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And so it begins...
I just completed a CEO game, featuring U.N cosmonauts. After a pretty standard beginning, aiming for Mars then buggy claming all the planetary sites, a lucky roll on Deimos after a failed prospect on Phobos opened the way for the Space Elevator (C venture), connecting the industrial colony on Arsia Mons to Phobos.

The next step was to bring the promoted bernal to low martian orbit, so it could ET produce several nifty upgrades: ion drive, ultracold neutrons, three different generators and the nanobots. The progress was way ahead of the expectations of the UN council, so I could safely plan the next step.

After equipping the rocket and returning to LEO and boosting a refinery and a new crew, the next step was a tentative prospect at the science D site Elatus, not too far from Mars and Chiron. Thanks to the buggy robonaut, the centaur asteroid was sucessfully industrialized. Before researching and ET producing a D refinery and reactor, the light rocket returned to Mars and towed the Bernal to the hazardous orbit of Elatus and the Lab was created.

A quick expedition back to Earth was made to recruit the Svalbart Caretakers, which were the promoted to the Cryo Librarians (*** also, doomsayer of the gods and king of the gods glory achieved ***). The terran governments suffered a shock when, after the promotion of advanced robotic crew and the mighty KESTS freighter fleet, a consensus inside the U.N decided to give emancipation to the robots. Still, it was a golden age for the Earth, with a budget comfortable enough to boost an Ersatz bernal on HEO.

However, even during these thriving times of prosperity and freedom, thoughts of rebellious secession surged in the minds of human and robot alike. The heavy water survivalists gave way to the New Attica Secessionists, desiring freedom from Earth. Likewise, the evolution of the neumann turing robots made them consider part ways from humankind and seek the utopic singularity.

Nevertheless, both factions lacked numbers to achieve their dreams. There were no plans to launch more human colonists from Earth and the Cryo Librarians were simply not interested in separatism. Instead, they were focused in researching a project which would create a vault at the farthest reaches of the solay system, containing humanity's scientific and cultural legacy. In the robotic ranks, the frankenstein navigators could not deny their link to humans and were too fascinated with the time vault project to consider rebellion. *** In game terms, the revolutionary future required another human colonist while the von neuman demanded two emancipated robots at a D site and the frankenstein navigators would be needed elsewhere.***

The final grand mission for the space agency was the creation of an enduring time vault at the Kuiper belt, bringing the old U.N bernal and industrializing a viable TNO site. With the librarians studying viable sites, Plutino was a worthy choice, but was eventually turned down as it lacked nearby alternative sites in case the prospection failed. The lack of a strong thruster discouraged a trip to Quaoar, Haumea, Pluto or Charon. The Hiiaka asteroid's composition offered little strategic value. At the end, it was decided the optimal course was the prospection of the Cubewano asteroids (Teharonhiawako and/or Sawiakera).

So the bernal parted, along the U.N legacy crew, the cryo librarians and the frankenstein navigators, plus the necessary technology for industrialization and the supports for an independent ion drive. The attican humans and the neumann robots elected to stay behind with the freighter fleet, orbiting Elatus. The librarians and the robotic navigators paid them little mind, reasoning they were content with the autonomy left to them. However, they did not suspect both rebelious factions - humans and robots - decided to join forces and achieve both independence from Earth and abandon the solar system altogether through the creation of a beehive.

*** In game terms, I had the chance to achieve both the Time Vault future and also the Beehive freighter future. As a variation of the stated CEO rules, I consider you can fulfill both futures at once, if they were attempted at the same round and at different sites. However, both futures required an epic hazard roll and they could only be attempted after the industrialization of a TNO site. So, after making the final factory, there would be four possible outcomes:

A) Tragic ending - both hazard rolls failed: the rebels of Elatus die a catastrophic explosion while trying to change the factory into a starship. The scientific mission at the Kuiper belt suffers an unexpected disaster at the site, which destroys the lab, the vault and wrecks the bernal. The space agency is shut down after acusations of scandalous incompetence. Game over (not really, but I prefer to end the game with a bang instead of trying another strategy after so much time).

B) Death in TNO while the Beehive leaves the solar system: The first hazard roll at the Elatus centaur asteroid is sucessful, but the librarians fail to achieve their vault, bringing down the TNO factory, the bernal and the frankenstein navigators. Part of the U.N is appalled with the deaths at the kuiper asteroid and enraged with the departure of the human-robot rebel alliance, taking the Elatus asteroid with them. However, the idea of a viable starship making a permanent legacy outside the solar system is a tremendous achievement, even if the Earth has no control over it. Final score (Total VP vs VP requirement) : Good

C) The ruinous fate at the factory rebellion and the success of a timeless memorial of mankind: the epic hazard roll for the freighter beehive future is failed; the time vault future is successful. At first, the U.N is outraged with the rebellion and the utter unexpected destruction of their factory on Elatus. Part of the organization, however, is satisfied with the destruction of the human rebels and specially, the neumann robots. Later, news of the successful creation of a perpetual vault at a most remote colony of the solar system by human and artificial hands, is widely acclaimed by the agencies and governments of the Earth. The vault becomes the symbol of human and robotic cooperation and reinforces the validity of AI emancipation. Final score (Total VP vs VP requirement) : Good

D) Earth creates legacies at the end and outside the solar system: The beehive is completed and stuns the world with the radical departure of human rebels and robot radicals out of the system. While governments and the U.N itself condemn this act as an act of treason and piracy, many consider the starship a turning point on history, where mankind and free-thinking robots leave the cradle of the solar system. Not much time after this, the Earth receives news from a distant site far beyond Neptune, which was colonized and is home for thousand of humans from their original space station. The contribution made by the robotic Frankenstein navigators in finding and reaching the site is widely documented, making them invaluable allies and trustworthy partners in the eyes of the public. Both achievements mark a new era of mankind and robots.
Final score (Total VP vs VP requirement) : Excellent ***

The bernal finally reached the orbit of the Kubewano asteroids, and at first it tried to prospect Teharonhiawako, without success. So, the only other immediate site was nearby Sawiakera. This time, however, the bernal landed and a buggy prospect was made, with success. All was ready to build the Time Vault. Elsewhere, the transformation of the Elatus factory into a starship was nearing completion.

*** Now is the time for the first epic hazard roll, beginning with the beehive future. Rolling 1d6 = 1


Well, so much for complete success. The Elatus factory is destroyed and a human colonist is killed (+3 VP requirement, VP lost for a D science factory).

There are some rounds before the end of the solar cycle and I try the second future anytime. There is time enough to send the frankenstein navigators back to Earth and earn Father Sky and Search for KUDOS glories. I could save the epic roll after that. However, there would be no strategic impact if I made the roll earlier and altered the rules to end the game after the robots arrived on Earth. So, for a more interesting narrative I did just that. It would make more sense to have the robots knowing already of the Vault was successful prior to their arrival on Earth.

Rolling for the second future (Time Vault): 1d6 = 2


The U.N agency was still feeling the consequences of the destruction of the Elatus facility when the ersatz-bernal at HEO received contact of a fast approaching rocket making use of the jovian fly-by. The crew, the robotic navigators were shocked when they learned about the demise of the rebel colonists and destruction of the factory.

However, the news the robot brought to Earth equally astounded Earth: the vault was complete, and soon after the space station received transmissions from the Sawiakera asteroid, confirming the landing of the bernal there, the founding of a colony and the establishment of an enduring vault, manned by the librarians, containing humanity greatest' works. The transmissions confirmed the robots as esteemed ambassadors of the biggest and most successful project human and robots ever created.

The frankenstein navigators were hailed as heroes and symbols of the ultimate mission for the U.N and changed the minds of many xenophobic luddite humans who were pushing hard to reverse the robotic emancipation. To crown the glorious return of the crew, the navigators were named as speakers of the robotic people and were awarded the Nobel Prize of Peace and The Malcom Eklund Award for Excellence.

The end.
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