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Platoon level combat hybrid system

Hello! Let me present myself first.

I'm Richard D. and I'm an avid wargamer since the young age.

I've started to build up a new hybrid system that mix the operational and tactical scale in a not too complex but intuitive gaming system.

I called this system hybrid not only for the rules used but also for the scale that is unconventional at this level.

So the scale will be?

It will represent from lonely platoons actions to battallion or regimental action.

Why "hybrid"?

Because i mixed some of the concepts of Operational games alongside tactical ones.

What about the general theme? How the game works?

You have scenarios representing real life, highly historically accurate actions from the days of the Second World War to the very recent conflicts ( that will be taken very seriously and carefully to not offend anyone ).

The game works with almost impulses but that are not really impulses and with commands points that are given randomly depending on how the unit you're controlling acted historically.

It will be asymmetrical, as the score of the system wants to make you feel the challenges that countless of generals have faced troghout the ages.

Each map will be historically accurate and will represent the original battlefield as close as possible.

Something more?

I would love to, but as of now we're still at the very beginning and this is a project we don't want to rush and the amount of research that was, is and will be put into it is so huge that i can't even say when the playtest will start but we're at a very good point with the rules.

Proofreading, testing and researching is our main goal right now.

Each module will have an historical booklet that will tells you all about the units involved in the corresponding module.

Alongside it, the thing that i like a lot, the booklet with all the tecniques that we are using to calculate the factors to put on the units alongside how to research informations for them.


Now i've to go guys, i've downloaded today more than 100 pages of battle reports from the 101st Airborne in WW2 and i've a lot of research and study to do.

Email me here or privately for subscribe to the playtest that will be made.

Thank you again if you'll ever help me into this project!

Here some of the playtest counters to have a general idea of the game.

I like old school looks ( maybe cause i play ASL ).



Values are just placeholders, do not take them too seriously as of now.

I like the badge texture on them.

The game will probably be a free to play and print as i don't have the resourches to make a real purchasable thing but i really believe in this project!

See you! laugh
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Mark Perry
United States
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Re: [ WIP ] - Platoon level combat hybrid system in the works. WW2, Vietnam and Modern Era.
You should consider entering your game into the 2018 wargamevaukt contest.
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