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Subject: A table space muncher that caught the heart of a long time MTG drafter rss

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Chun Ping
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Disclaimer: This is my first review and it's an attempt to get the cabbage promo. That said, i hope to value add to those who may be considering this game and have a similar taste with me

I have been wanting to trying this game for a long time, however, it only supports 4 players and my group is 5 pax, so it had sat on my wish list for a long time. That is until the latest kickstarter expansion promising a 5th player!

So i went out to buy the base game and happily backed the Grand Fair expansion.

Games played prior to review: 1 2p, 1 3p

This game is simple fun! It on the more casual side of games in my collection, but it’s satisfying as you are building your farm and optimizing. The base game feels a bit too basic though. I think attractions and competitions in the expansion will push it up for me.

My Feeling of the game:
It feels great seeing your farm expand and you maximize the end game scoring of your buildings. As I play and build, it felt great being to chain all the harvests together.

In a way, it reminds me a lot of 51st states and race for the galaxy.

one aspect i don’t like is that it feels pretty point salad. my 2 games, the winners are just within 5 points apart. the cards and scores and very much balanced, and it boils down to just a minor difference in efficiency. Now this isn’t a negative (for many, this is a great feature), but it’s not my preference. I like games where the good players can score way ahead of the others. (race for the galaxy does this well)

The table hog is real though! it take SOO much table space. i have no idea how to play a 5 players game in my small house when the expansion comes. if you have no space, pass on this game no matter how much you like it.

Overall, i think this is a solid game worthy of my collection.

Some thoughts on Gameplay & Mechanics:

I really like the way draft is handled. being a long time magic the gathering drafter, i really appreciate the twist FoG brings to the table.

Instead of drawing random hand of 6 cards, each person, in turn order, will draw their hand of 6 cards from among 4 piles of different locations (fields, livestock, construction, building). as each deck has the same overall function (example, all fields convert water to food. all livestock concerts food to gold), it gives the players huge control over what they will see in the drafting rounds. This is a really neat touch and makes it more interactive and strategic.

second, the spatial aspect of the game is really strong and fun! most cards depends on what’s near them to get bonuses or discounts. so as you build, you will be having a mini puzzle to plan and optimize your farm. and that’s the main joy in the game.

third, hate drafting is encouraged, as you can discard the card for many different actions. Unlike in 7 wonders, you don’t have to build the card you hate draft. Most of the time, you will be discarding cards for the other options. in this way, there’s a lot more interaction between players if everyone is paying attention.

fourth, the 2 player draft rule is a surprising hit! it’s even more strategic and interactive than the multiplayer rule. it’s an awesome design, and i may adapt it to my 2p magic the gathering draft in future.

I like FOG a lot from my 2 plays. i foresee getting a lot of enjoyment when the expansion comes (for now, i will print out those available modules)

It’s on the casual side of things as you can lose and still have a nice farm, so it’s a good family or newbie games.

with seasoned groups, the hate drafting and control of the drafting hand will make it a tight tactical battle to squeeze out that extra 5 points for the win.

Highly recommended!

Other games that I enjoy on the same level:
Race for the Galaxy
Through the ages
Carson City
Hansa Teutonica
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Scott Nelson
United States
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Through the Ages is on the same level as FOG?? I'm playing TTA with the wrong guys then. We hit the 3 hour mark easily, and brain burn getting there. A card draft appears a bit easier, no? devil
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