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Subject: ASL AP90 “Smashing the Hook” rss

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Eric Topp
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Rating: 60 – 40 % Pro-Japanese (if using ABS, bid J2)

Description: Japanese infantry defend a road through Burma from British infantry with armoured support

The Japanese MTR receives a -1 IFT DRM vs the Marmon-Herrington armoured cars and a -2 DRM vs the other AFVs (C1.55).

The Japanese are allowed one T-H Hero (G1.421) and one HIP squad (G1.631). The Japanese MTR has limited SMOKE. The Japanese INF Gun has limited WP.

Gurkhas are Stealthy unless Green (A25.43). The British MTR has limited Smoke. If placed by a Sapper, a DC will destroy a roadblock on a DR of six or less (B29.5).

Japanese Defence:
Place the Gun on the F6 hill to defend the south roadblock or in the rear to defend the north roadblock. Put the Gun and crew HIP (A12.34) in F7 facing G6 or H16 facing G15. Bore Sight (C6.4) G3 or E15.

If the Gun is not in H16, put the crew and MMG in H16. Bore Sight I12.

Defend the southern hill. Put a squad and MTR in a foxhole in G6. Bore Sight N6. Stack the 9-1 leader with a squad and LMG in a foxhole in F6.

Use the remaining units to cover the road and guard the flanks. Stack the 9-0 leader with a squad and LMG in a foxhole in L7. Place a Fire Lane (A9.22) to L3 if the British are moving down the road. Put a foxhole in K8. Put a squad in N8 and Q7. Put a HS in P5. Deploy (A25.61) the HIP squad. Put a HS in A7 and F16 HIP. As the British move up, these units should fall back towards the roadblocks. For example, A7 – B11 – C15, N8 – L9 – J9, Q7 – P11 – M13.

Use the Concealment counters to make Dummy stacks (A12.11) to make the east flank appear stronger. Put four “?” in B6 and three “?” in C8. During the RPh on turn 1, mark the Dummy stack in B6 with a Wall Advantage counter (B9.322). Use Assault Movement or move out of LOS to keep concealment (A12.14) so that the Dummies can be Sniper bait.

Put the Sniper in I13 where it is more likely to attack front-line units.

British Attack:
Put the Sniper close to the Japanese Sniper counter.

Send a platoon down each flank heading for the roadblocks. Deploy two 457 squads. Stack the 8-0 leader with two 457 squads and two 247 HS next to Q1. On turn 1, Double Time (A4.5) a HS to Q5 to draw fire then advance to Q6. The other units move to P3 then advance to P4. Aim to get to J9 by turn 4.

Put a 247 HS and a 228 crew with a DC next to A1. Double Time the HS to A5 to draw fire. Move the crew to A3 then advance to A4.

Stack the 8-1 leader with three 457 squads next to B0. Move the stack to B3 then advance to B4. On turn 2, attempt to Deploy (A1.31) another squad to scout ahead. Aim to get to E16 by turn 4.

Use the other units to attack in the centre. Put the Carrier A next to G1. On turn 1, drive to F4 or G5 to attack Japanese units on the hill. On turn 2, drive to H7 to attack Japanese units near the roadblock.

Stack the 9-1 leader with two 458 squads, two LMG, a 228 crew and a DC next to H0. Move the stack to H2. Advance the leader, a squad and LMG to G3. Advance the remaining squad and LMG to H3.

Put two 458 squads, two 247 HS, MTR and a Marmon-Herrington next to I1. Drive the armoured car to G3. When the Japanese have been driven from the hill, drive to G6. Double Time a HS to L5 using Road Bonus (B3.4) then advance to L6. Move a squad to L3 then advance to L4. Move the remaining infantry to I3. Advance a squad to I4. Advance the HS and MTR to J3.

Put the remaining vehicles behind I1. Drive the remaining Marmon-Herrington to H3. Later, drive to G5. Drive the IP Carriers to I4 and J3. On turn 2, drive to I7, J6 or L5 depending on where the Japanese are holding.
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