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Last night we played my first WoW scenario, using the Famous Aces and Watch Your Back set. We had one "house rule" and kept our damage cards open, so that it would be easier to learn the special damages since the tow other players were playing the first time.

I controlled the British D.H.4 on a mission to bomb the German factory, another player played the supporting British Sopwith Camel and Belgian Hanriot and third player controlled all the German aircraft.

Both of our fighters charged the enemy straight ahead, with the Hanriot on the right hand side. I flew making a few stalls and keeping the bomber behind the fighters. The German planes attacked in the mid-air (=center of the playing area…), with the Albatros and Fokker firing the Hanriot and Halberstadt attacking the Sopwith Camel.

I managed to dodge the German planes from my left and made a bombing run towards the target. The Hanriot got shot multiple times and it’s engine started to fail, forcing the plane to stall every round. Sopwith Camel caught fire, but fortunately didn’t take any damage from it, but instead had three zero –damages!

The Germans took hits too. Both the Fokker and Albatros got hit in the rudder, forcing them to fly straight ahead. They had just taken Immelman turns and tried to catch my bomber before it accomplished it’s mission but due to those hits they never caught it, instead missing the D.H. 4 from it’s right hand side. The Halberstadt fired few hits against the bomber, but caused only four points of damage. D.H. 4’s tailgunner fired the German plane multiple times, but scored again only zeros.

We as the allied were sure of our victory, when something awful happened. Just on the turn my bomber released the bombs and flew towards the edge to escape, the Halberstadt fired upon the Sopwoth Camel that had already taken a few hits. Two cards, one of them an explosion. We thought that our two points for a successful bombing mission would be enough to win, and we had already headed toward the edge to safety, when Sopwith Camel got it’s lethal hits. Our points were reduced to one and the Germans’ had their points raised to two.

De Havilland was already too close to the edge to turn back and flew out. It had taken only a few hits and would have balanced the fight for us, but now the poor, already heavily damaged Hanriot was in the middle of three German fighters. Hanriot caught fire, and had already 12 points of damage. Things didn’t look good for us.

The Fokker made a quick Immelman, since it had been chasing the Sopwith Camel and turned against the Hanriot. Suddenly our luck changed. The Fokker made an illegal move, turning sharp to right straight after the Immelman! This move caused the Fokker to go down, giving us two points and taking the German score down to 1!

Now the Hanriot had to only escape fast. It had already taken a lot of damage, and was on fire. The Belgian plane was actually only one point away from destruction. It had now chance against the Halberstadt and Albatros, but only a few maneuvers away from board edge. The Albatros was too far away catch it, but the Halberstadt, flying on Hanriot’s left hand side, had still it’s chances. It made a quick turn to right, trying to get the Hanriot’s side on it’s target. Hanriot maneuvered slighty to the left and made a straight, narrowly escaping the Halberstadt! It was only one maneuver away from the board edge, still on fire…

Before the last turn, Hanriot took it’s last fire damage, counting on it’s good luck. Two former damage cards had been zeroes, and the last fire damage would be the only damage that the Hanriot would take before escaping. Card was turned, and… it was a two. Hanriot exploded from the excessive damage, crashing our hopes of victory and ending the game, since no more Allied planes were on the board.

We got 2 points from the unfortunate Fokker and 2 points from bombing. We lost two planes, so minus 2 from there. German player got 4 points for dropping two planes and minus one from it’s Fokker. The final score was 2 for us Allied players, 3 for Germans. Still, it was a really tight game and loads of fun. The scenario was, despite of the defeat, more interesting and more fun than mere dogfights. Next time; trenches, AA-guns and balloons…
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