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I think the premise says it all with Moongha Invaders Two Player: The A Team is already dead, Monsters and Aliens are rampaging through the city, and The B Team is all that’s left to stop them...sorry humanity!

Moongha Invaders Two Players, if you don’t know, is a stand-alone game contained within Martin Wallace’s Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists & Atomic Monsters attack the Earth! That was released when Martin Wallace took his I believe first ever foray into the frustrating world of Kickstarter. The project took much longer than anticipated with problems coming from the plastic miniatures Martin Wallace is not known for. Let’s just say the production quality went up 100% from normal cardboard and wooden pieces (regardless, I love his games!).

The playing field is basically a symetrical city with buildings scattered. Unknown weapons are hidden throughout the field of battle as the human heroes (Joe, Arnie, Billy, Skull and Jade) find themselves scattered in the streets. The Monsters are scattered too, but in typical world ending scenario fashion there are 7 of them: Kiddoo, Shaggoo, The Bloob, Spectoor, Drakoor, Moogre and Mechoor.

So, for the humans to win they have to defeat the three biggest monsters: The Bloob (all 3 parts of him), Moogre Mechoor. The monsters win if they destroy all 12 buildings or defeat all 5 heroes.

Doesn’t sound that hard right? Think again! The Bloob can only be attacked with area effect weapons, and they are limited. The Bloob is, well, a blob, if you didn’t pick up on that, and will absorb any hero foolish enough to run at it with an axe. Only a few weapons, including dynamite, flame throwers, rocket launchers and good old-fashioned air strikes work against him. Most of these are relegated to equipment counters scattered around the battlefield that the heroes can pick up. But, they’re one-time use and must make their mark. Otherwise the heroes chances become more and more limited to stop the monsters.

For the monsters, the game is basically a hulk smash of sorts, with some smaller lesser characters that have useful abilities, yet not nearly as important.

In typical Martin Wallace fashion, this game revolves around two main mechanics: action point allowance and hand management. Players must have the right card to activate the right character and can only take as many action as they have cards, of which they have 3 from which to choose. Typical simplistic rules, but with the also typical fiddly particulars that limit this or that or add conditions players have to carefully read the rule book to find/remember.

What I like about this game is it is a fairly simple introduction into a tactics style or miniatures game, while maintaining some Euro style mechanics of hand management. It’s a ticking timer game and that’s where most of the tension lies. You’ll either find yourself buried in rubble or outnumbered, but either way it’s fun!

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