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Subject: Totalcon Gran Tour rss

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Lawrence Whalen
United States
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The time has finally arrived and the teams are gathering for the First Totalcon Gran Tour. At the first table you find the High Rollers in black, Lost Cyclists in blue, Green Hornets in green, the Cheetahs in red and finally Thighs of Steel in white.

The second table features Ichidenida in black, Huff & Puff in blue, the Grenadiers in green, Naked Mole Rats in pink, Les Flambeaux in red and the Warriors in white.

The early breakway features the Cheetah and Lost Cyclists roulers on table 1 with Huff & Puff and Les Flambeaux breaking out on table 2. Then they’re off leaping into an early lead on the approach to the cobblestones is the Huff & Puff rouler followed closely by the Cheetah rouler, Les Flambeaux rouler riding along with the Lost Cyclists rouler.

They fly through the cobblestones with the Cheetah rouler edging into the lead, the Lost Cyclists rouler holds tightly to the rear wheel with the Naked Mole Rats Rouler right behind the Peloton behind them is closely bunched with little separation so far.

The end of the cobblestones edges into a sharp turn followed by a small downhill and here we start to see a little change in the riding strategies. The Cheetah rouler still setting the pace races up to the edge of the hill, but the Lost Cyclists and and Naked Mole Rats ease their pace allowing the Thighs of Steels riders to pass them by and the Green Hornets Rouler also edges by them. Table 2 seems to be easing their pace possibly for a fast close.

Now the peloton comes to a crawl as the riders all edge up to the end of the hill looking to get some rest here before the next leg. The Cheetah rouler is still setting the pace, but now everyone is crowded in on top of her.

The entry to the first hill sees the peloton spread a little with the Naked Mole Rats Sprinter edging into the lead at the base of the ascent. The balance of the peloton spreads as they ready for the climb.

The meat of the hill sees the Warriors and Thighs of Steel Sprinteurs take the lead while the peloton following starts breaking up into two distinct groups. One at the base of the hill and one that is well into the hill and will be surging out shortly.

What a surge it is as the Naked Mole Rats sprinteur leaps to the front, flying down the hill and into the flat. The Thighs of Steel riders pursue, but are left on the downslope with some riders from the Highr Rollers and Green Hornets. This looks like an early push to create space to tire the other riders.

The Naked Mole Rats go all in as their sprinteur races into the cobblestones with the rouleur trying to make up time. Huff & Puff’s sprinteur is now making a move with the Thighs of Steel still holding a good position working together behind Green Hornet’s rouleur.

Unfortunately for the Naked Mole Rats, the cobblestones prove to be their undoing. First the Green Hornet rouleur leaps ahead pursued by the Thighs of Steel team still working together, right with them is the Huff & Puff rouleur. The peloton is breaking up as they race for the finish.

The Green Hornet rouler and Thighs of Steel team cross the finish line neck and neckm but the Huff & Puff rider, along with the Naked Mole Rats slow down and while the Warriors and Ichidenida rouelers make their move. This stage now comes to a close with the team standings as such.

Team Points
Lost Cyclists 3
The Warriors 3
Thighs of Steel 3
Ichidenida 2
Huff & Puff 1
Green Hornets
High Rollers
Les Flambeaux
Naked Mole Rats
The Grenadiers

The stage winner and at this time the rider with the Yellow jersey is the Green Hornets Roueler. The overall time standings reflect how many cards it took them to finish the track, for example the lead rider used 13 cards so it shows as 13 minutes. This helped differentiate the different tables below the overall time for the first rider is how far back each other rider is, here are the overall time standings:

Green Hornets Green R 0:13:40
Thighs of Steel White R 00:00
High Rollers Black R 00:10
Thighs of Steel White S 00:10
Lost Cyclists Blue R 00:30
The Warriors White R 01:10
Ichidenida Black R 01:10
Huff & Puff Blue R 01:30
The Grenadiers Green S 01:40
The Grenadiers Green R 01:50
Naked Mole Rats Pink R 01:50
Les Fambeaux Red S 02:00
Lost Cyclists Blue S 02:10
Huff & Puff Blue S 02:10
Ichidenida Black S 02:10
The Warriors White S 03:00
Cheetahs Red R 03:10
Naked Mole Rats Pink S 03:10
Les Fambeaux Red R 03:10
Green Hornets Green S 04:00
High Rollers Black s 05:10
Cheetahs Red S 07:00

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