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Matthew Byrne
United Kingdom
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I have had the game a couple of months and have played it several times and have really enjoyed it.

Just after some clarification on some of the rules and card tules.

1.Effect stacking

Captain of the Ship 2 Att (Leadership +2 Att)

My understanding is if I play 3 of these in a turn I would get 10 attack points rather than 18 (i.e. 2, then 2 + 2 and then 2 + 2 +2
rathe than (2x3) x3).

Is this right?

2.Aliens Objective 2 Sentry Guns

Once objective 2 is complete do the sentry guns stay in play. I presume they do as it doesn't say to discard them.

3.Alien 3 - Hazard 1 - Shuffle 3 Facehuggers into Barracks

Do these go infront of the active player as soon as it is revealed in the HQ?

4.Alien 3 Enemy - Xenomorph Runner - Complex - At the start of each players turn, after the hive phase, move this alien one space to the left.

Is this to an empty space or does this push all enemies to the left if there is a hidden enemy.

Also, if there is 2 Xenomorph Runners in play, is there a priority order for actions of revealed cards in the complex or does the player just choose the order.

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Max Jansson
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1) First card 2, second card 2 + 2 and third card 2 + 2. All together is 10 so yes you are right, but your example doesnt add up.

2) Sentry Guns stay in play.

3) The player who reveals the facehugger immediately places it in front of them self. This makes it more safe to recruit before attacking when the facehuggers are in the pile.

4) Runners will move one space regardles if there are are cards or not in the way, regular rules apply (push, enter combat zone, etc).
I do believe they all move at the same time, easy way to do this is activate them from oldest to newest (left to right) if ypu went from right to left you could be swarmed pretty readily if you have more than one runner revealed.

Seems like you already played all of these situations correct. Happy gaming!
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