving, campers can check one adjacent number for the Maniac. If the maniac is there then they are revealed until the end of the turn (The Invisibility token cannot be used in this instance).
- The shovel is a weapon that campers need in order to kill the Maniac.
- To kill the Maniac, the Maniac needs to currently be revealed.
- If a camper moves over the Maniac and meets the two requirements (has shovel, maniac is revealed) the Maniac is killed and campers win.
- If the Maniac is not revealed then campers pass over them without interaction. If a camper does not have the shovel they cannot move over a revealed Maniac.

Back to the Van:
Between turns 15 and 24, if the camp players don't think they can win they may trigger ‘Back to the Van’. The only goal now for the campers is to make it to the van in one piece. When a camper makes it to the van they are considered safe and leave the board. If all five campers can get back to the van without a single death the campers win. If the Maniac gets a single kill the Maniac wins. Attacking the Maniac now only moves them one space in the direction of campers’ choosing. There is no longer a turn cap.

After Turn 15 (A few hours till dawn):
- After turn 15 the maniac resets the turn token back to 0.
- The maniac can use shortcuts and swimming as often as they wish.
- Campers can use the Maniac’s shortcut as long as there is a free path to take.
- The axe token appears out front of the Barn (top left of the map).
- The campers can trigger ‘Back to the Van’ between turns 15 and 24.
- Instead of using a token that turn, each camper in addition to checking a numbered space before moving can now check a numbered space after moving. If the maniac is spotted on this second check all other campers may immediately move one space.

Token Changes:
- The Acute Hearing token works very differently. When the hearing token is used the Maniac player says 'hot' if adjacent, 'warm' if one number further away, or 'cold' if neither. If hot or warm then the camper can guess at a space and if the Maniac is found then they are revealed until they move again.
- The Plot Twist token can also be used to give the Maniac a second chance if they are caught. When a camper reveals the Maniac with a check, they may use the Plot twist to make one movement immediately to a hidden space. The Maniac cannot move through a camper. If this check is after movement other campers still get one free movement.
- The campers use the Axe token, not the Maniac. After the 15th turn the axe appears out front of the barn. If a camper with the axe dies they drop it next to their corpse. The axe acts as a permanent shovel. Chop Chop.

Turn Reference:
0 – Camper players place two shovel tokens in the graveyard and two in Old Apache. Distribute all cabins, filling camper cabins with clues and Maniac cabins with corpses. Campers place the boat token. Choose starting campers and place all five on the sixth of the board sharing the van. The Maniac starts on space 6, 150, or next to a Maniac cabin on the far side of the board.
1 – Game begins. Maniac moves first and can’t use cabin shortcuts until the first kill.
2 – Game continues with campers trying to bury corpses and the Maniac trying to make them.
3 – The Maniac begins placing clue tokens next to where they last were three turns ago (starting space).
4 – Maniac continues placing clues for where they were three turns ago. This is done every turn.

15 – At the end of round 15 the axe token appears out front of the barn and the turn marker resets to 0.
1 – Campers can now check a second numbered space after moving. The Maniac can swim and use shortcuts as much as they like. The campers can now use the Maniac’s shortcut. The campers can for the next 9 turns trigger ‘back to the van’.

9 – At the end of round 9 (24) campers can no longer trigger ‘Back to the Van’.

15 – At the end of 30 rounds if no game-winning objective has been met then a score is tallied. Score is as follows: (number of killed campers)+(number of corpses inside cabins)–6. If that number is positive then the Maniac wins and if that number is negative then campers win. If that value is zero then the game continues and the first team to break that tie wins.

I hope everything isn't too convoluted. This is the way we primarily play the game now and suits us well. Have fun!
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