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Subject: ZOOregatta - naval adventures with animals rss

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Alexandr Tykhenko
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Small captains of sailing ships are assigned a task of special importance: "To make a round-the-world trip and pick-up a collection of animals - one from each continent".

Initially, the map displays the animal tokens to the appropriate cells on continents where they live. These cells on each continent are marked with a red frame with the pictogram of the animal. The number of tokens of each animal must correspond to the number of participants in the regatta.

Then captains of ships determine the order of the turn and the port where the player will start the regatta and where he will return after a round-the-world travel with animals for the ZOO. Ports are marked on the map with a port icon. The order of the turn is determined by the roll of the die

Animals from the continent can be taken on board only if the ship has completed the move on the cell (hex) on which the animal token is lying. The player who takes the animal on board places him in the cabin of the ship. The cabins are filled with animals in order of priority, at first the cabin with the number 1, then with the number 2 and so on.

After the ship has collected a complete collection of animals, the captain must hurry to his home port. The winner is the player who will first bring his ship with a full collection of animals.

How do ships swim and shoot?

Raise the sails!

The range of the course of his boat each player determines each time before the move. How many points fell on the die, so many cells on the map player can overcome by his boat. The ship can move in any direction to one of the 6 neighboring cells. Moving to an adjacent cell and will be counted as a 1-cell move. This means that if the die has more than 1 point, the ship can move further to the next cells and so on until the points on the dice run out.
Where the boat can not move:
- a cell is occupied by another ship;
- a cell which the boat has just come;
- a cell is not marked on the map, like a sea.
All cells that can be used by players for movement are marked on the map with a blue border. Players can move accross cells where animals live, even if the animal has already been taken by another player from this cell and the ports.

You can not walk less and stop the boat without reaching the required number of points, even if this position is more convenient to the captain of the ship. And if you really want to sail in this cell, think about another route of movement.

On the map are special marine cells of 2 types, which have special rules of movement: currents and whirlpools.
Currents: the experienced captain can use currents for faster navigation through the sea. All currents are marked by arrows that indicate the direction of the current in this cell. The ship moves in the direction of the current if it has moved to the cell with the current. Moving with the current does not reduce the number of points of movement. In general, using the current captain can move his ship to additional cell.

Whirlpools: the risky captain can use the whirlpools to quickly overcome long distances. Whirlpool-cells are marked with a whirligig symbol with the number. There are 6 whirlpools on the map. To use the whirlpool, the captain must finish the move on a whirlpool cell and roll the die again. The number dropped on the dice will indicate the whirlpool where the ship throws out. The player moves his boat to a whirlpool cell with that number. What is the risk? Yes, the ship can throw out completely not at the point where the captain planned to get to.

Guns to battle!

Each player has 2 shots at the start in reserve. Shot tokens indicate the readiness for the battle. Shots are only two, so it's very important to use it at the right time versus the most dangerous opponent.
The player must complete his move on any adjacent cell with the opponent's ship for shooting. The player rolls a die to determine the results of shooting. The die indicates the cabin number of the oppenent's ship. If this cabin was empty - the shot was unsuccessful. If in the cabin with this number there is an animal, it returns to the continent. In any case, the shot is considered used and one shot token removes from the ship's card of the fired player. Of course, a successful shot significantly improves the chances of winning. The player will be forced to return for this animal again, while losing time. Obviously, the chances of a successful shot are significantly higher if the opponent has already collected a large collection of animals for the zoo, so carefully follow the successes of rivals and attack them, only after carefully weighing everything.
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