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Subject: Madcap rss

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Ben R
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After reading Deadpool 2015, I feel that a great opportunity was missed in the Deadpool expansion to use Madcap as a mastermind, so I figure I'd take a stab at making him.

I know some of this is a bit wordy, but I would assume parts of it would be described in the rulebook - especially regarding the unique bystander he would come with.

You will need 35 copies of a Henchman card called 'Booped Bystander'

New Keyword - 'Brainwash'
When attacking a Hero, or Bystander who has the keyword 'Brainwash' as translates to:

Attack: , if you have any attack remaining after all other effects resolve, that card is KO'D.

Booped Bystander

10 copies have attack 1
15 copies have attack 2
10 copies have attack 3

When Madcap is the mastermind, Booped bystanders are not shuffled into the Villain deck during setup. If there are ever more than 20 KO'd Booped Bystanders, Evil Wins
Madcap - Merc turned Monster

8+ Attack
VP - 7
Madcap gets +1 Attack for each 5 KO'd bystander or hero that had 'brainwash' when KO'd.

Always Leads 10 random Booped Bystanders

Master Strike - Stack this master strike next to Madcap. For each master strike, choose a hero in the HQ. That Hero enters the city as a villain with attack equal to 4 or its cost, whichever is greater, and 'brainwash'. Do not refill the HQ until the required number of Heroes have entered the city in this way.


Marinated in X07
Attempt Fateful Resurrection 3 times. Each for each unsuccessful Fateful Resurrection, the card is placed on the bottom of the Villain Deck. Shuffle 5 Booped Bystanders into the Villain Deck

Controlling A Good Friend

If this is not the last Tactic revealed, reveal cards from the top of your Hero deck until you reveal a Hero and place it next to Madcap. Until Madcap is defeated when a player attacks Madcap, they get -2 to to attack for each card in their hand that shares the Team Affiliation with the hero next to Madcap.
Shuffle 5 Booped Bystanders into the Villain Deck

Escape via Chitauri Hand Cannon

KO two Master Strikes that are stacked next to Madcap. If there are less than two, search the Villain Deck for one Master Strike and KO it.
Shuffle 5 Booped bystanders into the Villain Deck

Virus Injection

KO the hero in the center spot of the HQ, and the two Heroes adjacent to them. All players must discard all matching heroes in their hand and then draw that many cards. All Players unable to discard a card in this way take three wounds.
Shuffle 5 Booped Bystanders into the Villain Deck
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