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Finally read the rules, set this baby up, and got to play a game of The Networks. What a fun and clever game. With the Junior High Boy that still lives inside of me, how in the world could I resist purchasing "Chainmail Bikini Warrior" and bringing that hot, sexy starlot out of the Green Room to get her first starring role in such an epic show!

Then to follow that up with Mike Furry starring in "Agents of S.H.A.M.P.O.O." along with "Cyberslug vs Mecha Earthworm". Throw in some fantastic work by my Ad Department to land some major Ads for my shows and this game should be a runaway. I will see you guys at the Emmy's when I give my speech as top TV Executive of 2018. 15-20 point lead in the first few seasons, is anyone else even playing? Not so fast big boykiss

This was also her first time playing The Networks and she started a little slow out of the gate with this exciting TV lineup in her first 2 seasons. Of course every woman is going to start with a show like "The Baccalaureate", followed by "Old Folks Complaining", then trying to snag some late night channel surfers with "Awesome Industrial Accidents".

While I was busy entertaining my viewers with tons of science fiction, sports, and action shows, she was snatching up actors, ads, and Network cards which either give you an immediate bonus or they can be played once per game or they contain some form of endgame scoring. During Seasons 3 and 4 she closed the scoring gap as we both passed the 100 point mark in viewers. Hmm, maybe I should get a couple of those Network cards especially the endgame scoring ones. What is she going to do with all those actors waiting around in her Green Room. What do you mean those are worth points at the end of the game?shake

By Season 4 she had cut what I thought was an insurmountable lead down to 4 points and I had this uncomfortable feeling that I was in trouble. I was doing my best to purchase shows that would score big during Season 5 and score high points when it aged and scored again during End of Game Scoring. She had way more money than me and replaced all of her shows during Season 5, sending them all to be watched on Reruns. She got the best stars and ads to place with her new shows and before I knew it, it was time to Budget and Drop which basically means to pass and either take money or viewers. Money is worth nothing at the end of the game, so you may as well spend it all, and take as many viewers as you can get. We did Season 5 scoring and we were tied, time to age our shows and do End of Game scoring. This is an interesting mechanism where you score viewers for your 3 prime time shows one more time, then you get 1 viewer for each star still in your green room, and ad up all your End of Game Network cards. When it was all said and done, she ended up with the Emmy for Best TV Executive and the win 269-260.

This was a very enjoyable game even with just 2 players and a lot of fun with all the parodies of TV shows. With set up and game play, this game took us about 90 minutes. Fairly easy to learn with a well written rule book. Give this one a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.
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