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The Cadre Fireblade and Commander Shadowsun can also be integrated into a Tau force (NOT The Eight, as they are a faction of their own, although being Tau!).

So you now have plenty of ways to vary your Tau force:

a) You can play it in the basic way with a Commander (buff-, or fight-setup), a team of Stealth Suits, a team of Firewarriors and three teams of deepstriking Crisis Suits.

b) You can always substitute one or several of the Crisis teams with medium heavy or heavy Battlesuit(s)

c) You can replace the Firewarriors and form one permanent team of a Commander along with two Crisis Suits

d) You can play with up to two teams of Firewarriors including a Cadre Fireblade

e) Instead of a Battlesuit Commander you can include Commander Shadowsun along with a second team of Stealth Suits.

Considering the fact that you can swap different kinds of units, there are even more possibilities to play the Tau force as you will find out.

For weapon stats and description of equipment that is not explained here, please refer to the basic Tau rules for Deathwatch Overkill.

1.Cadre Fireblade:

Instead of the Stealth Suit team, the Tau Commander may decide to take a Cadre Fireblade and a 2nd team of Fire Warriors into battle.

Armament: Pulse Rifle
Equipment: One Markerlight
Life points: 2
Movement: 2
Special rules: For the Greater Good, Storm of Fire, Sworn Protectors
To hit rolls: Maximum-assault distance: 3+

-For the Greater Good: Fire Warriors in a ZONE in ASSAULT distance to the Cadre Fireblade may conduct overwatch fire aginst models attacking them from ASSAULT range. Each Fire Warrior may only overwatch fire ONCE during the StealersĀ“attacking phase. Overwatch Fire only hits on a 6+.

-Storm of Fire: Fire Warriors in a ZONE in ASSAULT distance to the Cadre Fireblade may add ONE die per Firewarrior during both Tau attack phases, when they attack from COMBAT-, or ASSAULT-distance, IF they havenĀ“t moved in their movement phase

-Sworn Protectors: The Cadre Fireblade can only be target to a direct attack from any distance, if there are no Firrewarriors in his zone. Only if the player deliberately decides to let the Cadre Fireblade take a wound, he will be directly wounded.

2.Commander Shadowsun:

Instead of a Battlesuit Commander, you can also take Commander Shadowsun as the leader of your force along with a 2nd Stealth Suit team.

Armament: Two Fusion Blasters
Equipment: Command-Link Drone, MV52 Shield Generator Drone, XV22 Stealth Suit
Life points: 2
Movement: 2+ Battlesuit movement.
Special rules: Infiltrator, a Shadow that walks amongst us
To hit rolls: Maximum-assault distance: 3+

-XV22 Stealth Suit: Confers a 3+ save and a 4++ against cleave attacks.

-Command Link Drone: At the start of each Tau attacking phase nominate one zone up to COMBAT distance. All models within this zone may reroll to hit rolls of 1.

-XV52 Shield Drone: Confers a 3++ vs cleave/AP- attacks to the ZONE, that Commander Shadowsun is in.

-Infiltrator: This special rule is only in effect, when Commander Shadowsun and a team of Stealth Suits would be deployed together in one zone. Instead of deploying them normally within their respective deployment zone, you can keep the Stealth team and Shadowsun in reserves and deploy them during the movement phase of ANY of your turns up to combat range to any Stealer models.

-A ghost that walks amongst us: While being in one zone with a team of Stealth Suits, Commander Shadowsun and the Stealth team may overcharge their Stealth Suits and disappear completely, so that it is impossible for the opponent to attack them. To represent this ability you can take Commander Shadowsun and a Stealth team in the same zone off the board in any phase of the turn.You can redeploy them in any of your phases of one of the following turns, but not closer than up to COMBAT distance to any Stealer model. You can use this ability ONCE per mission.
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