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Subject: Another Round in the Tabletop Simulator rss

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Gilberto Guillen
Costa Rica
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well another try this afternoon, solo play, fort one was a massacre, I could really do nothing, so did another one

Map: Invasion
Lord: Baphonet
Legion: Acheron
Heroes: Basic 5

This time around decided to change the strategy to a more fast spear offensive, on turn 1 as usual build my Ambushes with 4 Citizen militia and 1 spec Ops and moved Naomi as fast as posible (3 spaces as per special ability), she only got 1 damage and so far only Gryllus, by turn 2 I got 3 army cards, nice, moved naomi again, 1 cacodemon, no issues yet, then attack to the demons close to start area and assalted Baphonet, got a gryllus and a fiend. MMmmmm no issues, started and got a few hits, damm he hits hard, but able to sustain damage, attacked and killed the demons and hit the wall, nice rolls for the extrea courage, baphonet attacked again and rolled quite nice, now I had Tarang and Pro Maxwell wuite hurt plus with fire decided to keep goin 1 extra round and destroyed the wall, but baphonet got to kill tarang in the next rool, someone had to be sacrificed,

now let's get out, but Prof Max is next, 1 health and in fire, death another Sacrifice for the greater good, 4 doom for the them and legion chaged for Tartarus.

Decided to use extra heroes to replace next team phase, Dorothy and Doc Hunter, thanks to the wall destruction I had lots of courage in Naomi and Hannah, time to upgrade, hold the demons close the gate until cicling the lord, another doom for them and got Mandrake, o FUCK, no, used Divine Intervention to change the 4th circle, got Magdalene, better to face her than mandrake at this stage, keep fighting until the double invasion tokens moved out of the lord, now I have Seal of Solomon and a few troopers, army included, travel for another round.

Killed all demons, bad despair roll for them, better for me, give a few hits to baphonet but I could not hold much, he rolled way to good with D8, even using dorothys ability, but lowered the health to 8 life, I could smell victory, whent out but I had to many demons outside.

Spawing created to many doom points and second cicle I got The Secutor, less troopers on board but holded the line, however the legion changed again to Gehenna, this was no good, to many Gryllus were spawning faster than I could kill Fiends, then I got Fidged Sic for Cindrew, now started to kill anything in my path and got to hold, once the lord was cleared again and now I was full of troopert except Cindrew and Hunter all my heroes had 2D8, Naomi and Dorothy had Silver Bullet, and Doom track was at 9 was time to visit Baphonet again.

This time thanks to Cindrew got all demons killed in 1 swipe, no Cacodemon thankfully, now he was alone, using Army and Silver Bullet he started to suffer woun after wound, but I got all my troopers out, Naomi and Dorothy cause the Silver bullet were at 1 life, the others still good, but with a few hits. Baphonet was rolling about 5 wounds per roll, I was already 3 round against him and with no troopers or courage left to boost anyone, Cindrew got killed scoring 2 more doom, but now he was at 1 life, 4 round he rolled and missed 3 dices, WOW I was able to save all, doc took must of the dagame, I would not be able to hold 1 more attack for anyone, Doc attacked and missed, Hannah attacked and missed, this was no possible, Naomi attacked and MISSED, WTF, 6D8 aleady and all missed, now Dorothy attacked, our last hope and scored both dices killing Baphonet and savig earth, YYEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY, finally Cracked the beast, a very close end, I am not sure if I would made it with just the regular heroes, Dorothy maily ability was the one that saved the heroes and the final battle.
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