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Subject: Make region dice more relevant rss

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Ltn Koen
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I have read the rules and am pretty excited about a dice game emulating Small World. In addition, the labels for the dice look very nice.

However, I cannot help but feel like the region dice are somewhat superfluous with the current rules. The tribe dice are very important, but the region dice only matter for some specific powers. As soon as a new region is conquered, that region's type is immediately forgotten, and it counts as nothing more than an increment in the population tracker.

In addition, the abilities of tribes like Humans or Magicians are very different than their Small World counterpart, since they only reward new conquests, rather than holding on to a particular region.

Lastly, I don't really understand the necessity for twelve different tribe-specific population tracker. Why not just give each player a population tracker at the beginning of the game, and keep it?

Here is a simple variant that would make the region dice feel more important:

1) Remove all tribe-specific population trackers from the game. Instead, give each player a population board. This board has eight trackers on it, corresponding to the six different region types, plus one tracker for "magical" and one tracker for "mine". The eight trackers can be literal tracks, in which case the player needs to have eight cubes in one colour to track its active tribe, and eight cubes in another colour to track its In-decline tribe; or if using tribe tokens, they can just be eight spaces on the player board, in which the player will put his active and in-decline tribe tokens.

Personally, I would use the tribe tokens from Small World, and a player board would consist in an A6 sheet of paper divided into eight spaces: six spaces each displaying one of the six region symbols, plus one space displaying "Magical" and one space displaying "Mine".

2) After rolling but before pairing, if a player has kept a region die displaying "Magical" or "Mine" in addition to a region type, they must choose, before pairing it with a tribe die, whether they will use it as "Magical" or as the generic region.

3) When conquering a region by pairing a tribe die with a region die, the player increments their tracker of that specific region type.

4) When attacking another tribe by pairing a tribe die with a region die, the region die must represent a region type in which the defending tribe has a non-zero population. As a result, the attacked tribe decrements their tracker of that specific region type, and the attacker increments their tracker of that specific region type.

5) Humans now score double points for their population in the Farm space of their player board, instead of extra points for the Farm regions they conquered this turn. Magicians score double points for their population in the Magical space, and Dwarves score double points for their population in the Mine space.
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Gene Moore
United States
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Thanks for your suggestion. I'm actually getting ready to post a new "second edition" ruleset and components, with significant changes from the first edition. It doesn't have the changes that you described, but it does streamline certain elements in a way that I think you'll appreciate.

In general, the region dice are not meant to have a huge impact on the game. The trick with them is that mountain regions are harder to conquer (without Giants), and water is impossible to conquer (without Seafaring). So the region dice are really just there to add a degree of difficulty to your rolls.

I think that the region trackers are an interesting idea, but would ultimately slow down the game in a negative way. Each player would have to consider not only which tribes are in play, but which region each tribe is in, and that could be overwhelming for some people.
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