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Jerec is a priest of Farlann, the god of luck. (Farlann's also the god of thieves and trickery, but, uh, mostly luck.) Jerec fancies himself a collector of relics, powerful artifacts touched by the gods themselves. He desires for all to be able to feel the real presence of the gods - for a meager fee, of course!

The Good: Jerec could sell ice cubes to a frost giant!

The Bad: Jerec's more about the wheeling and dealing than the healing.

Setup: Shuffle the Relic deck and place it next to your player mat. Reveal the top card of your Relic deck and place it face up near your player mat.

Relics: Relics work like Phrenk's potions. At the beginning of your turn, before you discard and draw, reveal the top card of your relic deck. If you have an old relic still in front of you, you must choose whether to keep the old relic or the new one. You must decide before you do anything else.

Relics cost 1 Gold and can be sold at any time. They have very powerful effects, but be careful using them - there's only a 50% chance that they'll do what you want! Whenever a player uses a relic, they flip a coin and follow the instructions on the relic card. Jerec has two cards in his deck that allow him to manipulate the outcome, but beyond that, its pure luck!

A character I made a little while ago. He's been playtested decently, and he seems well balanced to my group. His relics add a bit of randomness to the game, which can be quite fun. I'd love some feedback on the character. Let me know what you think!
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