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Mark Jackson
United States
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Am I a man or am I a muppet? If I'm a muppet then I'm a very manly muppet!
translated by Marianna

Squirrel Gang

In the middle of the forest, third oak on the left, there lives a group of industrious squirrels. During the summer they have nothing but nonsense on their minds. But in the fall, they start collecting nuts to store in their hollow tree trunks - a proper supply for winter. And so they won't get bored, they turn this into a race.

- board with squirrel's clearing
- 12 tree trunks
- 12 dice
- 4 squirrels
- rules

Game Preparation
- Place the board in the middle of the table.
- Each player selects a squirrel and places it on the start & finish space of the corresponding color on the board.
- Each player then receives 3 tree trunks & 3 dice. These are placed on the player's side next to the board.
- Let's go! The first player is the one who explains the game to the others. Each subsequent game is started by the player who won the last game.

Playing the Game
The race starts and is played over several rounds. The squirrel who hoards the most nuts in their trees wins the round and is allowed to move forward - all others have to go back. Then the next player clockwise starts a round... and so forth.

A round starts with all players simultaneously throwing their dice into their trees. One die per tree. The starting player then lifts one of their trees so that all players can see the number on the die. The number of the die determines how many nuts the squirrel has collected so far. Clockwise, the other players do the same. After each player has revealed a die, it is time to decide to go on or to pass; for example, if you have a feeling that you have less nuts than the other players you might want to stop here. If you want to stop, you announce it to the others, then your squirrel stays put where it is - the round is finished for that player.

The players still in the game now lift another tree and show their second die roll. Again, each player has to decide if they want to pass & stop. If they do, they will announce this, but they also have to move their squirrel back two spaces.

The players remaining in the game now lift their third tree & show the number on the third die.

At this point, when all three trees have been lifted, the round is over. The winner is the player with the highest total dice rolls (the dice are added together).

The winner moves their squirrel seven spaces forward; the others still in the game move their squirrel(s) back four spaces.

Triples, (for example: three 1's) beat any other number. (Example: three 1's beats a total of 17.) If several players have triples, the player with the highest triple wins. Several players could win if they all have the highest triple.)

Note: it could happen that a player wins a round without lifting their 2nd or 3rd tree because the other players already gave up after looking in their first tree.

Game Tip
Just like in poker, you'll have to be able to bluff if you are totally sure about what you are doing in order to get others to pass. Your chances of winning increase with each player passing.

Game End
As soon as one player reaches the starting space or a space beyond it, s/he wins. You have to move once around the board, though. At this point you can either play on and see who places second, third & fourth, or just start another game.
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