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Subject: Even When Monty Goes on Holiday... - Turns 2 and 3 of Scenario 5.1 rss

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Monty here. I’m sure that everyone has read my previous session report (Link: ) where the allies followed my brilliant plan and started their drive to seize several bridges, take Arnhem, and force Germany to end the war by Christmas.

In order for my plan to work the Allies need to take bridges at 1) Son, 2) Veghel, 3) Grave, 4) Honinghutje or Hatert, 5) Nijmegen, and 6) Arnhem. Not a problem for XXX Corps and the British 1st Airborne. Ike has also assigned the American 82nd and 101st airborne to help out. We put them in the middle between the British troops to help protect them. Splendid fellows, lots of enthusiasm, but they don’t quite have the experience that the British troops have. We’ve been fighting Jerry since 1939, and are willing to share our knowledge with our American friends.

The previous session report was the first 1.5 turns (Turn 1, and Turn 2 allied movement.) The previous session saw the allies take bridges at 1) Son, 2) Veghel, 3) Grave, 4) Honignhutje, and 5) Arnhem. All that’s left is to is take the Nijmegen bridge, simply push XXX over the bridges, ask Hitler for the keys to Berlin, win the war, hold a parade, and write my memoirs. Very straightforward when you plan meticulously like I do.

I was called away to update Ike on progress, and so wasn’t able to be present for this session. However the other generals have things well in hand, took excellent pictures, and are executing my cunning plan which cannot fail.

Turn 2 – Allied Exploitation

XXX Corps pushes up through Einhoven during the allied exploitation phase. (Picture courtesy of Richard Diffenderfer.) XXX Corps sidesteps past the German penal unit in Eindhoven and continues along Hell’s Highway.

Turn 2 – German

3 SS Units pop up in the middle of the map which we were not expecting, and attack the 1st para landing zone. Aided by airstrikes they make things hot for the units holding the LZ, but ultimately are repulsed. The LZ stays in British hands. (Picture courtesy of Richard Diffenderfer.)

German 10th SS, Kampfgruppe Reinhold and Spindler units enter North of Arnhem. More important than the tanks, the 10th SS brings its artillery with them which will make things dificult for the 1st Airborne.

The German 59th division with artillery pushes onto the board from West of Eindhoven. That’s going to be an issue for XXX Corps.

Turn 3 - Allied

XXX Corps pushes through Eindhoven, over the Son, bridge and seizes the Veghel bridge where some impudent Germans have positioned themselves on the far side of the bridge. XXX Corps shall teach them a lesson, but this may put us slightly behind schedule. (Picture courtesy of Richard Diffenderfer)

101st Airborne is now linked up and able to draw supply from XXX which means that the artillery can fire without supply concerns, but if XXX gets cut off, so will the 101st.

One of the game specific rules is that there is a separate movement phase called "Road March" where nonstacked units on road hexes and not near enemy units (3 hex distance) can move an unlimited distance along the road. It sounds like Richard used Road March to zip a lot of the 101st division all over the map.

Note the German 59th Division entering from West of Eindhoven.

The 82nd tightens its grip on Nijmegen, but some German defenders continue to make it difficult to cross the bridges. It looks like one bridge is in American hands, and the second bridge is blown. (Picture courtesy of Richard Diffenderfer.)

The 1st Para continues to hold onto their LZ and defend the perimeter at Arnhem.

Well we resume it will be the German 3rd turn. I expect the German 59th division to make a strike to cut the road. These inconveniences are to be expected, but we have things well in hand.

Hopefully we'll have one of the people who was there chime in with more details.
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