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zebra Matt
United Kingdom
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Got this back to the table after a long hiatus and couldn't really groove with it at first. Played a number of games and after tweaking the rules (using some of Tony's own ideas from here) found the game to play a lot more smoothly.


0. Draw 3 Bounty cards and place them face up on the table, in view of all players. Any Events drawn in this step are put to one side, then reshuffled with the Bounty deck once the 3 starting Bounties are out.
If playing with the Tools of the Trade expansion, also draw 3 Item cards and place them face up on the table, in view of all players.
NOTE: Players do not start with any credit tokens – money must be earned! See step 8 below.

1. If there are fewer than 3 active Bounties, draw until there are 3 face-up Bounties on the table. Any Events drawn are actioned immediately and either discarded, attached to a Bounty or placed to the side of the 3 active Bounties to denote an ongoing effect (until that effect expires, when the Event is then discarded).
NOTE: If Time Warp or Terraquake are drawn before a Hunter has had an opportunity to start their turn (i.e. they haven't rolled any dice yet) then these are set to one side and reshuffled into the Bounty deck once there are 3 Bounties out. (Discarded Bounties are not reshuffled into the Bounty deck when this happens.)

2. Roll all available dice. Unavailable dice are Misses, plus any on the current Bounty, plus any on your Hunter card. If there are no available dice, proceed to step 8.

3. Set aside all Misses, adding them to any Misses previously rolled this turn.

4. Select a Bounty from the 3 active Bounties and allocate as many of the available dice to it as possible. If an active Bounty already has dice allocated to it, you are committed to that Bounty and must only place further dice on it until it is Captured, or until you cannot continue.

5. Place all Wounds on your Hunter card. If you have more than 3 Wounds on your Hunter card, you must Retreat. To Retreat, discard any Captured Bounty Cards and proceed to step 8.
NOTE: If playing with the Tools of the Trade expansion, Retreating due to 4 or more Wounds on your first roll of the turn grants you one free Item drawn blind from the top of the Item deck. Consider this your lucky day!

6. You may choose to Heal. To Heal, place 1 available Heal die on your Hunter card, directly above a health slot, and return all Wounds (up to 3) from your Hunter card. A Hunter may only Heal 3 times in a turn (once all 3 spaces above the health slots on your Hunter card are full). Also, if your Hunter has activated their Ability this turn, 2 slots will be occupied with Stuns, meaning you can only Heal a maximum of once that turn. Dice on your Hunter card (Heals or Stuns) are considered unavailable for the rest of that turn.

7. If all of a Bounty's requirement spaces are occupied by matching dice, Capture that Bounty by returning those dice to the available pool, then placing the Bounty sideways next to your Hunter card. You gain any credit tokens on a Bounty card as soon as you Capture it (but not the credit value listed on its card). Captured Bounties are at risk until you Claim them.
NOTE: Whenever a Bounty is Captured, add a 1,000 credit token to each of the other active Bounties, to make them more attractive targets.
Before choosing to Claim your Captured Bounties, draw a new card from the Bounty deck to refresh the active Bounties to 3. Any Events drawn are actioned immediately and either discarded, attached to a Bounty or placed to the side of the 3 active Bounties to denote an ongoing effect (until that effect expires, when the Event is then discarded).
Now you may Claim Captured Bounties by choosing to end your turn, turning as many of your Captured Bounties as you wish into the Claimed position, and proceeding to step 8. You do not have to Claim any of your Captured Bounties, but generally there is no reason not to Claim all of them when you choose to end your turn, since once a Bounty is Claimed, you cannot lose it via any manner. (However, if playing with the Tools of the Trade expansion, any Captured Bounties you choose not to Claim you can instead elect to Cash In, discarding Bounties in exchange for their total credit value at the end of your turn – see step 8.)
Otherwise, your Bounties remain Captured (at risk) and you proceed to step 1, continuing your turn. All unavailable dice remain unavailable to you – you will not re-roll any Misses, nor any dice on your Hunter card, nor any on an active Bounty.

8. Pass ALL dice to the next player, including all Misses, any on the current Bounty, and any on your Hunter card.
If playing with the Tools of the Trade expansion, choose any number of Captured Bounties next to your Hunter card to Cash In. To Cash In a Bounty, discard the Bounty card and receive credit tokens in return, to the sum of their printed credit values. Cashing In Bounties means you will not score their Fame, but you now have stacks of cash to buy Items with! You may also hedge your bets by leaving a Bounty Captured until the end of your next turn, when you can again choose to either Claim or Cash In that Bounty – but be warned, Captured Bounties remain at risk until Claimed!
SHOP PHASE: If playing with Tools of the Trade expansion, you may now elect to buy up to 1 Item from the 3 available, paying the credit value listed on its card from your personal supply. Draw new Item cards to refresh the available supply back to 3.

If the Bounty deck ever runs out before the end of the game, shuffle all discarded Bounties to form a new Bounty deck. If this is not possible, the game is over once that round finished, or the last active Bounty has been Claimed (whichever happens first).
If playing with the Tools of the Trade expansion and the Item deck ever runs out, shuffle all discarded Items to form a new Item deck. If that's not possible, tough luck Hunters!

Item Ability Clarifications
Molecular Randomizer: Discard one of the three active Bounties (that doesn't currently have any dice on it) and replace it with a new one from the top of the Bounty deck. Normal Event rules apply.

Implanted Virus: Cannot be played on a player's first roll of their turn. Allows the affected player to proceed through the remaining steps of their turn, but they must elect to end their turn in step 7 (giving them a chance to see how their last roll played out, and Capture any Bounty they may be currently fighting). Hunter and Item Abilities may still be used to modify or re-roll dice, as long as all the normal Hunter Ability requirements are met.

Hunter abilities may be used once per turn, but to do so, put 2 Stuns from the available pool of dice onto your Hunter card.
These Stuns occupy 2 of your potential 3 Heal slots, meaning:
•you can only use your Hunter Ability if you've Healed 0 or 1 times this turn;
•using your Hunter Ability means you can only Heal a maximum of 1 time in total that turn;
•these 2 Stun dice remain on your Hunter card until the end of your turn, removing them from the pool of dice you have available to hunt with.
You can still choose to use your Hunter Ability at any time during your own turn, as long as there are at least two unallocated Stun dice available, and space on your Hunter card.

Hunter Ability Clarifications
Admiral Attus: Using this Ability guarantees you can Claim 1 of your Captured Bounties, regardless of what happens next. This includes if you Capture a Bounty and receive too many Wounds to continue in the same roll (which would ordinarily force you to discard that Claimed Bounty). In this way, Attus makes preparations to take down something valuable without the risk of losing everything. As long as you have space on your Hunter card to allocate 2 Stun dice (you've only Healed 0 or 1 times), you can use this at any time on your turn to put the Ability in the bank for the end of your turn.

Bal 'Ondarr: Although rolling 1 Heal is just as likely as 2 Stuns, (and the former only uses 1 Heal slot rather than 2) this Ability provides two unique benefits. Firstly, Bal 'Ondarr knows that as long as he gets either 1 Heal or 2 Stuns, he can Heal – a net increase to his overall chances to Heal. Secondly, the order of operations creates an interesting way to play Bal 'Ondarr – he doesn't need to worry too much about Wounds on his Hunter card, since he may activate his Ability before applying new Wounds (but before being able to Heal normally). E.g. if he has 3 Wounds on his Hunter card, and then rolls 3 Wounds and 2 Stuns, he may put the 2 Stuns on his Hunter card to Heal his 3 Wounds, then take the new 3 Wounds – effectively forestalling certain death!

Gus: This Ability is a little more situational now, but still quite strong in the right circumstances. As long as Gus has 3 spaces for dice available in his Heal slots, he may turn a situation that would outright kill another Hunter into a narrow escape. For instance, if he has no Wounds on his Hunter card and rolls 4 Wounds and at least 2 Stuns, he puts the 2 Stuns on his Hunter card to turn 1 Would into a Heal, takes the 3 Wounds into his Hunter card, then puts the new 1 Heal die onto his Hunter card to Heal the 3 Wounds. (Similarly, if he already has 1 Heal and 2 Wounds on his Hunter card and rolls 2 Wounds and 2 Stuns, he can use the 2 Stuns to turn 1 Wound to 1 Heal, take the other 1 Wound and decide to end his turn.) Using Gus's Ability to Heal therefore always uses all 3 of his Heal slots, but it may also be used just to modify a die.

Hank Frisco: If another player makes the mistake of saying anything about your chances of success (including broad statements like "it's impossible!" or "you should keep going!") and you have at least 2 Stuns in your available pool of Dice, activate your Ability by taking 2 Stuns and putting them on your Hunter card, then re-rolling any number of available dice.

Madelynn: To prevent this Ability becoming a win-more trait, you may only re-roll any number of available dice less than or equal to the Fame value of your currently Captured Bounties. Claimed Bounties therefore do not count towards this number.
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