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Uncharted: The Board Game is a multiplayer game that has a solo variant (and other variants). Yet, the game plays in a format of multiplayer solitaire so a solo player may see this game as a solo game with a multiplayer variant. That makes the cup half full!

As a solo game, Uncharted works. It is a fun card game to go on adventures and search for treasures, but this really puts the focus on killing the enemies. The combat is heavy, because that is how you win the game. Yet, you have to adventure and search for treasure in order to "level up" and become more powerful.

The game includes a point system to gauge your final game to see if you are improving. There are better endings based on the amount of points you earn during the game. The game isn't hard to win on the easiest level, but it does become quite a bit harder by shifting which character you play.

The game is very flexible and it works as a solo experience. The game is on the lighter side so don't expect a deeper experience but that doesn't take away from the fun of the game. Fans of the IP/video game will likely enjoy this game more, but that is fair to say about most games based on an IP.

The big negative is that game may feel the same after a few plays. The game combats this will different characters the player can be and the different bosses included in the base game. Also, you won't use all the cards in every solo game which really shifts things up. I've seen this game as cheap as 7.99 recently, so for that price this game is a steal!



The majority of the bits are really just the cards. You get a few chits that are made of nice cardboard. The cards are nice with images from the game. The directions on the cards are easy to read and use. My set of cards are starting to bow a little bit, but your mileage may vary. Overall, I have very few complaints about the components. The board is not overly useful, but it is good quality and has a player aid printed on it.

Rule Book:

The rules for the solo game are listed in the back of the book. This assumes you know the regular rules and list the differences. It works and is rather clear.

Flow of the Game:

I am going to explain the flow of the game for the solo rules, but I will assume you know a little bit about playing the base game.

1. Set up: There are a few cards you will remove from the game. They do not work with the solo experience.

2. Choose a character: There is a list of characters based on how easy they are to win (Nathan Drake is the easiest and Karl Schafer is the hardest).

3. You will set up the deck of cards based on the instructions, but importantly the following is used in a solo game: 4 normal cards, 4 special cards and 1 Boss cards.

4. Game Ending:

A. You have 6 rounds to kill all the enemies.
B. If you lose if you die or if there is an enemy alive at the end of the 6th round.

How a Round Works:

1. Stand up all cards that you have used. You will also add cards to the round based on what round (1 card in the first three rounds and 2 cards in the last 3 rounds).

2. Action Phase: The player has two actions and may use the same action more than once.

3. Damage Phase: Enemies attack and the player can defend (this works the same as the multiplayer game).

* After defeating an enemy, draw 1 card from the special action deck and place the defeated enemy in the discard pile.

** Treasure cards: no VP is granted; no more than 2 treasures can be on the board at a single time.

Should I buy this game?:

As a solo experience, I would recommend this game to fans of the video game series. Fans of light games with an adventure theme will enjoy this game. If you do not mind games without miniatures then this may be the game for you.

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