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Subject: First Play... with 9 Players... and a PNP Copy... rss

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Noah Bradlee
United States
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Two weeks ago 8 of us played 10 consecutive games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf (mixing in the Sentinel, Mystic Wolf, Paranormal Investigator, and Dreamwolf from Daybreak and the Oracle and Mortician from Alien. Adam W printed and sleeved a bunch of cards and Marks, so he and I were excited out to try out a few games of One Night Ultimate Vampire.

Noah (Me)
Adam G
Adam W

We only used cards from Vampire for our first game, to keep things simpler. We had no idea which roles were suggested for a 9 player game, so we guessed and removed the Copycat and a random Villager (Pickpocket).
Roles: Vampire, The Count, The Master, Renfield, Diseased, Cupid, Instigator, Priest, Assassin, Apprentice Assassin, Marksman, Gremlin.

Adam W woke as the sole Vampire, and gave Jeff the Mark of the Vampire.
Patrick the Diseased gave Adam G the Mark of the Diseased.
John woke as Cupid and gave Liz and me the Mark of Love.
I, the instigator, gave John the Mark of the Traitor.
Jeff, as the Priest, gave both him and Adam W a Mark of Clarity, removing Jeff's Mark of the Vampire.
Andrew the Assassin gave me the Mark of the Assassin, removing my Mark of Love.
Patrick, the Apprentice Assassin, saw Andrew as who he wanted to kill.
Everyone looked at their Mark.
Liz the Lover woke up to find no second Lover.
Liz the Marksman looked at my Mark of the Assassin and John's Cupid card.
Kieth, the Gremlin, made some sort of meaningless swap of cards, but I'm not sure what.

As our first game playing with Marks, we decided to ignore our 5 minute timer since it took us so long to discuss. None of us really knew what we were doing, so most of us told the truth and backed each other up whenever possible. Patrick revealed himself as the Apprentice Assassin and Andrew as the Assassin, leaving Adam W as the guiltiest looking player. We vote, and sure enough he was!

Village Victory: Me, Kieth, Adam G, Jeff, Liz.
Loss: Patrick, Adam W, Andrew, John.

For the next game, we decide to take out the Assassin and Apprentice Assassin, which I suggest we replace with the Apprentice Tanner and Tanner. We also swap the Diseased with the Pickpocket to try it out.

Roles: Vampire, The Count, The Master, Renfield, Cupid, Instigator, Priest, Apprentice Tanner, Marksman, Pickpocket, Gremlin, Tanner.

I wake up as the Vampire and Kieth wakes up as The Master. We give John the Mark of the Bat.
From there, I don't really remember what happened.
Jeff ended up being the Priest again.
Gremlin swapped the cards of Kieth and me, to no affect.

After a lot of lying by omission, we all vote and end up killing a Villager. Kieth ended up swapping teams, unfortunately. Adam W and Andrew were the ones on the Tanner team.

I feel like I must have messed up some details at some point, because it doesn't seem like enough people won...

Vampire Victory: Me, John.
Loss: Kieth, Adam G, Patrick, Jeff, Adam W, Andrew, Liz.

After that, Kieth, Adam G, Patrick, Jeff, and Andrew bailed to go play Attack on Titan: Deck-Building Game, while Adam W, John, Liz, and I started a game of Cosmic Encounter since we didn't want to keep playing with so few people.

Well, with only two games under our belts, we didn't really learn much. With 9 players and the PNP Marks we didn't exactly have the easiest time, and we were all fairly confused, as opposed to the 10 game session from two weeks ago that we all followed very well despite switching out which roles we used nearly every game. My guess is that in the future Adam W will only use the Vampire cards when we have a few less players (besides Copycat). It's really hard to follow where all the various Marks and cards end up, otherwise.

I liked using the Apprentice Tanner and Tanner. I feel as though having a few less cards that interacted with Marks helped simplify a few things. It's also nice that the two of them cooperate, as opposed to the Assassin and Apprentice Assassin competing.

I'd have to play more games of Vampire (with less players) to properly compare it to the rest of the series, but I think I'm more eager to try out the Daybreak and Bonus Pack 2 (and Blob) cards that Adam W printed out rather than trying to make Vampire work. Until my group can better figure out the strategies, I suspect we'll have more fun with Werewolves or with a completely different game like Mascarade or Coup: Reformation. Until then, I'm happy to be the only one in the group with a 100% win ratio. Sleep well, and I hope you all don't get bitten any time soon!
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Brian Compton
United States
Rochester Hills
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I haven't played Werewolf nor Vampire nor Aliens enough but heard/read Vampire is the better combo of characters and powers.
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