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Spooky Castle is a kids game that parents won't mind playing with their kids. It isn't a kids game that adults will play without kids. The game is a cooperative game that uses a little bit of dexterity mixed with following directions.

My kids like the bossing the parents around part. There is a little frustration for them as they get those haunting ghosts and you can make it easier or harder as needed based on age and ability. My kids always are laughing and having a good time while playing.

The theme of ghosts are kept very much in the cartoon fashion and are not played for scares. Instead, it is very comical and kids of any age will not have a problem with this being too scary.

A game like this comes down to the components a lot of the time. If the components fail the game, the game just won't work. That isn't a problem here. This is a huge boon for the game and due to the fact everything works great the game really flies by. The game is timed but not in a bad way and it really adds tension to the game (otherwise you would just try till you won). You can make the time longer or shorter based on how long you want to play or the challenge you want for the kids.

Spooky Castle is a fun kids game, but it won't set the world on fire. It is so much better than those roll and move games that the stores are full of. Yet, it isn't one my kids request all the time. That could just be there preferred taste or the lack of a classic on our hands. With that said, this is one I do recommend to parents of smaller kids. I like the cooperative nature and the idea the kids are in charge when your eyes are covered and they are bossing you around. A huge plus is everyone is playing at the same time, but it can be everyone just shouting the same thing at the same time. It works fine with 2 players or more. Really, you can play with more than 4 if so desired and the game would work just fine.



The components are really good. Most kids games have terrible components, but this game is in usual Queen fashion and destroys what normal kids games bring to the table. You get a really nice egg timer. The mask has a great band on it so you can use it over and over again. The cardboard used is very good quality and will be able to be used a lot before wear can be seen. The magnetic wand is perfectly utilized during game play. I'm super impressed with this package.

Rule Book:

The rule book is pretty good for a children's game. There are plenty of pictures included in the book. The rules are presented in full color. The rules are simple enough for kids to be able to play on their own once they are taught the game.

Flow of the Game:

Players work together to beat the clock in successfully navigating the Spooky Ghost through all the quest cards.

The game is played using the game box. Each time you play, you place the board in the inside of the box (there is cardboard to keep it higher) and then you place the walls in the game board. You will also place 6 magic items on the board and 8 haunting ghost (these are placed in designated spots on the board).

On a turn, one player will put on the ghost mask which prevents that player from being able to see the board. They will take the ghost wand in their hand placing the magnetic side towards the board.

Then, one player will reveal the next quest card which shows two magic items. The blindfolded player will try to get the matching token to the safe spot without sight but by using the directions of the other players. If they attach any of the haunting ghosts, they must take the ghost to a starting spot and leave it there (once again using the directions given by the other players). In exchange, you flip over a tile of that color.

Players lose if they need to flip a colored tile and there are not any more or time runs out. There are also different difficulty levels.

Should I buy this game?:

This is a fun little kids game. It adds cooperative game play with pure silliness. This isn't a kids game that adults will sit around and play, but one that adults will not mind playing with their kids. This is more of a sometime game rather than something you will want to play all the time. I can recommend this for families with younger kids as it requires zero reading.

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