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"Squeek & Sausage" was my first experience with the Unlock! experience. I have played some other mystery room-type table games, including real mystery rooms as well. I will quickly say that my friends and I got hooked on the series as soon as we started gameplay.

What separates this addition from the others in the series is that it's extremely linear in the gameplay. While you'll still receive challenging puzzles and different formulas, everything connects efficiently. I can't remember a time where I sat scratching my head on how cards went together. There were a couple moments of "Oh, we're dumb", and we made it too hard on ourselves.

Our biggest concern in this game was overlooking certain cards that offered obvious information. Don't want to go into depth for spoiler purposes, but let's just say that these were part of the "face-palming" moments. Outside of this slip up, we did pretty well.

From what I've heard, "Squeek & Sausage" is revered as the best of the Unlock! series thus far. It's hard to disagree with this assertion considering the level of difficulty and most of the straight-forward puzzles within the experience. I think a lot of the bias with this Unlock! addition resides within the fun story line. It's a bit more "cartoony" than the others, and for some reason, it's resonated well with everyone I've spoken to who's played. One of the biggest components to "Squeek & Sausage" is that there aren't many over-challenging puzzles to the point where most young teens could complete this. We still didn't finish this within the hour time limit, though if there is any Unlock! game within the series to complete this feat, "Squeek & Sausage" is the one. I give it an 8 out of 10, which is the highest rating I'll give any Unlock! game. If it had replay value, it'd be an easy 10 out of 10. Our group of friends started with "Squeek & Sausage" and we've been obsessed with the series ever since. Enjoy!
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