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Subject: Simplified and fast Star Trek Panic game for an 8 year old boy rss

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Anne G
United States
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Edit February 18 2018

Design given
* use the castle panic layout to represent a space ship with two layers of defense. The inner wall represents the space ship. The space between the two walls represents earth. Above it is clouds and further out space. And still further above are planets.

* use castle panic like cards to identify a space location:
for example two columns are red, two orange, and two yellow.
the inner circle between the walls are the earth, the circle just beyond the walls are clouds, the outer circle is space and beyond that are planets the attacker starts from.

* The younger player attacks the ship.

My Goal for the game
* use of simple patterns, strategy and subtraction.
* short 15mn game.
* fairly close balanced game easily tilt-able.
* some kind of challenge figuring out what you can do on both sides.

Set up
Set up a castle panic star trek panic like layout.

2 attacking ships are assigned to each of the 6 planets for a total of 12 ships.

The attacker is given 5 cards identifying either a spot in a column, for example "orange cloud", or a whole column, "orange", or a whole circle,"cloud". There are 3 cards for each possible spots, 1 card for each possible column, 1 card for each possible circle. Total of 33 cards.

Put the rest of the cards in a pile face down. next to it, draw 3 cards face up next to the draw pile.

For each round
1 Attacker completes his hand to 5 cards and completes the face up draw card to 3 cards.

2. The attacker rolls a D6 dice: He moves that many ships from the planets onto its closest space spot.

3. The attacker lays out as many of these 5 cards as he can to identify safe spots. The player can place cards to protect a ship, or to protect a space adjacent to a ship sideways.

3b. If the attacker has 3 useless cards, he can pick one of the 3 face up cards and lay it down immediately if it helps.
3c. The attacker can ask for a redraw of the 3 face up cards once per turn for the cost of one of his cards.

4. The attacker can move any ship sideways by one column if it helps it reach a safe spot.

5. The defender rolls 2 dice

The defender can hit one ship that is not in a safe zone by subtracting his two dice

In space he needs a difference of 4 of more, in the clouds a difference of 3 or more, on earth, a difference of 2 or more.

6. All surviving attackers move forward by one space

6b. Any attacker hitting a wall destroys the wall and itself


The attacker wins by having two attackers destroy the two walls of protection and a third ship moves in to the inner command circle of the ship.


Moving ships sideways to safe spots is important not only to protect ships, but also in that it allows ships to change columns and reinforce a team in a breach.

If the younger player chooses defense,
* he can have 3 dice instead of 2. that should tilt things his way.
* The attacker can see 2 cards instead of 3 face up from the draw pile



Complete cards to 5 in hand and to 3 in draw pile

1. Roll D6, Move that many ships to space

2. Identify safe spots
2c. Buy one card from the draw pile using 3 player cards.
2d. redraw of 3 face up cards once in turn using 1 player card.

3. Check for sideways safe spots

4. The defender attacks one ship with 2 D6

5. All surviving attackers move forward 1

5b. Any attacker hitting a wall destroys the wall and itself


My Kiddo and I are still working on this variant. Hopefully it will get better and better each time we try this variant and come up with new ideas to make it better.
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