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Subject: Age of Legends [fan expansion] rss

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PJ Cunningham
United States
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Creatures of myth and legend have arrived in Ethnos!

This expansion collects 9 new Tribes for Ethnos, collected from or inspired by designs originally created in this thread. Names of the original designers are noted here in italics at the end of the Tribe's description. I encourage you to check out the original thread for more ideas and discussion.

Except as noted, each Tribe contains 12 cards (2 of each color), plus one Set Up card for each new Tribe. Also included are 6 Blight tokens.

Each Tribe entry follows the format shown below.

- Tribe Name: Set up text is in red italics. Information about the Tribe’s Ally cards and Leader ability is in black text. Instructions for the end of each Age are shown in blue italics. (Design credits are in grey italics.)

New Tribes

- Bugfolk: If you place a marker on the board, your opponents must remove one marker at a time (in player order, skipping you) until the total number of markers there is equal or less than the Glory token for the current Age (or only your markers remain). (Designer: PJ Cunningham)

- Djinn: After discarding, name a Kingdom or Tribe. In player order, your opponents must give you a card of the named Kingdom or Tribe, if able. Continue until you have received X cards, or no one has any matching cards left in their hand. (Designer: Jimmy Praet)

- Fungi: If you place a marker on the board, you may place a second marker in an adjacent Kingdom, if this band is large enough. (Based on 'Molds' by Tom Mervenne)

- Lizardfolk: Before placing a marker, you may move one Dragon currently in play into this band, increasing its size by one. Dragons may not be moved out of bands of size X or larger. At the end of each Age, each Dragon within a Lizardfolk-led band is worth X Glory. (Designer: Corey Batton)

- Ratfolk: Place the Blight tokens in the supply beside the main board. If you place a marker on the board, place a Blight token either in that Kingdom or a neighboring one. At the end of each Age, the Glory amount awarded to each player with markers in a Kingdom is decreased by 1 per Blight token there. After scoring, all Blight tokens are returned to the supply. (Based on 'Ratlings' by Aaron Gelb)

- Siren: If you place a marker on the board, you also may move a marker of one player, who has X tokens or less in a neighboring kingdom, from that kingdom into this kingdom. (Designer: Daniel Schwartzkopf)

- Treefolk: Instead of placing a marker, remove one of your markers from this Kingdom and place it on this Band. After scoring this Band, if it has a marker, remove the marker and keep the Band in front of you; otherwise discard the band as usual. (Based on a design by Tom Mervenne)

- Unicorn: This Tribe contains only 6 cards, one for each Kingdom. If you place a marker on the board, you may place a second marker in any Kingdom, regardless of band size. (Inspired by Jimmy Praet)

- Valkyrie: If you currently have the least Glory, gain Glory for this Band immediately (and again at the end of the Age). (Designer: Linus Höglund)

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Bernard Rippe Dio Dio Castagna
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Interesting concept! I really like trees very smart.Thanks for shsring, I hope Ethnos have some expansion on the future.
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