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Cutthroat Caverns is one of my favorite "take that" games. I see this as a party game that always gets some laughs. This is a card game about dungeon dwelling which is a really cool theme. The game has a unique (for its time) twist that you not only want to beat these monsters, but you want to be the one to deal the death blow and gain all the glory.

This is a card game that has take that elements. This is going to turn some people off right off the bat. This isn't a game where you draw a random card and then attack someone and steal their stuff. Instead, you want your "friends" to do damage and hurt the monster, but you want to time things to your benefit to deal the final blow. Of course they are doing the same thing making your timing that much harder to find. Excellent.

This game grows to have a ton of expansions and all the new rules, variety, and doo dads just make the game that much better. The game is a party game and can be played with 3-6 gamers. It is one of those games you just laugh at and have a good time. If you are looking for deep strategy, then this isn't the game for you. Instead, you will be reading your friends and trying to determine if they are going to bluff this round or if they are going to go for the death blow also. Nothing is more fun than watching your friend make a death stab only to find out you played a potion and their damage went from 70 to 10. Ha! Take that! This just creates this semi-cooperative combat fighting.

The game can be taught to nearly anyone. The game is as easy as reading your cards and doing what it says. It is hard to have any long term strategy and timing is everything. This will drive some people crazy and others will be able to go with the flow.

This game is aging and over the years I've yet to see a game do this better. I would highly recommend this game and I think most groups will have a ton of fun with this game. It still holds up after all this time.



The components are fairly good. You get 94 action cards that are pretty good condition. There are a wide range of cards in the deck. You get 25 encounters which is really solid and gives everyone a lot of variety. The beads are very nice and everything looks and feels great. This is an older game so you will not find needless miniatures in the box. I believe this is more of an independent production so one should know that before purchasing this game.

Rule Book:

The rule book is printed in black and white without any pictures in color. Ok, there is a picture or two, but there is a ton of text in this book. The rules are pretty clear. I wish the player round was at the start of the book and not the back. The cards are pretty self explanatory and I don't need that at the start of the book. That is just my preference.

Flow of the Game:

You encounter a number of monsters. You must be alive at the end of the game to win but also kill the most monsters and thus have the most Prestige Points.

1. New Encounter: This only happens when the current encounter is killed.

2. Combat: This is the main phase of the game. Players will play a card face down and then reveal their card in initiative order (this is assigned randomly). When their card is revealed, it will then take effect. Normally, this card will attack the encounter and the encounter will take an amount of damage. Other times, the cards are possible actions that will occur. There is a wide range of cards from skipping turns, powering up other cards, potions to heal, etc.

3. After everyone has attacked the creature, the creature then attacks the group. Each encounter card has an attack on it that tells you how it will attack and how much damage it does.

4. Everyone draws a single card.

The trick to the game is you want to be the one to land the killer blow. Yet, everyone "plays" their card at the start of the round (and it cannot be changed) so you have to plan for the round but that is super hard to do. You score for killing the creature and landing that final blow.

Should I buy this game?:

This is a fun party game that might drag on a tad too long. It is all about timing and you don't have control over everything so you need to be able to let loose and roll with the game. Most people are capable of playing this game, but I would recommend having one person who knows how to run it. Even light gamers could play this game and have a great time. It has some take that so people need to be okay with that.

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