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Just received my copy of Orcquest and gave it a try.. the general feeling was good, but the terms used in the game are rather confusing..

For what I understood the terms related to Challenges work a little bit different that those that we are used to:

* "Play a challenge" does not actually mean to "play" anything (from your hand), but rather be the first participant (the one that receives gains or punishment) in a quest

* "Engaged challenge" is any challenge that is on the table, no matter if somebody is already "playing it" (see previous) or not.

* "Take part in a challenge" means "Play a challenge" but not as main/first player, but as support. This means that you will attend to roll the dice and help the first/main player, but nothing is gained/losed regardless of outcome.

Is my understanding correct??

A couple of other related questions:

1. What does the ability of Thalla actually does?
2. How does stealing only one of the gains work? (it seems that almost every challenge has one single Gain..)
3. What happens when you force a player to "Play a trap" but he/she has no traps in hand and the permanent challenge is also not a trap (i.e. it is a Brawl)

I hope that the designers can shed some light on this, since for such an easy game, the rules are rather hard to grasp for me :/
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I tried to start conversation on this topic here. The formulation of rules/cards is often unclear and some designer comments would be great (I guess I will need to watch the gameplay videos...) Only answer I can provide now is this:
How does stealing only one of the gains work? (it seems that almost every challenge has one single Gain..)

Rules state that the "player that is stolen" (one of the rulebook's many goofs ) shuffles his gains and the stealing player draws one randomly. The same happens when a player is forced to discard a card - a player on his left draws one (or more) from his hand randomly.
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