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Subject: More Rules Questions rss

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I'm pretty sure I know the answers to these, but I just want to make sure I'm playing as intended. Also have less reasonable people in my game group arguing over stupid things.

1. Does the Targeting Assist sponsor card make all attacks for multi-attack weapons automatically hit? (Venom Spray, Point Defense Chain Gun, Point Defense Missiles, The Rattler etc.) Played as Yes

2. Does Ana's ability allow you to move in/out of rubble/crater terrain tiles for free? Played as Yes.

3. Does Zappy's disable support unit ability prevent Splodey and "Self Destruct Recon" from being able to self-destruct? Played as Yes.

4. Does Diego's ability increase the blast radius of Splodey's Self-Destruct. Played as No.

5. Do Mercenaries count towards the "Have 3 support units on the board at the end of the combat phase" Achievement. Played as Yes

6. Is big little buddy considered a Heavy Hitter, a Support unit or neither? Played as Neither, but can gain flank shot achievement against it.

7. Are Hammerstrike AMG's Orbital strikes meant to be 1 Energy? Or is that a misprint? Played as printed.

8. Point Defense Missiles say "Roll to attack each target at 1 damage per attack." If I allocate 3 damage to 1 target, do I make 3 attack rolls for 1 damage each, or 1 attack roll for 3 damage total? Played as 1 attack for all damage assigned to 1 target.

Thank you.

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Aaron Cloutier
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My opinions: (Only played once so far)

1. I would play as Yes.
2. I would play as Yes.
3. I would play as Yes.
4. I would play as No.
5. Read somewhere else that Mercs do NOT count towards this achievement. I would play as they don't count as a draw back to using Mercs instead of support units.
6. If you can flank it, then you can gain the flank achievement. It clearly says you can flank BLB.
7. I would play as printed.
8. I originally read the card as needing an attack roll per missile, but it does say "target" so I would agree with one attack roll for all damage assigned to one target.
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