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So the Borg have a diffrent control system than other civiizations. Rather than have a governing body to dictate strategy they have a collective mind, which although powerful and focused can be slow to react some times. The idea of this command set up is to copy that cyclopeian (I hope I am using that word in the right context) command structure for the borg.

Last Thread I talked about Borg Advancement and a bit on assimilation. This Thread will be on Borg Commands and the the initiative and build phase as well as a general player area set up. Next section will be on the "Delta Quadrant" set up and Borg Encounters (small hint it doesn't always end up in combat). Now on to the Player Set Up.

As I said before the Borg Start with 2 cubes in the Delta Quadrant. Take the 5 Red Command Cards shuffle them and place the deck face down this is your active command deck. Next take the rest of the Green Command Cards, Shuffle them and place them in your reserve area. This is you reserve deck. Next take the 10 red Borg Exploration cards shuffle them and place them next to your Active Command Deck. The Green Borg Exploration Cards will be a part of the Delta Quadrant.

The Command Deck serves as the Borg Command Counters. The Borg player will be trying to manipulate the deck as best follows by expanding and contracting it to get the cards that they need to make the moves that win the game. When instructed to exhaust a card place it face up near the command deck to let everyone know that it is exhausted. When instructed to discard a card place it face up under the reserve deck and reshuffle your reserve deck once all cards are face up. When the Borg Command Deck is out of cards the Borg Player's turn is over.

Initiative Phase
In the initiative phase shuffle the exhausted command cards into a new Command Deck and place it face down. If there are no more command cards and all are discarded into the reserve deck then the Borg draws 1 command card from the reserve deck. The Borg player may bid any of the following resources. Command Cards, Borg Tech, Borg Command Tokens (taken from the Borg Cube Board after a square has been advanced). If you are using different values for each of the three resources (i.e. Research = 3 Production, Culture = 5) then the 1 Borg Command Card = 1 Production, Borg Tech = 1 Research and Borg Command Token = 1 Culture for bidding purposes. Otherwise each is worth 1 on the bid for initiate. All Borg Command cards spent in bidding are discarded to the bottom of the reserve deck.

Build Phase
During the Build Phase the Borg may look at all the cards in his/her Command Deck. When the Borg Player is finished the Borg Player will shuffle the command deck and place it face down. The Borg may also spend Borg Tech to upgrade Weapons or Borg Cube Squares. Any Spires with 3 nodes may discard all nodes to build a Borg Cube by discarding a tech card. A new Borg Cube will be attached to a spire. and will be launched in the command phase. Note: If after discarding a Borg Tech Card and the 3 assimilation nodes if you have more Borg Tech cards than your allowance (1+ each assimilation node in play) then you must discard the excess Borg Tech cards.

Command Phase
During the Command Phase the Borg can do a number of things as long as they have command cards in their command deck.

Launch: Discard a command card to launch Borg Cube from a Spire.

Regeneration: The Borg player draws 2 command cards from the Reserve deck and then draw the top card from their command deck. Then the Borg player discards one of those 3 cards and exhaust the other two without resolving the effects.

Adapt: The Borg Player Discards the top card of the Command Deck to draw one face down Borg Tech Card.

Execute: The Borg Draws the top card of the command deck, the Borg player may then enact that command, or the borg may discard the next card on top of the command deck to exhaust the current face up command and draw a new one. The last face up command has to be executed if possible.

Note* Borg players may not initiate a space battle unless instructed to do so on the active command card. If a Borg Player comes into contact with a rival ship they will immediately innate an encounter (to be explained next thread). The Borg player can defend and retaliate if attacked by a rival's ship or fleet. Some Borg Cards affect the Borg Player's turn in different ways. Exception to this rule is when a Borg Cube is in the Transwarp Hub. A Borg player may attack any rival's ship/fleet that is in or in an adjacent sector to the Transwarp Hub.

Navigate: If a Borg Cube is en route to a target you may exhaust the top card of the Command Deck without resolving it to add a warp token to the Borg Cube.

Note* At the end of the turn all Borg Cubes en-route to a target gain 1 Warp token just like any ship in warp.

Command: Resurgence The Borg Player will take the 10 initiative command card and it will not available for bidding on the next round. The Borg Player may then shuffle all exhausted cards into the command deck and exhaust this card.

Poloron Field Disruption If this card is drawn face up in a Execute Action the Borg Player's turn ends immediately. Exhaust the entire Command Deck. (This keeps the Borg player from just trying to play the entire deck).

Move: Target Place this Card next to a Borg Cube that has yet to have a Command:Target card next to them. Once the Borg Cube reaches the Target exhaust the card. If all Borg Cubes already have a Command target card chose one to Exhaust and give that Borg Cube a New Target.

Move: Collective Move All Borg cubes 1 system, all Borg Cubes en-route to a target gain 1 Warp token.

Command: Aggression Move cube into contact with nearest ship/fleet and initiate a space battle. Immediately Exhaust card as soon as the nearest fleet/ship is within reach.

Command: Linkage Move any number of Borg Cubes within 2 systems of a Borg Spire and attached a cube to that spire then build up to 2 nodes. You may place this card on a Borg Cube further than 2 systems away from a spire to give that Borg Cube to target a Spire, Transwarp Conduit or Transwarp Hub and move the Cube to that target.

Assimilation: Expedited Place a Borg node on all spires with fewer than 3 nodes.

Assimilation of a World. After the Borg player has successfully assimilated a world place a spire from reserves on that world and attach the Cube to that spire.

Victory Conditions

Ascendancy Transwarp Hub is connected and has no Rival's ship/fleet in it or an Adjacent Sector. Th Borg Player has launched all 5 Cubes, assimilated 5 worlds with Spires, and all 5 spires have all the 15 Assimilation nodes attached to them (3 nodes times 5 spires).

Supremacy Transwarp Hub is connected and has no Rival's in it or adjacent sector. 2 Rival Homeworlds are Assimilated.

Well that is my take on how Borg Command and play will work. Let me know what you think of it, will you do anything differently (i.e. just use command tokens). Next I will discuss a proposal on how to set up the Delta Quadrant which serves as a starting area for the Borg to develop in, an odyssey for rival ships to collect resources and make it back home, and how Borg/Rial interactions work in a way that should be just as intriguing as trade negotiations between players. If there is anything that you think I have forgotten about let me know.
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