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Subject: Tweaks to Rhye's and Fall of Civilization rss

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Aaron Tubb
United States
Fuquay Varina
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I'm getting ready to play Civ with the Rhye's and Fall rules:

See here for more detail

I have some ideas of things to add to the game depending on how it goes. Mostly just stuff that I liked from other house rules that I would like to see in the game, or things that I miss from the PC game(s).

Tech Tree changes:
"Writing" changed to "Code of Laws"
"Mysticism" changed to "Writing"
"Electricity" is a prerequisite for "Space Flight"
"Computers" also gives the ability "Buying a technology costs 20 gold instead of 40"
Change "Astronomy" 1st player bonus to "Gain a Caravel and an Explorer in a sea space adjacent to a friendly settlement"

Other rule tweaks:
Instead of Egypt's current ability, they may start as any government. No free tech as Republic or stability penalties as Communist/Fascist.
For 'Republic' government, -1 stability if you conquered or razed a city during that turn.
'Shaky' stability gives a -5 gold penalty during 'Taxation'
'Collapsing' and 'Civil War' give a -10 gold penalty during 'Taxation'
During a 'Research' action, you gain a technology and then you may buy one owned by two other players.
Trading with another player requires you to have units or settlements adjacent to each other or sharing a space.
In combat, the defender wins all ties.
You can build a colony on a space with no settlement during a construction action if you want to claim a resource without building a village.

Terrain/Map changes:
Use Settlers of Catan hexes to put together a map with most tiles face-down. Units can see/reveal adjacent tiles. Each tile starts with one exploration marker.
Forest: Must pay 10 gold to settle
Wheat fields: Start with an extra exploration marker
Plains/hills: normal space
Mountains: No cities on mountains. Villages only. Calvary/tanks must stop here if there is no settlement here.
Desert: You cannot settle desert. You can still place a colony on a resource here.
When using Catan-style hexes for spaces, all naval units and aircraft move an additional space. (e.g. Galleys move 2 and Battleships move 4)

Road/Rail movement:
If you have researched 'Trade', your units may move one extra space if they start in a friendly settlement and move to an adjacent friendly settlement.
If you have researched 'Steam Power', your units may move from one friendly settlement to an adjacent one without using any movement.

Explorer/Diplomat unit:
The Settler figure can be used as a non-combat settler/explorer/diplomat/spy unit. They have attack/def/move of 0/0/2, and you may produce one for free each time you take a 'Recruitment' action. Or maybe they should cost 5 or so.
Possibly an explorer can steal a tech from another player at one of their cities. Roll a die, on a roll of 4+, steal a tech. Subtract 1 from your roll for each enemy unit in the city. The explorer is consumed whether you succeed or not.
If you conquer a minor civ with an explorer, your stability is only -1 instead of -2.

Wonder changes:
Some wonders will be made more expensive, possibly with a discount if you have a certain resource or build it on a certain terrain. Make some existing ones better. e.g. Colossus also gives extra +5 gold on Taxation.
Change Eiffel Tower to something else so it isn't just a different Oxford University. Maybe: Collect taxes and perform a Recruitment action in only the space containing the Eiffel Tower. No stability penalty for the Taxation.
Also change Pyramids to something like:
Pyramids (available at game start) - When performing a Revolution, your stability is -1 instead of -2.
New wonders:
Sydney Opera House (requires Flight). +25 gold when you take a Construction action.
Stonehenge (buildable at game start). - Draw two exploration tokens and place them face down on any two spaces without settlements.
Oxford University (requires Nationalism). +1 stability when you take a Research action. Immediately gain 1 technology.
Sistine Chapel (requires Calendar) - You may immediately change religion. +2 stability.
Petra - (requires Masonry) Must be built in a desert where you have a unit. You may place a village there, which cannot be upgraded to a city (unless you are Inca).
Great Library (requires writing). Buying a tech costs 20 gold instead of 40 (free if you have Computers). You may immediately pay 20 gold to gain a new technology.

Nuke Changes:
The movement value of the Nuke depends on what tech you have.
Pre-flight: Move as tank
Flight: Move as a fighter
Space flight: Can move to any space on the board

New Units:
Caravel - a weaker faster and cheaper alternative to the Galleon. Available with Astronomy. (Galleon will be made more expensive)
Destroyer - a weaker faster and cheaper alternative to the Battleship. More defensive. Available with Industrialization. (Battleship will be made more expensive)
Both the Galleon and Battleship will gain the ability to bombard enemy cities (+1 attack die in enemy settlements when you have a Galleon or +2 with a Battleship in adjacent waters)

Missile Defense System - (requires Computers and Space Flight) You have a 5/6 chance of destroying any nuke targeted at this space. This unit is created during a construction action and cannot move or fight. It can be captured by other players.

The original Civ Battleship figure will be the Destroyer, and Battleships from Axis&Allies will be the new Battleships. A&A Anti-air guns can be Missile Defense Systems.
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