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Subject: Simultaneous combat system rss

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Peter Ball
United Kingdom
Nr Grantham
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WFV new combat system. This makes for a very tense game, a bad draw could represent your team walking into an ambush.

1. Action turn: Start of each turn add all Soldier action chits, Hostiles ID chits and Reinforcement chit to a cup. Chits are now drawn out and chosen from below.
(a) Soldiers action carry out one action on soldier of your choice up to their action limit. Ie if soldier suppressed remove one.
(b) Hostiles ID: randomly chose a hostile will take actions then move and then remove one suppression, all may not be available.
(c) Reinforcement chit: pick for each eligible location and any hostiles with reinforcement on card add to cup if in range.
2. End of turn: make environmental roll & add all Soldier action chits, Hostiles ID chits and Reinforcement chit to cup. Optional Remove one suppression from all hostiles, this makes combat even more dangerous.
3. Location card: can be played anytime if conditions fulfilled before next chit is pulled unless action chit needed. For example spend Xp play card and spend but spend 1 action to play requires an action chit to be pulled.
4. The Reinforcement Hostile card: If drawn remove one EKIA then attack, then move if needed and able, then remove one suppression.
5. Targets for reinforcements: Only picked when hostile carries out 1st attack.
6. End of turn: Player will pay retain costs.
7. Weapons now when fired if not in spray can do 1 EKIA and as many suppressions as hits rolled after 1st. For example M16 fires in auto 3D10 at a hostile with 3 reticules,
(a) If 2 hits and defeat cover then 1 EKIA and 1 Suppression
(b) If 2 hits and did not defeat cover then 2 suppressions.
(c) If defeat cover and scored no hits then 1 suppression.
8. Overwatch: If soldier on Overwatch can be used as an interruption action after a hostile chooses a target before the hostile attacks. The firing hostile does not have to be the target. For example I have two soldiers on Overwatch and a screened hostile is activated. The first soldier on Overwatch could attack the screener so that the second could hit the screened if first successful. If player has not used Overwatch by end of turn may use then, after that pay to retain if required.
9. Cover: All soldiers gain one to their DC roll per range above 0 to max of 5, exception Sniper, Mortar stay the same. Hostiles must beat the DC of a soldier not equal.
10. Passing equipment: not free during a battle and requires either the owner to pass or the receiver by using an action. A soldier could spend an action to move ammo etc among several soldiers. Free if all hostiles eliminated at end of turn.
11. Free action cards: can be played anytime before next chits pulled.
12. Wounded soldiers: Place wound marker on action chit so not available, also suppressed.
13. Downed soldier: are out of this battle and can cause panic. When all hostiles have been cleared from location then can be treated. Exception Corpsman can treat downed soldiers even if hostiles in location, if recover return to action. Place a downed marker on soldier if downed again out of game. Definitely need bandages. Downed now represents soldier being cowered and out of battle. (Not certain about this)
14. Mortar & Sniper: when played can be used anytime before a chit pulled, ignore screening effects.
15. SNAFU: play as per card, add extra action chit on card for use next turn.
16. Cover Me!: when played all NPS & SQD can immediately fire or hold till later in turn designate soldier before chit pulled.
17. Go Go Go!: !: when played all NPS & SQD can immediately take a move action or hold till later in turn designate moving soldier before chit pulled.
18. Brotherhood: If player as in hand first time a soldier hits during turn place their ID marker on card if all soldiers on immediately add these chits back into cup.
19. Fire markers to show a soldier fired if done as a bonus action.
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