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Subject: Automate second player deck for solo play rss

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The following is an attempt I have to create an automate deck that act like a second player.

Simulate Village behaviour that
* Buy hero
* Upgrade hero
* Buy weapon/spell/item

Simulate Dungeon behaviour that
* Fewer dungeon run at the beginning of the game
* Slowly progress to higher level dungeon
* Do dungeon run more often during late game

1 Setup the game board the same way. If possible, put item/weapon/spell with no experience point in the any spot.
2. Get a second player start deck, set aside 2 lantern and 2 thunderstone, we will use them later.
3. put 1 copy of each level 1 hero into the player deck created in step 2, this will form the starter automate deck.
4. Shuffle the automate deck.
5. Give each weapon, spell and item a number (1-6), ignore card on the any market place.

Start your turn as usual. When it's the automate deck turn, roll 1D6 and discard number of card based on the dice roll, do one of the following based on the last discard card.

level 0 adventure: Put a copy of the marketplace item into the automate deck discard pile based on the dice roll. This simulate a Village phase taken by the automate deck

Level 1 and Level 2 Hero: Upgrade the hero to the next level, put it into the automate deck discard pile. Also put a second copy of the lowest level of the hero into the discard pile as well. This simulate Village phase where the automate deck buy a hero and upgrade a hero.

Level 3 hero: Put a monster in the dungeon into your deck base on the dice roll, 1 = level 1 monster on left, 2 = level 1 monster on right, 3 = level 2 monster on left and so on. This simulate the automate deck draw a level 3 hero and go to the dungeon.

Dagger: Put the left level 1 dungeon monster into automate deck discard pile when you roll odd number, otherwise, the right hand side level 1 dungeon monster. The automate deck kill the level 1 monster!

Lantern: Put the left level 2 dungeon monster into automate deck discard pile when you roll odd number, otherwise, the right hand side level 2 dungeon monster. The automate deck kill the level 2 monster!

Thunderstone: Put the left level 3 dungeon monster into automate deck discard pile when you roll odd number, otherwise, the right hand side level e dungeon monster. The automate deck kill the level e monster!

Monster: Kill a dungeon monster with the same level of the draw monster. Odd dice roll = left, Even dice roll = right

Weapon/Spell/Item: Keep drawing until one of the above card, trigger that card actions.

Out of card: Shuffle all the discard card and form a new deck, add 1 copy of Lantern if it's available, otherwise, add a thunderstone card. If you out of both, don't add any card

When the Guardian shows up, the automate deck takes one extra turn and act based on the above rules.

End Game
The automate deck calculate point by summing all the point values from card in it's deck included monster. Also, each monster add extra 5 point to the calculations.

I had play test a few games with this setup and here are some of the ting I notices
* The setup play best when the market place is using Epic setup because the Any slot don't have a card most of the time.
* It's harder to plan for a guardian phase since the automated deck may review the last key.
* Later in game, some of the level hero will not be available for upgrade because the automate deck also upgrading and buying the hero.

Something to consider
* Still need to find a better way to calculate automate deck points, I am actually thinking you lost the game if automate deck kill more monster then you
* If you run out of lantern an thunderstone card when you shuffle the deck, may be add the festering wound card is another options. When automate deck draw this card, it act like a level 3 hero and attack the dungeon based on dice roll.

Feel free to give me comment, I am still in search for the best solo experiences!
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Drake Coker
United States
San Diego
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This is my tank for Combat Commander
Looks pretty nice. I'll give this a try.
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