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Patrice Piron
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Hi everybody

I love this game but some friends say it lacks the interaction. May be. I've imagined a lot of things lately to improve interactions and have other way to win stars. I'm transcribing them here to see what you think. I do this for fun but we never know that may interest the author!


Module 1: Events

Place the Event achievement tile (2 sizes available for classic and XL board) below the Achievement track. When a player has achieved the objective indicated by the Event card, he may place a star in that tile.

Shuffle the Events cards and draw a deck with a card number equal to half the number of players, rounded up. Position this Event deck to the left of the Achievement track.

The first Event card is returned at the beginning of the game. When an event is resolved, the next card (if any) is revealed.

On his turn, a player whose character is on the correct hex indicated by the card may simply pay the coast indicated by the Event card to receive the specified reward and place a star on the Event achievement tile.

List of 12 Event cards :

Collapse: Help search and rescue the workers. On a Mountain hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Wheat and 4 Petrol to earn2 Iron and 1 Popularity.
Prospecting: Help discover new veins. On a Mountain hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Wheat and 4 Petrol to earn2 Iron and 1 Military Power.
Sabotage: Stop the burning of the wells. On a Tundra hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Wheat and 4 Iron to earn2 Petrol and 1 Popularity.
Exhaustion: Help find new deposits. On a Tundra hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Wheat and 4 Iron to earn2 Petrol and 1 Military Power.
Fire: Extinguish different forest fires in that country. On a Forest hex, pay 4 Wheat, 4 Iron, and 4 Petrol to earn2 Wood and 1 Popularity.
Exploitation: Build a new sawmill. On a Forest hex, pay 4 Wheat, 4 Iron, and 4 Petrol to earn2 Wood and 1 Military Power.
Drought: Deploy new irrigations. On a Farm hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Iron and 4 Petrol to earn2 Wheat and 1 Popularity.
Modernization: help mechanize farmers. On a Farm hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Iron and 4 Petrol to earn2 Wheat and 1 Military Power.
Hard winter: Help the villagers to overwinter. On a Village hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Wheat and 4 Petrol to earn 2 Gold and 1 Popularity.
Raiders: Protect the village from raiders. On a Village hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Iron and 4 Petrol to earn 2 Combat cards and 1 Military Power.
Ruins: Help rebuild the village. On a Village hex, pay 4 Wood, 4 Wheat and 4 Iron to earn 2 Combat cards and 1 Popularity.
Celebration: Prepare and participate in the harvest festival. On a Village hex, pay 4 Wheat, 4 Iron and 4 Petrol to earn 2 Gold and 1 Military Power.

It is also necessary for more interactions to give the possibility to solve an event in alliance with another player (in this case the actual resource cost may be low. See for a 5/5/5 or 6/6/6 if we want to force the alliances of circumstance). The player whose turn it is wins the star that he puts on the Achievement track. His ally who provided some of the resources wins the bonuses indicated by the Event card (or negotiate the reward before helping?). It would be forbidden to resolve an Event card in alliance to win his last star (otherwise a player can win another).

Module 2:Elite troops

Place the Elite troops board along the right side of the main board.

Put on the board the 4 wooden pieces of each faction used on the party, one line per faction. Each column of the board corresponds to an elite troop type and indicates its cost and the coins won.

The navy is represented by a boat, the cavalry by a horse’s head, the engineers by a bridge, and the veterans by a cone.

Place the Elite troops achievement tile (2 sizes available for classic and XL board) below the Achievement track. When a player has deployed his 4 elite troops he can put a star on this tile.

To deploy your navy, you must select the Improve action by paying the Petrol cost on your Player board + 2 iron. The navy deploys on the edge between two hexes containingor on the edge of a lake hex. A worker must be on one of the two hexes (but not on the lake). The Navy moves from edge to edge and offers a bonus to the result of a fight of 1 on each of the two adjacent hexes, and a bonus of 2 for a fight on an adjacent lake hex. Once a turn a worker or your cavalry can cross a river where your navy is. The navy can also be "towed" by your mechs, that is to say that it was possible to pass from one river to another via a single action provided that the entirety of the crossed hexes are occupied by your mechs. When you buy the Navy also earn 1 Gold.

To deploy your cavalry, you must select the Deploy action by paying the Iron cost on your Player board + 2 Wheat. Cavalry has a base move of 2 hexes. It grants a bonus to the result of a fight in which it participates 3 in attack and 1 in defense (or 2 permanently ?). Cavalry cannot, however, star a fight alone without mechs or hero. It retreats in the same way as your other units and cannot cross rivers or lakes without mechs (or navy or bridge). When you buy the cavalry also win 1 Gold.

To use engineers, you must select the Build action by paying The Wood cost on your Player board + 2 Petrol. When using engineers you can bridge a junction between two hexes separated by a river to create a passage usable by all players for all units. But you can also put the bridge on your Faction board and sabotage a bridge or building on the main board. Layer the selected wooden pieces. The bridge or sabotaged building has no effect for its owner but still counts for the Building objective card at the end of the game. (To decide: "By putting the bridge on your faction board rather than on the main board you can also repair a building (even the opposing ones)" or "During his turn a player can repair a building with the help of a worker present by paying 4 resources "). The bridge is not considered a building (no Building objective card bonus). When you buy the engineers also win 2 Gold.

To use the veterans, you must select the Enroll action by paying The Wheat cost on your Player board + 2 Wood. Then simply place the cone on one of your enrollment pieces (cylinder) already placed on your Faction board to earn again the bonus under the cylinder. When you buy the veterans also win 3 Gold.

Module 3: Rewarding Alliances and Philanthropy

To decide.

Place the Trade/Alliance achievement tile (2 sizes available for classic and XL board) below the Achievement track. Place the Trade/Alliance achievement track next the popularity track and put the small colored discs of the used factions for the party (or use the Popularity track ?).

Whenever a player gives money to other players during his turn, he advances the disc on the track equal to the given amount but can not exceed 3 per turn (or limit to 2?). Arrived at 21, he wins a star and no longer deals with moving the disc (or use the 18 track Popularity?).

Another idea to increase interactions between players is the creation of Alliance tiles allowing 2 players to join forces. There are as many tiles as half of the players rounded down (example 2 for 5 players). At the beginning of his turn, a player may ask another player to join. If he agrees, each player puts a dedicated pawn of his color on the board and puts into play 5 coins each. If a player attacks his ally, he will get all the coins. The alliance offers bonuses such as the possible exchange of one resource per turn and the two-player resolution of Event Cards. A player may leave an alliance by declaring it at the end of his turn. Each of them then recovers his coins.Several new objective cards can be imagined around this theme: To betray an alliance by successfully attacking and stealing 2-3 resources, To stop an alliance then to be attacked by the former ally, To attack two allies in the same turn, Give coins to multiple players ...

Module 4: Blitzkrieg or Trench war?

It is possible to play shorter games with 5 stars or longer with 7 stars (1 per faction provided in this extension). 5-star games are not recommended if you use modules of this extension. Conversely a 7-star game is recommended if you play several modules at a time.

Module 5: Thrace Nation or Macedonian League

Name to decide.

This is a nation that does not increase the number of players (no new Player board provided, only a Faction board). It is a replacement nation that allows you to vary your parties. The Thrace Nation is a bellicose faction and still in motion. It can happen by any side of the card. So when a player draws the Thrace Nation tile, he then draws a tile from the unused factions during that party. The nation obtained will be the starting point of the Thrace Nation for the game. Put the Thrace faction's starting disc in place of the starting point of the replaced faction. The Thrace Nation emblem represents a hoplite helmet on an orange background, the color of the faction. The hero is called Dilios from Sparta. He is accompanied by his horse Arion.

Faction capacity :Phalanx

3 workers constitute a phalanx who counts as a mech for some actions.
First you can spend a single move action to move 3 workers from one hex to another hex. On the other hand, they cannot pick up and drop other workers on the way. They can benefit from all the mechs capacities.
Your workers can enter a hex containing a smaller number of opposing workers. They can launch a fight against a character or mechs but do not allow playingCombat card. (Or can’t start a fight alone?) If beaten they retreat to the starting point of your faction.

Mech capacity 1: Invasion

Your character, mechs and phalanxes can move over a river to Tunnel and Village hexes.(or once per turn your character, mechs and phalanxes can move over a river to Tunnel and Village hexes and gain +2 Military power during a fight on the destination hex).

Mech capacity 2: Navigation

Your character, mechs and phalanxes can move to and from a lake hex and receive a +2 Military power before a fight on a lake hex.

Mech capacity 3: Exaltation

Earn 2 Popularity after each Combat victory(or 1 Popularity and 1 Gold because combine to the Phalanx capacity, 2 Popularity is too powerful against opposing workers?)

Mech capacity 4: Speed

+1 hex per movement(or +2 if there is a combat ? or +2 to join a phalanx ? ).

The style of play of this faction is clearly a game of harassment that is balanced by the fact that what can win the player in adverse resources is offset by the poverty of his own production. One can also think about the possibility of giving 9 workers to this faction. A third worker would be available at the beginning of a party and start with the leader character.

That's all.
Thank you for reading all this despite my very bad English !
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Steve G
United States
West Grove
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Very interesting, particularly module 2.
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Jamey Stegmaier
United States
St. Louis
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Patrice: Thanks for sharing these very creative ideas! While The Rise of Fenris will be the final expansion for Scythe, I hope fan expansions like this continue to be designed, playtested, and shared! After you playtest this a few times, please let me know (in this thread), and I'll add a link to our official FAQ, which includes several fan expansions in the "Tips, Curiosities, and Unofficial Variants" section.
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