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Erik Miller
United States
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The Scimitar, the fearsome Reman warbird from the deservingly-ragged on film Nemesis. So many things were crazy with that movie, but this ship was definitely cool. It could fire while cloaked, took down the Enterprise-E and 2 Romulan Valdores, and had a crazy doomsday weapon on it. It also survived being rammed be the Enterprise as well, and was finally blown up when it was boarded. Either way, the ship was sweet in the movie, and was a formidable force. Costing $15 and coming with the ship, base/stand, and 15 (!) upgrades, is this expansion worth it, or is it better off alone? Additionally, as a side point, this was also done was a repaint, and it looks fantastic.

Here's a picture of everything in the pack (the mini is the non-repaint one) thanks to Rizban

The Scimitar costs 38 points and is a 6 attack, 2 evade, 7 hull, 4 shield beast with a full Romulan action bar (evade, target lock, cloak, sensor echo) and a 90 forward/rear firing arc. It has 1 crew, 2 weapon, and 2 tech upgrade slots, and has an interesting maneuver dial. Straights at 1-6 (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), a white 3 turn, and a red comeabout 4. The named ability is that, after you attack while cloaked, you may place an aux power by your ship to now flip over your cloaked token to its red side. The generic costs 36 points and loses 1 shield and 1 tech upgrade slot. All right, this ship is a beast for the Romulans. It can hit hard, its named ability is fantastic, especially if you can combo it with a way to remove aux power (not too hard), and it can survive a lot of hits, with 5 evade dice to keep it going any longer. The weirdest part about the entire ship is that it flies WEIRD. You don’t have a ton of turning options, so with your limited firing arc you’re going to have to either cloak and turn (and do your comeabout and not attack that round if you want to stay cloaked) or use a ton of sensor echoes to help with positioning. You can use your 6 straight to get out of the way and give yourself time to turn, but it just flies weird so be prepared for that! All in all, this is a great ship that can be a real beast to deal with, fun to fly, and do some serious damage. I always run the named over the generic because the ability is amazing and definitely worth the +2 points, plus the extra tech slot/shield are handy as well.

There are 2 captains and 1 admiral/captain besides the generic in this expansion. The admiral is the Hiren, the praetor of the Romulan Star Empire who was killed by Shinzon in the Senate so he could take over. He is a 1 point admiral with +1 to captain skill and action: disable 1 crew upgrade for +1 attack die this round. As a captain, he has the same ability and is a 2 skill captain. Unless you really want +1 to your captain, he totally sucks and is terrible. His fleet action/action is awful (spend 2 actions for +1 attack die, since you have to reenable your crew? Terrible) and he is better left off alone. Unless you really want +1 for some reason, pass, pass, and pass again.

Shinzon is a 6 point, 9 skill captain with an elite talent slot and, during the gather forces part of setup, you may spend 4 SP to place up to 4 Romulan elite talents facedown next to him. They stay facedown until you decide to use them and then you pick 1, discard the other 3. He has great versatility and is an amazing captain, and his ability is really solid. You can customize at will, and even if you only pick 1 talent to put facedown, most Romulan talents are 5 points anyways so you save yourself 1 point. Either way, he is an amazing Romulan captain, and is definitely worth including in almost any fleet.

Viceroy is the last captain, and creepy guy who followed Shinzon around. A 3 point, 5 skill captain, you place 2 mission tokens on him during setup. During the Planning Phase, after all other ships have chosen maneuvers, you may discard 1 mission token to target a ship at range 1, look at their maneuver, and then select your maneuver. The other ship cannot change their maneuver. This is a cool, thematic ability, but it doesn’t work enough to make it worthwhile. I mean, he can read minds like a Betazed, so just make it an always on-ability and you have to put time tokens on him or something. Put 2 time tokens on him, or disable a shield, or something. It’s not a game-changing ability, by any means, but it’s great info to have. He’s a gimmick captain who doesn’t work enough to be great, just merely ok, and is overshadowed by a lot of other Romulan captains.

There are 3 elite talents in this pack. Attack Pattern Shinzon Theta is a 5 point discard that, when you deal damage during the deal damage step of the combat phase, you can discard to add 1 additional damage to the ship’s Shields (if possible) for every uncancelled crit result. This card looks interesting, sure, but a 5 point discard that may or may not be a huge benefit to you isn’t worth it. Maybe on a smaller ship, sure, or something, but I’d rather spend my 5 points elsewhere. If it was just each crit does 2 damage, that’s amazing, but the way the rules are written, you deal normal damage first, and then critical damage, so this card is USELESS if you roll a bunch of normal damage. All in all, this talent is a miss, especially on a 6 attack ship, and isn’t worth the 5 points. Doubling your crits one time? Awesome. Even saying “deal 1 additional normal damage for each critical hit you roll” would be amazing. This? Not great.

Full stop is a 3 point discard that, after you reveal your chosen maneuver, you may discard to ignore your maneuver and not move. You still can take an action. This card is great. It’s worth 3 points and, post the reverse course nerf, is one of the best movement talents in the game. This is definitely worth considering, especially on a big ship like this, when it can play a huge role in helping you get another round of attacking in (or avoid one, depending on what you need to do)!

Target Weapons System s is another 3 point discard that, if you hit an opponent’s Hull with a critical hit, you can discard to pull a “Munitions Failure” or a “Weapons Malfunction” damage card instead of drawing a random one. Those are decent cards to mess around with your opponents, but I’d rather just take my risk with the deck, to be honest. There are a lot worse cards (stunned helmsman, for instance) instead. I pass on this. Also, as a side, isn’t this an order? Why is it a discard? Can’t you just target them again????

There is one crew upgrade for this expansion- Reman Boarding Party, which costs 4 points. As an action, if your ship is not cloaked, disable all remaining shields and target a ship at range 1-2 that is not cloaked/has no active shields. Discard this card and disable ALL upgrades on the target ship. This is a solid card that can be used to deal some serious issues to a gimmicky ship. However, it sucks on the Scimitar since it’s whole thing revolves around being cloaked. Put these guys on a warbird or another secondary ship, and use them to slow down your opponent immensely. That’s perfect, and is a great use, but his big problem is what if your opponent doesn’t really run much? You are in trouble then.

There are 2 weapon upgrades in this expansion. Thalaron Weapon is a 10 point attack/discard range 2-3 with 10 attack dice. It can only be purchased for a Reman Warbird and, for each uncancelled hit/crit, discard 1 Captain or Crew card from the ship (opponent’s choice). Any additional damage after they are discarded is assigned as normal, max 5 damage. This card is amazingly expensive, but also amazingly useful. Strip your opponents best captain/crew? Check. Probably deal 5 damage as well? Check. 10 points though? Ouch. If you assign this to the Scimitar, you’re looking at a 48 point ship before even picking a captain. That’s a ton, and you have to see if you want to do this or not. You can never go wrong with taking care of someone’s captain, but is it worth 10 points to do so? That’s up to you and your build to decide.

The other weapon is Photon Torpedos, 6 points, 5 attack, range 2-3, +2 dice from a Reman Warbird, so you get to roll +1 attack die vs. the 6 you normally roll for 6 points and 2 actions (1 for TL, 1 to renable the card). Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, and pass again.

There are 2 tech upgrades. Secondary Shields is a 6 point upgrade that, at the start of the game, lets you place 3 shield tokens on it. During each End Phase, if you have less shields than your starting value (Active and/or Disabled), you may remove 1 shield token from here and place it on your ship. If cloaked, you can add it is a Disabled shield instead. Only works on a Reman warbird, but man is this fun. +3 shields is amazing, and you can choose when to add them and disabled/enabled, your preference. That’s great, and if you want to invest in keeping the Scimitar alive, this is a great upgrade to do so with. Priced perfectly, and a solid ability.

Improved Cloaking Device is a 5 point upgrade that, if you have the cloak action on your bar, lets you cloaked even if you have no active shields and/or if there is an aux power by your ship. +5 for anything that isn’t the Reman warbird, but totally worth it for the warbird since you can cloak attack away, even without shields. This is a great upgrade, and definitely makes the Scimitar more of a threat.

If you can’t tell, I love this ship. She’s a great ship to fly, and you definitely need one. It’s too expensive to fly 2 in a single fleet, and there’s nothing here that warrants needing more than 1. Either way, the Scimitar is a huge Romulan threat, is a blast to fly, and has solid upgrades pretty much all around. Shinzon is a good captain not on the warbird, since he costs a fortune, and you’re probably spending at least 5 points for the Improved Cloaking Device, if not 11 points to add Secondary Shields with it, so you’re already looking investing 53ish points in one ship with a captain on top of that, which also breaks the old 50 point limit rule, just FYI, so you have to make harder decisions there. The Scimitar is a hammer, nothing more, and a great hammer at it. Get it, you’ll love it, it’s a great ship and is a massive threat that the Romulans have, something they really needed.

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