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Having revamped DWSSG 1e over the latter half of 2017 into Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game (Second edition) I'm now introducing all the Classic Era Doctors into the game throughout 2018.

I’ve thought long and hard about this. I want to re-use old material so that it gets used, but I also want to add new stuff into the mix – a bit like the philosophy behind 2e itself. My original thought was to have just re-released the Doctor expansions monthly with some added bonus material but I’m not sure that’s going to work properly. The 50+ year difference between styles clashes dramatically.

When I did the 2e Event book I made the conscious decision to take out all the Companion events where you meet them for the first time as I couldn’t get my head around the game vs continuity of the TV show (OCD nerd I know). I struggled to decide ‘when’ the game is set – what ‘Doctor’ are you? The answer I came up with is ‘whoever you want’ of course. To that end, I put loads of new material in plus some Characters from the TV show that you could meet again whoever you were playing. So you could play Doctor 13 if you wish, or any other Doctor and have a different ‘timeline’ created that doesn’t actually clash with TV continuity

I think it should be the same with Project AOTAS: We still do the 12 Doctor eras (that will be easy come Doctors 9-12) but we do the older Classic Doctors as if we were visiting them from the current day for a modern audience. I don’t ever want to throw out all the good stuff from Classic Who – but I don’t think that’s what the game needs. Players need new adventures, not slavish recreations of old ones – or why not just watch the TV episodes? I want to visit certain Adventure settings and encounter old enemies, but I don’t want to just plunder the past too.

We have to, of course, please all the fans of the Eras we release, so in 2018 there will be 12 monthly expansions!

Each release is 17 pages long – Cover, Introduction, TARDIS page, 5 Enemy pages, 3 Adventure pages (9 Adventures in all) and then 6 pages of Events (about 20-25 in all). Over 12 expansions this will give 60 Enemies, 108 Adventures and 300 events.

On the Intro page you’ll find new rules, stats for the Doctor and 2 Companions of that era

The TARDIS page gives us a brand new e001 with a nice layout of the expansion’s Doctor and perhaps a tweaked event or two - so that a dimensional jump in the 1st Doctor expansion might see you visit the Toymaker’s realm!

The Enemies too have to be ‘re-creatable’ today. What I mean by this is would you bring them back in the TV show? For example from the 5th Doctor era, I could well see the Mara or the Terileptils being brought back (with updated costumes obviously). But as much as ‘Caves of Androzani’ is an absolute classic, I wouldn’t bring back Sharaz Jek!

Similarly with the Adventures – it has to be place where it wasn’t so ‘specific’ to the TV episode that you wouldn’t want to visit there. Androzani would be out as what else would you do but get chased around by androids, Magma beasts or mercenaries. A place like Raaga however (that of the Tinclavic mines) that was only mentioned in ‘The Visitation’ would be great as a kind of ‘Rura Penthe’ Star Trek prison planet

Each expansion has 6 pages of events. Only a few TV Companions here but possibility of new ones, with Characters that could become Companions with Charisma rolls – like we have in the 2e Core event book like Tallulah or Flora etc. Some may have appeared on TV like Todd in ‘Kinda’ perhaps or Richard Mace. And I’m going to create brand new ‘what-if’ Companions – represented by actors/actresses that may have been cast in ‘Doctor Who’ at the time...

We’ll also have new content in each expansion that is ‘representative’ or ‘suggested’ by an era. The 2nd Doctor would be great in Feudal Japan, the 11th Doctor could visit 50’s Hollywood (like he did off screen in ‘Christmas Carol’ and meet Marilyn Monroe...).

So far, AOTAS1: the First Doctor has been released to high acclaim

AOTAS2: The Second Doctor is released next weekend....

AOTAS3: The Third Doctor and AOTAS4: the Fourth Doctor just need editing and I'm a good way through AOTAS5: The Fifth Doctor too!

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