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Subject: Tub O' Lard - Mission 165 - Munich Germany rss

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Bryan Laird
United States
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B-17 Name: Tub O' Lard II
Commander: CAPT Thomas A. Lard
Squadron Assigned: 78th Squadron
Squadron: Low
Position: Tail

TARGET: Munich, Germany - Marshalling Yard

(This Bomber 11)

Pos Rank Name Awards Total Missions Flown Previous Kills Kills this mission Disposition
Pilot CAPT Thomas A. Lard AM 14 --- ---
Co-Pilot 1LT Mark Peterson 11 --- ---
Bombardier 2LT Andrew Nimitz 2 0 ME-110 / FW-190
Navigator 2LT Peter Drake 2 0 Bf-109 RTD
Engineer 1SG Roger Daley AM 11 1 FW-190 x2
Radio Operator SGT Frank Clutterbuck AM / PH 10 1
Ball Gunner S/SGT William McPhee AM 11 2 Bf-109
PWG SGT Joseph Mabus AM 6 0 FW-190
SWG SGT William McBride PHx2 / AM 9 2 0
Tail Gunner SGT Wayne Simpson 2 1 Bf-109


Bf-109 FW-190 ME-110
Undamaged 0 1 0
Fighter Cover 0 2 0
FCA 0 0 0
FBOA 0 0 0
Destroyed 4 3 1

Bomb Run

B-17 Damage
Window 1/2
Superficial x10
Rubber Rafts
engine 4 Oil take leak - shut down zone 5
Port wing flap inoperable
Rudder 2/3
Starboard Aileron Inoperable
Port Wing Inboard Fuel Tank Leak
Port Wing Root 1/5

Peckham Points
140 - 2 Days Repair Time + 1 Day Ferry Time

SGT Clutterbuck to S/SGT

Alright the weather is supposed to be complete garbage today, but we will have PFF to bring us in. Nimitz and Drake, this is your first trip over the Alps, keep an eye out in the nose to make sure we don't have a face to face meeting with the mountains. McPhee, if a tree tickles your belly in the ball let me know to get some more altitude.

Zone 2
We were hit right out of the door, McPhee knocked down a 109, Simpson knocked down a second 109, but we missed a 110 which hit the Tub. One shell cracked the window in the pilot compartment, the other two hits were just superficial, one to the port wing, the other to the radio room. Then the 110 came around for a second pass, Nimitz let loose in the chin turrets and the 110 went down.

Zone 3
Nothing to Report

Zone 4
We saw a few fighters but they hit the formations in front of us.

Zone 5-6

Nothing to report

Zone 7

"Would you take a look at that, those flyboys seem to be zipping around a bit more aggressively than usual." (Random Event - Aggressive little friends)

In came the second wave, 3 FW-190's and a Bf-109, our friends drove off 2 of the 190's. Simpson and Clutterbuck missed the 109, while Daley flamed the 190. The 109, hit us, we lost our rubber rafts, engine 4 started leaking oil. we lost our port wing flap; took a superficial hit to the starboard wing, took a hit to the rudder, and a superficial hit to the nose. As the 109 came for a second pass, Daley missed, but Nimitz sent him to the silk.

We saw a third wave, but none came after the Tub.

Then the flak started. The flak missed us, and with the solid mark from the pathfinder, we got a good drop on target. Then we turned for home. the flak missed us, but there was a squadron of FW-190's waiting to ambush us as we flew past. We had no help from our friends, SGT Mabus got one of the 190's. McBride damaged another 190, but we did no more damage than that. Then the Tub screamed in agony as 8 more shells blew into the Tub. We took more superficial hits than we wanted to count, our rudder took another ding, we lost our starboard aileron, our port wing took a hit right at the root causing it to stress the metal, but the worst hit, would mean we would not make it back to Foggia, our Starboard Wing fuel tank was leaking fuel.

On the second pass, Drake flamed the 109, and Daley got a 190. One of the 190's missed the Tub and broke off, but the one shooting up our tail feathers kept scoring hits.

Nothing on the third pass.

Zone 6
Nothing to Report

Zone 5

The Tub O Lard breaks from formation and heads to Corsica.

Nothing to report

The landing was bumpy but the Tub set down safely. The crew was then ferried back to Foggia, but the Tub O Lard won't be ferried back until her repairs are done.

Capt Thomas A Lard; 509th Bombardment Group (H); 78th Bombardment Squadron; Tub O' Lard; Pilot; Commanding

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