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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 40 - A Klovis Shave! rss

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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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Today's Active Members:

Boris Heelbeck (Mr Boris)
Seidel Kraut (Jormi_Boced)
Meshell Heelbeck (Corps_of_Oa)
Grimwulf (wytefang)
The Tick (tickmanfan)
Feggins 'The Shadow Arrow' (MrFeggins)
Singlerage (allenjess11)
Augustus Wheatdust (starfishpaws)
Sylvester Ampersand (frumpish)
Klovis Finn (dokmatrix)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 2416 (Enemy 2409/Normal- +5% Damage, +5% HP)
Current Gold: 1509
Current Wyrdstone: 644 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None

Scenario Summary


The Ravens slip through the rolling mist of the Noble's Quarter as they continue their pursuit for Wyrdstone. It's early evening, and although the darkness hasn't quite set in yet the clinging fog is still making everything in The City of The Damned feel dull and oppressive.

The Ravens are spread in a wide arc not far from their wagon. Little do they know that someone else is out there in the toiling mist..

Round 1-2
The Ravens continue to pick through the ruins for loot and Wyrdstone, turning over houses and picking through the debris strewn across the cracked and ruined cobbles. They find and collect several small caches of treasure.

Boris crosses over the street from the row of houses we are currently dispersed throughout and into the next row of buildings. Inside he sifts through the rubbish of the ground floor before heading upstairs. In a nook of the landing he finds a trunk containing a Master Crafted Mace. As he straps it up and slings it onto his back he hears a strange but gentle noise. He freezes and listens silently. There it is again, gentle and sweet, almost like a moan of excitement.. then he realizes the noise is coupled with a gentle pulsing sensation against his back! He reaches gingerly behind him and frees up his Hammer, Last Words, an enchanted weapon he took from the Vampire Lord that the Ravens encountered only a couple of days beforehand. He holds it out before him, the orate Hammer glinting gently in the half light of the landing. Last Words pulses gently once more, emitting a quiet purring sound. Boris smiles in amused wonder. 'What's got you so excited girl?', he asks aloud with a smirk. As he turns to examine the Hammer by the light of the window movement catches his eye and realizes what Last Words is sensing- Undead! Several Ghouls and Zombies are silently sneaking right towards us!

Boris spies the first of the enemy from a window- its even more Undead!

Boris immediately darts for the staircase. He stops at the top of the stairs, startled by a figure already standing at the foot of the steps before him! Its a dishevelled old man, a Sword with a bat wing shaped guard in one hand. His Armour is decorated with Bone, ribs wrapped around his sides like a rib cage.

Boris's escape is blocked by a shady looking old man!

'That Hammer does not belong to you', he croaks at Boris, an evil and fearless tone to his voice. 'It does now', replies Boris hanging Last Words out casually by his side in a threatening manner. The Hammer practically pings with energy at the possibility of violence. 'My masters would beg to disagree with you', the man cackles. Boris begins to walk down the steps, his guard still up. 'Your masters can kiss my ass!', he snarls and jumps the last few steps, bringing his Hammer down with a wallop on the man's shoulder! This man is no ordinary vagrant, and moves with a youthful energy despite his apparent age. Boris parries off the man's returning Sword strikes, spins away the man's Sword arm and thrashes at him with Last Words. The man takes several crushing blows, but somehow remains upright! Its clear that this man is a Necromancer, dark and unsavoury powers making him stronger then his frail looking mortal shell would suggest!

Several of the other Ravens hear the fight brake out and rush to help Boris. 'Restless dead!' shouts Singlerage to the others as he readies to fire through the house where Boris and the Necromancer are sparring. The Tick comes storming over and straight inside the house. He joins Boris, driving the Necromancer back towards the far door with a powerful assault. 'Slay them all!', shouts a voice from outside. It's a Vampiress in ornate armour and wielding a delicately lethal looking Halberd. She points the blade forwards and roars, Zombies and Ghouls answering her call and moving in for the kill! 'Oh boy!', mutters The Tick as he watches the incoming enemies from over the Necromancer's shoulder.

The Tick faces off against the Necromancer whilst the Vampiress looks on from the street outside!

Round 3
A Ghoul leaps into the room and swings for The Tick. 'Ha!', shouts our Champion happily as he throws off the blow with his Shield. Klovis comes sprinting in and collides with the Ghoul, plunging his blades into the creature's flank! The Ghoul collapses to its knees with a howl as Klovis rips his blades free again and delivers a double slash that cuts deep wounds into the Ghoul's sickly skin.

Klovis rips into the Ghoul with a Critical Hit!

Outside on our side of the house the Raven Marksmen have gathered together. Meshell barks a quick plan of action to them and they take up position. At her lead they start a cycle of standing at the doorway, shooting through the house at the attacking enemies, and then moving out of the way to reload whilst the next shooter steps up.

The Ravens Marksmen take turns to shoot and reload, taking turns to fire right through the house at the enemy!

They pepper the stunned Ghoul who is unfortunate enough to be in clear view!

Mehsell and Feggins fire upon the Ghoul from the street outside!

Boris bellows encouragements to The Tick and Klovis as they fight. He catches the Necromancer with a side swipe to the head that dents his skull, sending an eyeball and bit of brain matter popping right out onto the floor as the Necromancer drops down dead!

Boris bludgeons down the Necromancer!

Boris jumps forwards and brings Last Words swinging down, caving the Ghoul's skull in with a squelch as well!

Boris jumps down from the stairs and finishes off the Ghoul too!

'Nice work lads!', Boris nods approvingly to The Tick and Klovis. He points Last Words at the Vampiress and challenges her to dare and step inside the house! A ragged and primitive looking human lurches forwards and shouts angrily at Boris, charging for the building instead. Its a Dreg, one of the Vampire's daylight servants. Fearfully protective of their Undead masters, these mislead Humans will often give their lives for the monsters they serve.

The Dreg enters the house where it immediately encounters The Tick. It slashes at The Tick with a crummy looking Greatsword, cutting messily into his shoulder.

The Dreg charges in and slashes The Tick for heavy damage!

The Tick reels in pain and then sidesteps the next blow, more cautious of the pathetic creature. He delivers a quick riposte and bashes the malformed man away.

The Tick fights back against the Dreg!

Outside Sylvester is standing watch over the Marksmen as they cycle and shoot. He suddenly feels a chill on his spine that makes all his hairs stand on end. Someone is right next to him! He looks around to find the Vampiress stood within neck biting range, regarding him casually from the doorway. 'Hello hansom', she grins, her terrifying visage both enchanting and alluring but for a second. Sylvester swallows nervously, confused for a moment before jumping back from the door. 'He-HELP!', he cries out weakly. Grimwulf rushes through the Marksmen, one hand outstretched as he chants a Prayer against the Vampiress. Grimwulf summons a storm of ice that smashes into the doorway, freezing into the wall and woodwork. around it.

Grimwulf casts Ice Storm to damage and slow the Vampiress's attacks!

Ice crystallises across the Vampiress's body as she shouts a few words of power and flicks her wrist. The Prayer dispels in a blast of energy that knocks the Vampiress and several of the Ravens in the street onto their backs!

Grimwulf's prayer miscasts, triggering Divine Wrath which stuns down everyone within a few meters of him!

Round 4
'Sigmar's Hammer Grimwulf! What was that?!', groans Feggins as he drags himself up from the ground. The other Ravens are still rolling around all about him from the shock of the miscast. He shakes off the blow and aims at the Dreg on the other side of the house. He fires, striking the Dreg in the chest. Thrown off balance by the arrow the Dreg flails helplessly and Klovis takes him down! He drives his Sword into the Dreg's gut and slashes its throat with his Dagger, shoving the gargling man down to the ground.

Klovis savagely slays the Dreg!

The Dreg bleeds out onto the floor between the Ghoul and Necromancer's bodies.

The other Ravens slowly recover and drag themselves to their feet. Meshell and Singlerage sidestep along until they can see the Vampiress and blast her.

Meshell and Sylvester fire upon the Vampiress as she lingers in the doorway!

Grimwulf also gains his feet and casts another Prayer. He puts Snow King's Decree on the still half frozen Vampiress. Rather then fight against superior numbers the Vampiress retreats from the doorway, reappearing a moment later at Boris's door where she storms into combat with The Tick! The two spar and exchange blows, The Tick coming out on top as he either Parries or Dodges most of her attacks despite the confinement of the room.

The Tick holds his Shield close as the Vampiress throws herself against him in a rage!

The Tick and the Vampiress stand off against each other!

Round 5
Klovis tries to angle around behind the Vampiress whilst she's tied up with The Tick when he is struck by an arrow!

Klovis suddenly finds himself under attack from an enemy sniper!

It's a Vampire Lord, dressed in fine gentleman's attire. He takes another arrow and takes another shot. This arrow also hits Klovis, knocking him a couple of steps back in surprise. He grimaces and groans, angrily pulling one of the arrows from his torso and chucking it aside!

Feggins fires through the house and strikes the Vampiress in the neck. The velocity of the arrow catches the Vampiress unawares and she is knocked down by the blow!

Feggins crits the Vampiress from outside with a well aimed shot!

There's a sudden banging as a Zombie starts trying to break through a barred window just by the Marksmen. Augustus draws an arrow and shoots through the holes starting to appear in the barricade, striking the moaning Zombie on the other side! Seidel leaves his guard spot and enters the building after the Zombie. He peeps around a corner to see it standing limply in the corridor.

Seidel peeps around at the Zombie lurking inside the neighbouring building!

He reveals himself and the Zombie lunges forwards. Seidel sidesteps and hugs the wall, dodging the Zombie's rusty Sword swing. Seidel swings about his Greatsword and smashes the Zombies legs out from under it in one sweep!

Seidel easily crits down the Zombie with a swipe of his Greatsword!

Back around the houses another Necromancer appears. He makes several grand gestures and incantations, trying to reinvigorate the downed Vampiress, making a whirlpool of Dark energy around the Vampire Lord and casting a Death Curse into the house that wounds Boris, Klovis and The Tick with its Necromantic power! The Necormancer pushes his luck too far though, and the things just beyond reality react to his sudden magical interference. They swarm around him, stunning him as he's struck by their ethereal energy!

The Vampiress starts to rise to her feet but Boris gives her no room to recover. He raises his Hammer in both hands and smashes it down on her head, pounding her to the ground. He pins her neck with his boot and thrashes at her face until her head is mashed into pulp and she stops moving!

Boris beats the Vampiress into bloody submission!

Round 6
The Vampire Lord fires another two arrows into Klovis who is now quite badly wounded with several arrows sticking out of him!

Pinned to the spot by Stupidity Klovis is now badly injured as he sustains another volley of arrows from the Vampire Lord lurking outside!

The Necromancer moves into the room and Klovis storms forward despite his injuries, eager to return some pain! The Necromancer doesn't even clear the doorway before Klovis has him pinned and hacks him down to the floor with a flurry of stabs!

Klovis recklessly charges forwards, blocking the second Necromancer from getting in!

Boris and The Tick can only watch on as Klovis stubbornly refuses to back off.

The Necromancer recovers from Klovis's initial assault and launches a counter attack, dealing several blows back to him with a hefty pair of Maces.

The Necromancer counters with several hits of his Maces, leaving Klovis in critical condition!

An arrow from Feggins comes shooting through the house and strikes the Necromancer square in the face, killing him instantly and freeing Klovis from combat.

Feggins saves Klovis from possible death by shooting down the Necromancer, allowing him to brake from the fight!

'Get back! Get back before you get killed!', Boris and The Tick command Klovis. 'Alright!', snarls Klovis irritably. He stumbles out of the back of the house to the safety of the others. 'Sigmar's Hammer!', says Singlerage when he sees the state of Klovis as he limps past them towards our wagon. Klovis spits out some blood. 'Not even that bad', he complains.

Klovis painfully demonstrates how he has 'balls of steel'!

Meshell and Augustus move into the house just behind The Tick and take turns to snipe back at the Vampire Lord.

Meshell moves up in the brief respite of the melee to return fire on the Vampire Lord!

They back off again when another Zombie moves in to block their view. The Tick and Boris double team up on the Zombie. First Boris takes a few swings at it, then he steps back and let's The Tick in who finishes the job, mashing the Zombie down and out!

The Tick pounds the Zombie into mushy pieces!

The Tick loots two nice looking weapons from the Zombie's body, waves cheerfully to the Vampire Lord with a smile, and heads back inside.

The Vampire Lord slips out of sight, although the Undead have not left yet so he must still be close by. The Ravens cautiously loosen up their formation and grab a few more bits of Wyrdstone whilst the fight is temporarily over.

Out of nowhere a Ghoul comes darting in from out behind us. It must have sneaked all the way around whilst we were fighting! The Ghoul runs straight through the middle of our Marksmen and zeroes in on the heavily wounded Klovis, drawn to his blood like a moth to a flame! Before anyone can react the Ghoul smashes Klovis down with a double handed club of bone and beats at his bleeding body!

Blood flies everywhere as Klovis is picked out and taken down by a rogue Ghoul that sneaked around to attack him from behind us!

The Ravens react like lightning, spinning around and plastering the assassin Ghoul with shots. Boris and Seidel rush forwards and swiftly cut it down, but is it too late for Klovis?

Boris and Seidel stand over the fallen Klovis and slay the Ghoul before it can do anymore damage!

They flip Klovis over and he groans in pain, tips his head to one side and spits some more blood out. 'Get him to the wagon and stay with him', Boris orders. As Sylvester and Seidel drag Klovis off The Tick walks up. 'The Deadites have gone Captain, looks like we're all good for the moment', he reports. 'Right, grab your gear and let's get out of this place', Boris orders wearily.



New Items Acquired:
63x Gold Crowns
Master Crafted Mace x1
Dagger of Warding x1
Mace of Venom x1
Mace of Surprise x1
Sword of Speed x1
Hammer of Enfeeblement x1
Hammer of Misfortune x1
Shield of Heroism x1
Halberd of Perseverance x1
Warhammer of Misfortune x1
Greatsword of Speed x1

Dagger x1
Warhammer x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x6
Wyrdtsone Shards x5
Wyrdstone Cluster x4

(Surplus items sold for additional 967x Gold Crowns)


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +2xp!
(2xp For Battleground Victory!)

Boris Heelbeck = MVP! +6xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp Most Valuable Warrior)
(3xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Meshell Heelbeck = N MADE LEVEL 8! +2xp! +4 Skill Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Seidel Kraut = +4xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

The Tick = +3xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Grimwulf = N MADE LEVEL 8! +2xp! +2 Spell Points! +4 Skill Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Feggins 'The Shadow Arrow' = E MAXED OUT! (LEVEL 10)
(1x Enemy Put Out of Action)

Singlerage = N MADE LEVEL 7! +2xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Augustus Wheatdust = +2xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Sylvester Ampersand = +2xp! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Klovis Finn = +3xp! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)



Klovis Finn = Full Recovery

Full Recovery
Klovis suffers only light cuts and wounds, with only a few more scars as memory of his wounds.
(Recovery Time: 0 Days)


Post Session Warband Updates:

Boris Heelbeck: +1 Intelligence, +1 Weapon Skill.
The Tick: Swapped Master Crafted Mace for Master Mace of Misfortune, equipped Draught of Focus.
Seidel Kraut: +1 Toughness, +1 Accuracy.
Klovis Finn: +1 Accuracy, equipped Draught of Focus.
Sylvester Ampersand: +1 Leadership.
Singlerage: +1 Strength.


Our Armoury:

Tome of Abilities x2
Complete Map of Mordheim x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x4
Master Crafted Poultice x3

Fine Oil Bomb x4
Fine Bugman's Ale x1

Smelling Salts x2
Draught of Concentration x2
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2

Master Crafted Mace x2
Master Crafted Halberd x1

Dagger of Alacrity x1
Dagger of Warding x1
Spear of Expertise x1
Sword of Speed x1
Sword of Warding x1
Axe of Retribution x1
Hammer of Surprise x1
Hammer of Enfeeblement x1
Halberd of Perseverance x1
Great Axe of Slaying x1
Great Hammer of Misfortune x1
Great Sword of Speed x1
Great Sword of Havoc x1
Halberd of Perseverance x1
Staff of Speed x1
Fine Axe x1
Fine Spear x1
Fine Great Axe x1

Great Hammer x1
Staff x1
Ulrican Great Axe x1

Duelling Pistols of Flight x1
Bow of Warding x1
Pistols of Havoc x1
Hunting Rifle of Surprise x1
Fine Longbow x1
Fine Crossbow x1
Fine Duelling Pistols x2
Fine Handgun x2
Fine Blunderbuss x1

Bow x1
Longbow x1
Crossbow x1
Duelling Pistols x1
Hunting Rifle x1

Shield of Shielding x1
Shield of Heroism x1
Fine Clothing x2
Fine Light Armour x1
Fine Heavy Armour x2

Pendant x2
Amulet x2
Helmet x2
Clothing x1
Light Armour x1

Magical Formula: Rune of Commanders
Magical Formula: Rune of Deviation
Magical Formula: Rune of Disciples
Magical Formula: Rune of Clarity
Magical Formula: Rune of Havoc
Magical Formula: Rune of Pain
Magical Formula: Rune of Rogues
Magical Formula: Rune of Shielding
Magical Formula: Rune of Focus

Master Formula: Rune of Hardness

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit The Armoury


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Nate Parker
United States
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"Some day, perhaps I will join the damned that inhabit this city... but not yet...."

-Klovis Finn, of the Ravens of VGG, upon his miraculous full recovery from a very serious beatdown

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Krzysztof Zięba
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Check out my first published board game: In the Name of Odin!
Psst, Kristof snuck into the roster list by accident... probably his big toe was sticking out of the boot and into the frame.
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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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Don't even know what you are talking about.. whistle

I never make any mistakes, like when I didn't send Seidel a picture of Singlerage and asked him to spend Singlerage's attribute points on Day 39... ninja
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