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3p game
On The Brink core materials + Virulent Strain with 4 Epidemic cards (easy mode?)

Me: Field Operative
p2: Dispatcher
p3: Troubleshooter

I would’ve liked to break out Mutation Strain, but I’ve never played it, and one of the other guys hasn’t played it in ages, and would have to reread the rules. That section is only 2 pages, but we just wanted to get started, so that was left out.

Game Highlights
Bunch of yellow was the concern. Dispatcher moved each of us around. I spent all 3 of my turns grabbing a yellow to put on my char card as per the Field Operative’s special ability. Troubleshooter went to Europe to take care of blue, via his special ability to Direct Flight there without discarding that card. Also was a bit annoyed I got the Event card that lets you remove 5 cubes of a disease you just cured, so long as they’re connected to each other. Seemed like a hand clogger that early in the game.

Just as I was ready to cure Yellow with my special (3 cubes on my char. Card + 3 yellow cards in my hand)...

Complex Molecular Structure
Yellow is designated the Virulent Strain, and great... I need one extra yellow card to cure yellow now :\ The extra yellow card was available, though now I need to wait another turn to pick it up and cure this

I use the Event card that removes the remaining 4 Yellow cubes from the board.
YELLOW eradicated!
Good morale boost to boot!

We managed to cure Red. I thought I’d be able to spam my ability again, but with no red of my own, it was more straightforward if p3/Troubleshooter did it.
Oh, and let’s make it official for this session report...

Then we get... Rate Effect – Draw +1 Infection card during that phase for the Virulent Strain.

Ditto here with blue and my ability. I managed to place 3 blue cubes on my character card, but another player beat me to curing it. No complaints here… except, the number of blue cubes in reserve was dangerously low (4 IIRC?). Luckily, the rules confirmed I do have the option to return those cubes to the reserves at any time, as opposed to only when I activate that ability for the cure.

Troubleshooter discarded the Event card that lets you switch roles midgame! wow That almost never happens!... except, taking in our situational awareness, no1 really needed to switch roles, so yeah, it did make sense

Government Interference – you need to treat a cube of the Virulent Strain (if there) on the turn you wish to leave the city you’re on

There was some “quarterbacking”, but TBH, I didn’t care. Part of why I enjoy fully-co-op games is to pool our minds to solve problems, and to “turn off my brain” (it was a long day). I did contribute that if the Troubleshooter wanted to treat an extra cube, he could use his ability to Direct Flight to that city in Europe, Treat, then discard that card while on that city to fly anywhere (Charter flight IIRC) to the next place.

Slippery Slope – Each Outbreak in the Virulent Strain increases the Outbreak Marker +2 instead of just +1

We had a 2-prong approach to curing black, the final disease... I was gathering up black cubes via my ability, while 1 of the other 2 was going “old school”, the only way they could. They were set to cure it, but something came up that had to leave it to me instead (IIRC, needed to treat other cubes that were in danger of Outbreaking). At least he had a contingency plan, and that I got to use my ability twice cool

Post game
-Game took about 1hr 45 minutes
-It was actually kinda close, as there were only (IIRC) 2 to 3 cards left in the player card deck! wow We got ‘dumb lucky’ with the rest of the Virulent Strain effects being harmless! Speaking of which...
-We were also lucky that the Virulent Strain effect that undoes eradication of a disease never came into play, as we got to ignore no small amount of yellow cube placements, never mind the other VS Epidemic effects!
-Also a boon that we got to eradicate Yellow without sinking extra actions into doing so!

EDIT: added extra bit with the Event card that lets you change roles.
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