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Subject: Two Feisty Women and a Lame Professor Save the World rss

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John Fred Obedoza
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Jenny Barnes as the Dilettante
Henry Walters as the Professor
Gloria Goldberg as the Writer

and Azethoth as the Ancient One

Things looked pretty well in the beginning: the professor managed to start with an Elder Sign and a magical dagger, while the normally weak Jenny started with a Tommy Gun. Gloria was especially lucky, drawing a Find Gate spell. The first two draws at the mythos proved to be rumors, meaning they get discarded.

The Professor, having limited mobility, hopped into the Silver Twilight lodged, the nearest location where he can get clue tokens. He was invited to be a lodge member, which he accepted without hesitation. The next turn, he remained at that location to try out an encounter at the Inner Sanctum, and the lodged members asked him to pay the $3 for dues, which he cannot since he started with $5, paid $3 initially for membership, leaving him with just $2, a dollar short. Not able to pay, he was kicked out in the streets and lost the lodge membership.

Gloria was hopping at every open gate and raking in money and clue tokens via her ability to draw two gate encounters and picking the better one. Three gates closed early, two sealed: the ones in the Woods and the Graveyard (very crucial ones, if you meta-game). Gloria managed to seal one with clue tokens while Professor Walters used his Elder Sign on one. With six more clue tokens still available to him, the Professor braved another open gate, closing and sealing a third gate in the Unnamable.

Jenny was all over the place, buying stuff and killing monsters. She can only manage to close gates without sealing them, however, since she lacked clue tokens. Two subsequent thefts, in the Independence Square and Hibb’s Roadhouse, swept clean her purse of money, but during the middle game, with lots of monster trophies at her disposal she managed to get blessed and deputized. Being deputized meant more income and vastly increased mobility via the Patrol Car. Gloria managed to get an Elder Sign at an Other Worlds encounter, and sealed another gate, the fourth one.

We were pretty lucky with the gates: many monsters were returning to the cup as we close the gates, having the same symbols as the ones on the gates we close. Many mythos cards opened gates in locations that already have open gates, meaning monster surges instead of more open gates and increasing doom level, or more fortunately, opening at sealed locations. The terror track never moved beyond the first level. With money and better equipment, Gloria and Jenny were accumulating monster tokens. Gloria earned the title “Shoggoth killer” for killing two Shoggoths; she had them exchanged for a blessing at the church. Jenny had some of her monster tokens exchanged for clue tokens in the Science Building, and got many other clue tokens accumulating in some of the other locations, which she had no trouble reaching coz of the Patrol Car.

A rumor popped up as we were about to close the fifth and sixth gates: the Terrible Experiment. It was agreed that since Jenny is still blessed and armed to the teeth, and the Professor’s got so much spells and can lower the sanity losses by one, that they would be the ones to go to Miskatonic University streets and take care of the monsters, while Gloria will be hopping and sealing the final gates. The Professor failed his early combat checks and got knocked out to the hospital; Jenny had to take care of all the five monsters loose on the streets. A question popped up during this point of the game: does Jenny, as deputy, have to roll after combat with each monster whether she retains the Patrol car, or just one roll after combat with all the monsters during the Terrible Experiment? We ruled that since it was just one encounter, we had her roll just one die. With the rumor taken cared of, we all gained an additional skill.

Five gates closed and seal, and the sixth one was taken on by Jenny. The streets almost empty of monsters, the Professor went on to try getting more clue tokens through encounters in case Jenny fails to seal the gate. But Jenny, well–equipped and armed to the teeth, had no trouble in the Other Worlds, sealing the last gate, and ridding the world of Azethoth, for another millennium or so. After so many games, we finally beat Akham Horror! Hooray for us

Victory Points: 19

PS Though we finally beat this game, we still keep making so many mistakes! For most of the game I was increasing the toughness of cultists instead of maniacs (Azethoth ability). For two turns the blessed investigators forgot to roll for the retention of their blessedness. I was also playing the Professor as though his ability was to make to just one any sanity loss, instead of removing one sanity per loss. Allies we picked also at random instead of getting the ones we like! So many miles to go for a perfect, error-free game.
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