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Subject: Capacity, the King, is Dethroned rss

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Avri Balofsky
Beit Shemesh
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Capacity may be king, but today he took a beating. Sometimes he's just so big and full of himself he forgets to eat. Eating's important.

Players: Ari, Eli, Avri, PZ, Gavriel

Now this was perhaps our "Longest. Game. Ever." Seriously, we played this quite methodically and without any great rush. It took at least 3.5 hours to finish, the ending was quite exciting though. I don't remember a whole lot of detail from the game, but I'll do my best. I started out with the 7 plant, which I almost never do, but I was trying to bid it up and I got stuck with it. At least I convinced everybody else to stay out of oil for a while and not buy the 3. Ari got the 5, PZ got the 4, Eli got the 9, and Gavriel got the 8. We were once again playing on the US board with the South-West blocked off. The North-East got very crowded as Eli, Gavriel, and Ari all started there. I managed to start alone in the South-East, and PZ was in the Midwest. Ari and Gavriel got blocked off by Eli to the West and me to the South. A lot of good plants dropped early and everybody but PZ managed to pick up a high capacity plant before the market got clogged with plants nobody wanted.

Ari was the first to 7 cities, and I positioned myself to expand into the entire East coast first. After doing that though I stayed in first or second for the rest of the game... until the end. We all expanded up to about 10 cities and were hungrily watching the plant market for more capacity. On the third to last turn Ari and I had 13 capacity, and the others had about 10.

I could have ended the game, but I would have lost in money to Ari and come in second, so I waited.

The next turn everybody got to 13 capacity, except for PZ who was stuck at 10. Any of us could have ended the game, but whoever did would be short on cash. I had 134, Ari had about 129, Eli had 145 or so, and gavriel had 88. Nobody had enough to build the last connections and stay ahead. (Money was hidden of course, but we all estimated correctly that nobody was far enough enough to make the connections and stay ahead. We agreed to remember what was had on that turn for later so that we could compare and know).

This turn if I had ended it, I'd have come in third.

The last turn Step 3 finally occurred and the plant market had good plants for auction again. PZ outbid everybody for the first 7 capacity plant available, even though he wasn't really in the running capacity wise as he could only get to 15. Ari, Gavriel, and Eli each picked up 6 capacity plants to bring their total to 16. I picked up the only other available 7 plant at a price that may have been too high for me to purchase my cities and fuel, but got me to 17 capacity. I never got to find out of I had saved enough of my money though. Coal was in heavy use most of the game, and it was around midway full on the board. PZ, with the lowest capacity saw he didn't have a way to win, but he did have a way to place better than he would have. Eli saw that coal could be shorted and since he bought fuel before Ari or I did, he purposefully bought a more costly plant that ran coal instead of a cheaper oil plant so that he could short the markey. PZ bought 8 coal, and Eli bought 2 or 3 leaving only 3 more in the market. This wasn't enough for the 5 I needed to run my plants, but I did buy 2 more to run one of them and prevent Ari from running his. So Ari and I each had one plant that couldn't run and came in 5th and 4th. Eli had a pretty large cash lead on Gavriel having bought very few plants in total for the game, and won the game on the tiebreaks handily. PZ managed to come in third despite being low on capacity. It was a great endgame, but oh man was that a long game.

Final Score:
Eli 16 (+133), Gavriel 16 (+88), PZ 15, Avri 12, Ari 10
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