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Subject: Is it too early to start making Homebrew? rss

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Sevan Pasch
United States
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Probably, but I'm going to do it anyway.

So Planet Apocalypse is looking pretty awesome, isn't it? So cool that my head's already buzzing with ideas for homebrew, so let's pump some out. Disclaimer, not 100% familiar with all the rules and all the special abilities people have, so if there is repeats then please point them out, thank you in advance.


Rackafrackahedron Knicknackpackensnatch (Pronounced exactly as it's spelled.) is a demon who made friends with a little kid, before all Hell broke loose. It manifested as one of the kid's drawings, and kinda looks like this.
Anyway, Rack... fed off this kid's psychic energy and kind of parasitized itself to the kid, forming a friendship like the ones seen in Monster of the Week, if anyone's played that. Now the kid is dead, they died in the early days of the Apocalypse, and Rack... is helping the other humans fight off the hordes of hell! Basically, he's a good demon.

Rack... starts with 1D8 attack because of his vicious claws, 2 Luck (Little lower than average). Rack... is a frail demon, but still a demon, so he has 3 Toughness and 8 Health. His starting ability is called Earnest, which allows him to help without spending a courage. His two unlockable abilities are Deep Pockets, which allows him to spend a Luck to decrease the cost of another player's gift by 2, and Smell of Brimstone, which means that no demons except the highest circle can attack him. (It's the opposite of John Dark's Flaw really.) His flaw is called Hell Kin, and prevents Rack... from taking any action that involves Troopers. This means he can't recruit, place ambushes, or use them to block hits. All the guys are too scared or distrustful of Rack... to listen to him.

Rack...'s gifts are thus: 1-Gain Deep Pockets (4); 2-Add a D6 to your Attack Pool, Reduce your Maximum Health by 1 (4); 3-Add a D8 to your Attack Pool, Reduce your Maximum Health by 1 (6); 4-Gain 2 Luck, Reduce you Maximum Health by 1 (6); 5-Gain Smell of Brimstone (4); 6-Step up a die in your Attack Pool, Reduce you Maximum Health by 1 (6).

Rackafrackahedron is a both combat and support. You want to put him up in the front lines, helping people out and fighting with 3 dice. You want to make friends with the other players and lower there gift costs, so when you get your gifts and lower you health you can avoid getting chosen for attacks. The Smell of Brimstone helps avoid some damage, but a Cacodemon or 4th circle could easily kill Rack... when he has all his upgrades, so be careful. He's almost a glass cannon, but not as much as...

Roan Waters is an immortal, who is also cursed. Like John Dark, (Lots of parallels to him, I swear it's unintentional.) Roan messed around with black magic and sold their soul for an extra long life. The down side of this was that they got possessed by a Lord. Roan eventually gathered enough willpower to regain control of their mind, but not before getting branded with a cursed weapon. Roan fights a daily battle to prevent being possessed, along with the hordes of demons that are invading earth.

Roan starts with 1D4 Combat, 1 Luck, 4 Health, and 6 Toughness. This guarantees that a Limbo Demon cannot hurt Roan, at least not for at the beginning. Roan does not have any starting abilities, instead has two Flaws, which is compensated with lower cost upgrades. Their first Flaw is Cursed, which prevents Roan from ever increasing their maximum health, and requires that the highest circle in the area attack Roan. Their second Flaw is Deathless, which sounds good, but really isn't. Roan doesn't die, but if their Life ever falls to 0, Roan's will breaks and they're possessed by the Lord. In game terms, Roan is still removed and the Doom still increases, but you must roll the despair dice and summon demons into the area where Roan was "killed". They basically become an invasion token when they die. Roan's two unlockables are Smog Blade, which allows Roan to take two combat actions a turn; and Reckless Abandon, which allows them to spend a single Toughness to add 1D10 to their combat pool for a single attack.

Roan's gifts: 1-Step up a die in your Attack Pool (4); 2-Gain Smog Blade and Reckless Abandon (8); 3-Add 1D8 to your Attack Pool (4); 4-Step up a die in your Attack Pool(4); 5-Heal up to maximum health (0); 6-Step up two dice in your Attack Pool (6)

Roan is a balancing act. On one hand, their an extremely powerful combat character, with an extremely high toughness and insane combat dice while powered up. On the flip side, their two weaknesses are especially crippling in combat. Letting Roan die at the wrong time can be deadly, especially if they retreated after a devastating blow. All of Roan's abilities feed into the almost self-destructive tenancies they have. It may seem tempting to let Roan take on the Lord, but without proper back up, Roan's going to make it worse than saving you bacon. It's a choice, do you play an extremely risky, yet rewarding, combat path, or the safe but useless support role.


A new region isn't so much a new country or area, but more of a society. The Sobolists, or followers of Sobol's Pantheon. (See this if you're even remotely curious but it's going to be revised The five different Troopers are Volunteers, Citizen's Militia, Police, (From the core set) Wardens, and Champions. Wardens have Cost 4, Absorb 4, Ambush 1: 1D8; 2: 2D8; 3: 1D10; 4: 2D10. Champions have Cost 5, Absorb 4, Ambush 1: +1D8; 2: +1d10; 3: +2D10; 4: 1d12. Champions can be set in ambushes and be on patrol with Wardens.

Demon Lords

The first Lord is Lord Yeqon (pronounced Yeh-con), who's a chitinous form capturing the being of smog within. Yeqon is the on who cursed Roan in the actually story, but that doesn't really matter in play. He's a strategist of hell, and a demon Lord who cripples the heroes he's fighting and turns them back on themselves.

Yeqon has 24 health against 4 players, bit higher that normal, and 3 toughness, which is quite low. But that actually works in his favor, because instead of rolling Attack dice, he does damage equal to the amount of damage done to him in the last Hero Attack. This is him redirecting the attacks of the heroes back onto themselves. Yeqon's menace lets him roll 1D8 and heal that much damage, to his maximum. His special ability is call Malevolent Smog, which prevents any Hero from using Gifts while fighting him. They can still use abilities and unlockable abilities, just not the cards. This is supposed to represent the smog filling the area and obscuring everyone's sight. Finally, Yeqon's reward gives all players who attacked him Courage equal to 5 minus the number of attack taken against him.

Now it may seem that Yeqon is an extremely easy Lord. (And in all fairness, he kind of is.) Just hit him until you can't take any more damage then run off to heal. It seems inevitable to beat him, but he's a big time waster. With his healing and bribing the heroes with Courage to attack him less, Yeqon is less about killing the Heroes but more taking a long time to kill. Board Control is essential for defeating any Lord, but is especially for Yeqon.

The second Lord is Lord Ia. Ia is a giant protoplasmic mass of eyes and teeth, and is a demon completely made of magic. It is a mindless mass of a demon, just destroying and corrupting everything it touches. It's like a cacodemon in that they are pure chaos and destruction, although Ia is much more powerful.

Ia has 20 health against 4 players and a toughness of 6(!). Ia's attack is 1D8, 3D10, and 2D12, representing the chaos that is Ia. It's menace summons a Spawn of Ia (A 4th circle demon you'll see below.), and it's special ability is called The God Eater. Whenever a Heros spends a Luck or a Courage when fighting Ia, it adds 1D8 to it's attack pool. However, it's reward gives you a Courage for each Luck spent, and a Luck for each Courage spent.

Ia is a thug, pure and simple. It's extremely high toughness and crazy dice pool makes it so you want to use as many abilities to take it down, but the challenge comes with balancing the act of Ia. Not to mention, Ia either spawns a 4th Circle Demon or moves the Doom up by 4 every time you fight him! The best strategy is to hit him as little as possible, doing as much as you can each time.

4th Circle Demons

The 4th Circle Demon tied to Ia is, the aptly named, Spawn of Ia. These are literally bits of Ia that fell/oozed/were broken off. They have the same basics as all 4th circlers, with 4 health and increasing the Doom by 4 when they leave the map, but there are 2 Spawn of Ia figures. It's Toughness is 2+2, unless Ia is the lord, in which case they have a Toughness of 1+1+1. Spawn of Ia also have two special abilities, although one is a reward for killing them. The first is The Void Blinks, which says both Spawns are summoned at the same time, unless Ia is the lord. The second ability is Being of Magic, which give the player who kills a Spawn of Ia a Luck as well as the Courage. They are very tough, but well worth fighting.

The final Homebrew (For now! Mwahahah!) is a 4th circle known as The Lurker. The Lurker is a space whale eel thing. It's got a broad and flat tail, an large gaping maw, and is semi-transparent. It casually floats through the void of space swallowing planets. It's got 4 health, 4 toughness, and starts with 4D4 Attack Pool. It's power is Swallow. whenever the Lurker enters a new area, it automatically "swallows" a Trooper in the area. (Place it on the Lurker's card.) For each swallowed Trooper, step up all dice in the Lurker's Attack Pool. (From 4D4 to 4D6, 4D6 to 4D8, etc.) Once you kill the Lurker or it leaves the map, place all the Troopers on his card back into the reserve.

Edit 1: Added a Region
Edit 2: Added the Lords and 4th Circles
Edit 3: Fixed Roan's Gifts and Combat
Edit 4: Upped Spawn of Ia's Toughness
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