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Subject: Cherry Picked Balanced Variant that made all players satisfied rss

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Hong Tai Lee
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I've essentially been cherry picking on some variant rules, and this is what our group has figured out to be the best:

Victory Condition:

4 Complete Sets for 2-3 Players
3 Complete Sets for 4-5 Players (Deal Breaker Cards Removed)
*All completed sets MUST be different colours
*Money cards are ALWAYS put in a facedown pile

How to "Buy" Property:

A player can look into their bank and select "x" amount of money to set out to purchase properties. That sum is maintained to the end of their turn. As such, a 10 million card could be "noted" to be used for buying properties - and any properties placed down in that turn can't have a total sum exceeding that. Afterwards, the "noted" money card(s) is/are put into the discard pile.

Buying Price is set at half of the property worth.


*Wild Cards also must be purchased at half price, including the Railway wildcard mixed in with the light blues

*House / Hotel cards can be put down for free too since they're not properties

Why We Like It

First off, we were very afraid that this would make it too close to "Monopoly" rules where the richest player just has the best attack plan. However, that is countered by the "reserve" property buying sum and the half price rule.

On top of that, we figured this made the Railroads REALLY unfavorable since they don't collect much rent and also take a complete 4 to count as a victory. As it is also really just a "side money generator" plus "security" blanket in real monopoly, we figured it should stick to that role as it can be used to protect against rent charges - or make some side money if it's really needed.

On top of this, this makes it actually worth it to wait / do no actions as there's the side activity of betting what you should spend / buy.
In the original game rules, WAY too much time was spent glaring at each other and doing nothing while drawing cards to sequence the best winning tactic. It made things REALLY dry, on top of killing the empire building element.

Deal Breaker Stays the Same

Now comes deal breaker. We kept it as is since in a 4+ player game, enough actions are stalled by making people bank money to buy properties. In all other games, it also allows anybody to come back up on the top if they were really behind - it was something we really took heart into considering.

If the winning player gets it, well, he just had a good hand and it seems to be a nature of card games that just can't be taken out (eg. Poker).

The Addicting "Betting" Feeling

There's a lot more "betting" going in people's heads since if you spend small sums to only buy low valued properties, you're super vulnerable in overpaying rent charges. On top of that, if you use your large sums too fast in buying, you won't be able to buy the better ones later on.

We also figured that double the rent gets REALLY scary now, but it's buffered by the double return of properties (from what you paid). So what enhances this betting feeling more is that you are more COMPELLED TO PAY WITH BOTH PROPERTIES AND MONEY EVEN IF YOU STILL HAVE MONEY!!!

Games were extended to approximately 20-30 minutes, but the satisfaction, or even stroke of bad luck with a degree of manipulation still made everyone feel satisfied.

ALSO, 1 v 1 second player advantage is put aside as the first player has an actual advantage of banking more money and buying more properties, where the second player still can "steal" when the opportunity rises and stops a glaring standoff again. Before, the first player always seemed to be at a disadvantage since they'd first reveal what properties got reserved and can't play action cards as all players haven't put anything down yet.

Let me know what you think!
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