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United Kingdom
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Chronicles of Gloomhaven part 10: Into the Watcher Mountains

Starring VICTOR as The Brute

with Thanatos as The Mindthief

and Craggy McCragface as The Cragheart

Let me introduce you to my friends.

This is Slice, my battle axe. With a backswing Slice will remove the heads of two of my foes.
This is Dice, my sword. Dice will take mana from the air and chop an enemy into pieces.
This is Slash, my dagger. Such is my aim that Slash can hit a man’s neck from twenty paces, and he will slowly bleed to death as I slaughter his friends.
This is Bash. He appears but an iron ball, no? But if I speak the words of power Bash becomes a steel golem who will tear the limbs from those who would do me harm.

All four of my friends were with me when Craggy, Delice and I sought to confront Jekserah in her warehouse. Perhaps you have heard the town crier speak of it, although as usual he did not rightly sing the praises of VICTOR. And all four were with me when we travelled to the mine of sulphur, deep in the Watcher Mountains to the south. Delice wanted us to find the plans for some kind of new weapon, although as usual claimed to be too busy to come herself. Instead my companions for this adventure were the savvas and the vermling. (Try as I might I cannot shake the annoying weakling off. Perhaps if Thanatos and I run quickly we may lose Craggy in some swamp where his powers over rock will be useless.)

We found the mine easily - the stench was appalling - but it was soon clear that vermlings were nesting inside. Hah! Such puny foes are not worthy of my time. As usual I, VICTOR, led the way through the narrow entrance. Confronting us were not just vermlings, but also three wolves. With a yell the vermlings rushed towards us while the wolves growled menacingly. But as they reached us I leapt over their heads, landing behind the wolves. Slice sang in my hand and two beasts dropped dead. Craggy plucked a rock from the side of the tunnel and threw it into the midst of the remaining enemies, then moved among them smiting all in his path. Thanatos busied himself looting the corpses, although how a ratling can carry so many wolf pelts is beyond me.

Ahead of us the tunnel branched into three. I headed right while Thanatos went left, Craggy as usual bringing up the rear. Entering a small cave, I saw another vermling and wolf. Slash flew through the air but only grazed the wolf, and I heard foul curses behind me as Thanatos too missed his targets. But my bad luck did not last and soon both enemies lay on the floor. At the back of the room was a chest - perhaps this contained the plans we sought? In any case I had little time to check, as cries for help from Craggy showed that he was beset by more foes. The foolish cragheart had tried to move ahead alone. Hah! This is what happens when VICTOR is not in the lead. I sprinted back to his aid, slaying a vermling with a well-thrown dagger, but this only allowed a wolf to leap at Craggy, who fended it off by pulling down the roof of the cave onto its head.

Once Thanatos too had rejoined the battle, the result was not in doubt. She leapt among the wolves, cutting at their legs with his daggers, and with a strong blow I dispatched the last vermling. Ahead of us stretched another long tunnel and one more I led the way with Craggy at the back. Again the tunnel split into three, again Thanatos and I headed in opposite directions, again I easily slew the enemies inside, and again I heard vermling curses as Thanatos’s daggers missed their targets. And again I heard Craggy’s cries for aid. Surely his brain is made of rock, for who could make the same mistake twice so soon?

Heading to help Craggy, I saw him standing in a entranceway and hoisting two huge boulders into the cave ahead. I saw not where they landed, but from his bellow of rage it was clear that he had missed his targets. A pack of wolves swirled around him, their jaws locked onto his legs. No sooner had he shaken them off when an arrow caught him in the knee. If I, VICTOR, did not do something soon it was clear Craggy’s days as an adventurer like me were over.

Craggy made one last effort, wrenched out the arrow and plunged into the cave floor. As I reached the entrance where he had stood I saw him emerge from the ground, showering all around him with rock splinters. At last the way was free for VICTOR to help our foes meet their maker! With the last of my energy I strode into the cave, slaying the nearest wolf with a single blow and shrugging off attacks from vermlings scampering beneath my feet. Another wolf leapt at my throat but as it jumped its head exploded, showering all around it with gore. Thanatos appeared from the shadows and gave me a wink. But that was the last I saw as the blood sang in my ears and I, VICTOR, sank to the ground in exhaustion.

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