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Subject: Omnitron vs. Magmaria - Ra is on the winning side rss

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Arthur Williams
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While I could do a five-hero game this time, using all four of the previously premiered heroes and one new one, I’m more interested in keeping this short, so I’ll just use three. The first of these promos to enter solo play, Captain Infinitor, is also the first to take a turn on the bench, along with the twice-played XPW Tempest. And rather than pair Legacy with one of his fellow Freedom Five members, or replacing the rotated-out Prime Wardens members with another Extreme version, I will play Parse for the first time in I can’t even remember how long, using the semi-new promo of her (which I recall being made at least partly public only shortly after Captain Infinitor and Omnitron-U; with a little better organization on >G’s part, she could have been published well in advance of the Freedom Five and XPW promos, but instead she was just part of the game’s rather-prolonged “last hurrah” along with more than a dozen other heroes).

Advanced Omnitron [100] in Magmaria, vs. Fugue State Parse [27], Setting Sun Ra [28], and Freedom Five Legacy [32].

Setup: Parse draws her bowstring, draws an arrow, and draws Between The Lines, Segmentation Fault, Critical Multiplier, and Recompile. Guess she’s not done drawing yet. Ra starts with Scorched Earth, Inferno, Scorched Earth, and Flame Strike. Legacy begins with Inspiring Presence, Take Down, Flying Smash and Heroic Interception.

Villain 1: Technically FLIP! The Rampaging Robot plays Terraforming, a blank in this situation, and an S-84 Automaton Drone [3], which deals 3 damage to Legacy [29]. The heroes start their turn with consecutive HP totals in turn order, which is a cute little detail.

Parse 1: Recompile discards the rest of the opening hand and draws two Reveal The Flaws, another Between the Lines, Extrasensory Awareness, Snap Decision, and another Recompile. (I went through her deck before playing and confirmed that no two cards with the same name were next to each other, so those two RTFs were definitely shuffled together.) Activating Neural Processing, she plays Quick Calculation, which gives her Critical Multiplier and another Snap Decision to her hand, while allowing her to set up Syntactic Analysis for her next Neural Process. Since she discarded, she also gives a tip to Ra, who gets to start his first turn with Imbued Fire in play (although this isn’t as helpful as you might think…). Parse draws another Extrasensory Awareness, the card which will make this Omnitron fight a cakewalk; if I’d remembered that Parse was the queen of deck control, and that deck control is OT’s achilles heel, I’d have selected someone else to play here. Oh well, I lost to Spite last time, so I guess this time I’ll take an easy win.

Ra 1: With Imbued Fire punching through the advanced armor, Ra uses Inferno to deal 3 to Omnitron [97] and 1 to the Drone [2]; doing the reverse would kill the Drone, but it would just come back anyway. Blaze of Glory would kill the Drone and deal 3 more to Omnitron, but this doesn’t seem worth the loss of 3 HP, the Imbued Fire, and two cards off his deck, so he skips his power phase and draws Living Conflagration.

Legacy 1: Plays Take Down to keep Omnitron largely inactive for another turn, then gives an Overwatch play to Parse, who puts down Snap Decision. Legacy draws another Heroic Interception and takes 2 damage from Omnitron [27].

Enviro 1: A Smoldering Crystal enters play. With Legacy planning to heal the group by 1, Parse happily takes 3 fire damage [24] to pick the crystal up, lest Omnitron ever Terraform it.

Villain 2: FLIP! Being a Self-Aware Robotics Factory turns out to be a very satisfying experience for Omnitron; on the advice of Legacy, he really takes time to appreciate his own motionlessness, and does nothing this turn. The Automaton Drones deal 3 damage again despite their lower HP [Ra 25], and that’s all.

Parse 2: Discards a Reveal the Flaws to play Critical Multiplier through Snap Decision, then discards the other Snap Decision, the Smoldering Crystal, and one Extrasensory Awareness to Recompile again, drawing Exploit Vulnerability, Quick Calculation, Critical Multiplier, Targeting Arrow, Buffer Overflow and Updated Intel. Gives +3 to Ra’s next damage. Activates Syntactic Analysis through Neural Processing, targeting Legacy again at Ra’s request, putting Next Evolution into play and laying a THOKK! on Omnitron for 4 damage [93], drawing Danger Sense. Ra gets his bottom card again, and it’s Excavation; the Crystal goes onto the bottom of the enviro deck and he draws Summon Staff – not a huge output from that card, but he’ll take it. Parse draws Data-Mining from her rapidly thinning deck.

Ra 2: Summon Staff draws Solar Flare, which he’s happy to play instead; this lets him fire Blaze of Glory, thoroughly massacring the Drone and dealing 8 to Omnitron [85] as well as 5 to himself [20], destroying Solar Flare in order to keep Imbued Fire, and shredding Solar Flare along with Summon Staff as well as Excavation (small loss) and a Staff of Ra (sad, but manageable). Draws Inferno.

Legacy 2: Take Down is given up, but instead he offers Inspiring Presence [Parse 25, Ra 21, Legacy 28], for a total of +2 to the party’s damage. He commands Ra to play Living Conflagration, which deals 4 to Omnitron [81], then he draws a backup of IP.

Enviro 2: Fiery Crystallization enters play.

Villain 3: FLIP! I’ve been fearing Sedative Flechettes this whole time, and there it is; 4 damage to each hero [Parse 21, Ra 17, Legacy 24] and the board is wiped. Terraforming then says “Newp!” to Fiery Crystallization and instead produces Interpolation Beam.

Parse 3: “This is what happens when you don’t back up your system-critical processes”, she mutters about her lost Snap Decision and its duplicate which she discarded. With her Neural Processing no longer being Super Effective, she switches to ESA, thoroughly uninterested in playing fair against Omnitron after that last salvo. She discards an Interpolation Beam and leaves S-84 and S-83 aggro drones on top of the deck, drawing Segmentation Fault and taking 1 damage for it [20].

Ra 3: The Staff enters play [Ra 20], and Ra then Blazes away with irreducible damage, dealing 3 to Omnitron [78] and himself [back to 17], losing the Conflagration and Imbued Fire forever along with another Solar Flare and a Fire Blast. Draws another Conflagration and takes 1 [16].

Legacy 3: Inspiring Presence returns [Parse 21, Ra 17, Legacy 25]. Overwatch tells Ra to play the Conflagration again, for 2 net damage to OT [76]. Legacy draws Surge of Strength and takes a ping [24].

Enviro 3: Now that the Terraforming threat is momentarily past, the Magmarian Throng comes out and two Magma Crystals (one of the Behemothoid kind) are hastily bypassed by an Inner Core Tunneler [12]. The Magmarians’ immunity to fire damage will prevent Ra from splash-damaging them as he goes nova.

Villain 4: FLIP! Plays the S-83 Assault Drone [4], since this is less dangerous by itself (its single extra HP is unlikely to keep it alive with all this dakka), and the S-84 Automaton Drone is reconstructed [3]. With +1 to their damage, the Skittery Stabby Thing deals 4 to Legacy [20], then the extras from Terminator 2 deals another 4 to Parse [17].

Parse 4: Needing that Interpolation Beam to go away ASAP, Parse fires a Targeting Arrow for 2 [74], then gambles on Neural Processing since her ESA is still in effect (the Rampaging Robot will get two cards next turn, only one of them unknown, and not much can be done about that). Playing only her own bottom card for the first time, she gets a Buffer Overflow, then draws Gauge and takes 2 [15].

Ra 4: Scorched Earth is likely to get better, so for now he settles for just Inferno, dealing 6 to Omnitron [68] and popping the Beam, then hitting both Drones for 3 [Assault 1, Automaton X]. Living Conflagration then adds 4 more damage to the big bug [64] and Ra draws Flesh of the Sun God and Summon Staff.

Legacy 4: A Flying Smash takes out the surviving Drone and hits Omnitron for 5 [59], then Overwatch allows Ra to play Flame Spike out-of-turn, where it does 4 more to the villain [55] and allows him to Conflagrate for that much more [51], drawing another Summon Staff. Targeting Arrows are wonderful things. Legacy draws Fortitude.

Enviro 4: Smoldering Crystal is played, then Seismic Defender comes out [10]. Legacy takes 3 to pick up the new Crystal [17] and give it to the Defender, who hits Omnitron for 4 damage twice [43]. That’s how you get the *absolute* most out of a Targeting Arrow!

Villain 5: FLIP! Plays the predictable Automaton Drone, then puts out the Adaptive Plating Subroutine, to Ra’s considerable chagrin. Automaton shoots Legacy for 3 [14].

Parse 5: Does a Quick Calculation, getting two more Targeting Arrows and a Recompile, and of course putting the latter on the bottom to be Neural Processed immediately. She discards Gauge, Exploit Vulnerability and Updated Intel to draw Impossible Shot, Syntactic Analysis, two more Impossible Shots (see my previous comment about shuffling together), Quick Calculation and Data-Mining. Having just gained the second half of her ability as a result of her first, she gives Legacy the play since Ra doesn’t benefit from doubling up on fire blasts at the moment; alas, all Legacy gets is Danger Sense. Parse draws more Updated Intel.

Ra 5: Double Summon Staff gets Flame Barrier, then another Summon Staff which is pretty useless, since he has now seen every Staff from his deck. The third one just draws its replacement, a Flesh of the Sun God, which he plays so that he can do his irreducible Blaze of Glory without harming himself; the Drone is incinerated and Omnitron drops to [39] before activating its fire-suppression systems. He has to give up Living Conflagration, and also loses Blazing Tornado and Wrathful Gaze, but it’s totally worth it. Draws Blazing Tornado.

Legacy 5: Plays Fortitude, then Overwatches Parse to play Impossible Shot for 4 more irreducible [35]. She draws Data-Mining and he gets the Legacy Ring, which he currently has no use for.

Enviro 5: Ember Shaman [4] is played, and Magmarian Throng produces Stone Shaper [8] while discarding its twin.

Villain 6: FLIP! Plays yet another Skynet drone [3] and reconstructs one as well [3], dealing 4 to Ra [13] and then 4 to Parse [11].

Parse 6: Alas, she can’t do Targeting Arrow to full effect right now, so she settles for Quick-Calculating what’s left of her deck, drawing Exploit Vulnerability and Reveal the Flaws while putting Gauge on the bottom and leaving it there for now, while she resumes predicting some of the villain’s actions. Draws Between the Lines and has only Gauge left in her deck.

Ra 6: Flame Barrier plus Blaze of Glory is suicide, unless you have Flesh of the Sun God out, in which case Flame Barrier is a handy backup for the Flesh that keeps Blaze from destroying it. Though the desire to do Scorched Earth is almost physically painful, he refrains for now, hoping that Adaptive Plating can go away somehow, and he just does 4 irreducible across the board, killing both Drones and leaving Omnitron at [31]. Draws Drawn to the Flame from the deck after burning off his last copies of Inferno and Imbued Fire, along with the Barrier and another Summon Staff.

Legacy 6: Plays Heroic Interception, dealing himself 3 net damage [11] as Inspiring Presence overcomes Fortitude, but protecting his allies (at least one of whom seems to be rather suicidal). Overwatch sets Parse up for another Impossible Shot, but she doesn’t want it; instead, she gives Legs some Syntactic Analysis, consisting of the phrase “we could really use a third damage type here”, and he fails to obligingly draw Motivational Charge, instead getting Bolster Allies and Inspiring Presence. At her request, he plays neither of these and ends his turn by picking up Next Evolution.

Enviro 6: Crystalloid Behemoth [effectively 7] pops into play, dealing the melee damage to Omnitron [27] that Legacy refused to; Legacy must have seen this coming with his Danger Sense, for he takes no damage, and thanks to his Interception, neither does anyone else. It does damage the previously-ignored Magmarians, killing Ember Shaman and wounding the others [Tunneler 8, Defender 6, Shaper 4], but otherwise its presence is entirely benign. Magmarian Throng then ditches the third Behemoth and plays Crystal Collector [6].

Villain 7: FLIP! Sedative Flechettes come out again, and Parse says “Nuh-uh!” with Buffer Overflow, although this sadly forces her to draw Gauge and give up her plan for the next turn. The replacement play is a second Adaptive Plating Subroutine, which is followed by an Electric Railgun, and the robot sits contentedly on its haunches, feeling invincible just as doomed villains always do.

Parse 7: Picking up a hand of about 18 cards, Parse selects a Targeting Arrow as her best option, dealing 2 irreducible to the big bot [25]. Unable to do any Neural Processing, she ESA-es the deck, discarding Technological Singularity and burying an S-85 Repair Drone under another Railgun. Shuffles her 22-ish card discard pile and draws Quick Calculation.

Ra 7: Pulls the trigger on Scorched Earth, counting the 6 enviro cards (4 Magmarians, one animate Magma Crystal, and some nebulous insubstantial presence known only as a “Throng”) and adding 3 to that number for Inspiring Presence, Targeting Arrow, and the Staff of Ra, smashing the currently-not-fireproof robot with 9 damage [16], more than enough to destroy the Railgun, while demolishing the Behemoth since it’s not fireproof. (Parse’s power was punished by the Behemoth with fire damage, but Heroic Interception prevented this, and now the Behemoth hits the bin before HI can.) He then throws the Staff of Ra for 6 more [10] and draws Flame Spike.

Legacy 7: Stops Intercepting, then Bolsters Allies with Parse’s permission, getting another Bolster Allies while giving his buddies Flesh of the Sun God and Updated Intel. Overwatch lets Ra play another Scorched Earth, dealing only 5+2 damage with this one and leaving Omnitron at [3], and Legacy draws Lead from the Front, not that he’ll need this anymore.

Enviro 7: The Magmarians resume Fiery Crystallization, and the Throng discards the last Smoldering Crystal, but between the Legacy Ring now qualifying and the remnants of the Behemoth, which one of the players would have picked up when Ra blew it to bits, the party has no trouble getting the Seismic Defender to finish Omnitron off before he can toss any more Devices out. Not a super-close game, all told, but that’s okay, it was fun to really let ‘er rip with those kinds of damage totals. And Ra only managed to burn up 40% of his deck! (It turns out that the two Electro-Pulse Explosives were the bottom two cards of OT’s deck, so between that and the miserable failures of his early Terraformings, he really wasn’t trying very hard today.)
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