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Subject: My Fist Playthrough and Questions rss

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Matt Trenton
United States
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I wanted to describe our play through and some questions we had last night.
We had an amazing 5 player game:
Elf Nomad(me!)
Minotaur Bezerker
Fallen One Summoner
Grey Dwarf BeastMaster
Kitsune Divine One

We managed to knock out bosses 2,3,4,7 AND successfully won with one city left standing by defeating the dead king! There were no character deaths through out either!

Now we did this all on starter difficulty. I'm rather convinced that if we had up'ed the difficulty too soon we definitely would have had character deaths.

I am also convinced after reading a few play-throughs on here and our own experience is that if you aren't well stocked enough in the beginning or run afoul of bad circumstances it will lead to losses.

Everyone pretty much unanimously agreed with our starter gold to buy 2 rations, a handy potion(which was 1 less in our starter city), and camping gear. The fallen one obviously didn't need to pick up the food.

As we were playing through the minotaur almost starved out, and that's when we realized we should have had the fallen one be our "backpack" for 5 extra food.

The Elf was able to change our circumstance fate a few times for our benefit. Such as gaining a treasure instead of losing all of our food. Also lucky stones are fantastic for such uses as well(especially only being 2 gold!)

In the last few turns we started to realize that food stopped mattering because we knew either we would win or the Dead King would.

In the final combat with the Dead King, we did 120 damage in round 2(that is all but 20 of his health and he had already been done about the same the first round). We determined we could have increased difficulty by at least to moderate(if not higher).

All in all it was a fantastic game that lasted about 3.5-4 hours and we were having a blast the entire time!!! Everyone is in agreement that they would love to play again because it is VERY clear next time might not be so stompy.

Now for the questions!

1. We had a tough time determining how defense was used. Initially we thought it was a group pool, but we determined that couldn't have been the case as it was too overpowered. So we determined it was for each person that was attacked.

This lead to a few questions.
1a. How is defense actually supposed to be used? did we do that right?

1b. The Summoner/Beastmaster pets sometimes provided Defense. Would that protect only the summon/beast?

1c. What is the best way to track defense? The battle mat didn't really seem to be that place.

2. The "pets" provided by the Summoner and Beast master caused us a couple headaches.

2a. We determined that they counted as valid single targets so we made the master roll the target dice for themselves and thier pets. Is this correct?

2b. Conditions and pets didn't seem to play really well. We ruled that the pets master's made the appropriate roll to see if they were afflicted(as the pets don't have skills). Is this what was intended. Example Say a bone legion pet of the summoner was targeted by the boss to be trapped. What should happen to the explore roll? If it is trapped perpetually and has no defend action what then?

3. We ran into a dual quest for the Treants as a reward(sector G), the icon to place the quest token was just a generic forest tile. but it seemed there were multiple forest tiles on that map so I just picked one. Was that the correct action? Most quests did seem to have a unique place on the board(especially A-D quests).

Thank you for such an enjoyable game! We look forward to throwing it on our table again in the future! Here are a couple pictures I took!

The final board state

The wonderful back of the map picture!
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Nathan Loos

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Awesome to hear about your first game!

1. Defend is one of your 4 abilities that you choose to use, so during the Declaration phase you would decide to use it, it is not passive. If a hero decides to use their Defend action, they reduce damage from each attack they will receive (Most of the time it's only 1 attack) and may also use an item on themselves or others (which can be decided during the Resolution Phase). So in short you must choose to use the Defend action and it only applies to the hero Defending. This also applies to Summons, if the Defend it only applies to the Encounter.
As a side note, you will find Masteries that gain rank bonuses that will also allow you to use your other abilities, like your Attack or Defend, in addition to using that Mastery.
Tracking the damage is fairly simple. Once you've determined targets, if one of the targets are defending, simply reduce the damage by that heroes defense rank. If an opponent ends up defending in a round, just reduce each attack recorded on the battle mat by the Defend value. If an opponent Blocks, that reduces the total damage they receive, not from each attack, reducing Health damage first, then Energy.

2.a. Yes that is correct.
2.b. Anytime an Encounter would be required to make a skill roll, they succeed. If a condition's description refers to heroes "Trapped Heroes..." it may only apply to heroes. If it refers to targets "Bleeding Targets...", it may be applied to Encounters as well. You can see the condition descriptions on the back of the battle mat.

3. You can find where a Quest is located by the white spot on the tile reference on the Quest card. In that example, it's on the bottom of that HEXtile.

Thanks for all the questions!
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