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Subject: Item list and hero modifications rss

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Dave Tomlinson
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After playing this game on each of my last fifteen lunch hours, I have two bits of info/summary that may be helpful. I quite like the have for what it is, but hopefully these provide an improvement.
First, before playing this game, I couldn't easily find a list of item deck contents. Obviously, you can just look through it, but a list is nice:

Elven armor 3
Elven weapon 2
Dwarven armor 3
Dwarven weapon 2
Dragon armor 3
Dragon weapon 2
Artifact 10
Ruby 6
Emerald 5
Diamond 4
Junk 30
Dragon egg 3
Total items 73

Dwarven vault counts as dwarven item
Elven vault counts as elven item
Dragon vault counts as dragon item

Second, on inspection of the item list and the heroes, and having played a few games, I can say that the heroes aren't balanced. Below is what I recommend the hero bonuses be changed to and why:

For reference, the heroes have the current potential based on their modifier and the number of their interested item available to them:

Armor 36
Weapon 18
Elf 24
Dwarf 24
Dragon 24
Gem 22.5 (rounded down on odd numbers)
Vault 18
Junk 30
Engineer 30
Priest N/A

Paladin: +3/armor instead of +4/armor
Berserker: +4/weapon instead of +3/weapon

This seems apparent even just by inspection of the item list. There are 50% more armor than weapons. I'm not sure why these bonuses were set as they were.

Hoarder +1.5/junk instead of +1/junk

This puts the upper bound of the hoarder way ahead of any other heroes (45 potential points, next highest engineer at 30), and yet still potentially not competitive. I never saw the hoarder come close to winning, even when utilizing multiple artifacts that benefit him, and even with modifying his bonus to 1.5 instead of 1. I'm hesitant to put him higher than that without more testing but it may be necessary to make him competitive.

Temptress: +1.5/gem instead of +3/2 gems rounded down

This is a minor change, but on average the temptress would get more points per game for not being rounded down on odd numbers. This brings sheet potential closer to that of the core heroes (24-27).

Rogue: +7/vault instead of +6/vault

Again, minor change, but brings the rogue closer to the rest of the heroes.

We've adopted/house ruled these changes for our games. There are potentially more or alternative changes that could be made, but these are ones I felt justified making and am relatively certain they improve the balance between the heroes.
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Ben Harkins
United States
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Play games and be awesome!
We tested almost all of these
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