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Hello fellow Gods, Avatars, and Cartographers.
I discovered the 'Dawn of Worlds' game a few years ago and tried it out a couple of times, once with my brothers and once with my oldest brother alongside his girlfriend. I luckily still have those maps with me so I'll probably post them up on the pictures section later.

After those times I didn't manage to find anyone who was interested in a game where you create the world/story as you go. This was partially due to my social anxiety at the time and my relatively isolated lifestyle.

Anyways I wanted to share with you all a few tweaks that I had made in preparation of another world-making session. Let me know any thoughts or ideas on how I can change them or improve them for future playthroughs.

Also I apologize if the variant is messy or crude. But hopefully you get the idea behind it.
First Variant: The Morality Of The Gods:

Purify/Corrupt limit 8/-8
Each god starts put at 1 or -1 and the actions they take can affect their alignment after each round.
Alignments also affect the costs of some actions;
A -6 god could cause a bountiful harvest or mass healing but would have to pay a +3 cost to the action. The same goes for a +6 god casting a plague upon a city or raising an army outside of self-defence.
At +4/-4 you may no longer corrupt/purify a civilization as a whole respectively.

Note: Neutral Gods (0 on the Purity/Corruption Chart) gain +2 power at the beginning of the game and receive +1 power at the end of each round that they were 'Neutral' in.

Your Avatars are also affected by your alignment, if you have the same alignment rating as your Avatar then there will be no additional costs or possible rebellions amongst your followers.
Avatar's start at the same alignment as their god and depending on how you use them can have very different views from their god.
A 4/-4 difference will result in new religious sects rising up where your avatar resides. These sects will attempt to convert other beliefs and their more 'orthodox' allies. If they roll an 18-20 on a d20 then the randomly targeted group of faithful will convert to their sect(they will choose original sect over foreign sects.) A god can attempt to stop this by using command order to destroy/forcefully convert/ or drive out the false order.

In the situation where the False order wins the schism any god may decide to fully support the order and align it to his cause by using Create Order on it.
IE: A 0 alignment False-Order will cost 2 extra points for a +2/-2 god and a +1 for their ability to resist a god if the won their religious schism.
Doing so will make the entire Order as the new 'reformed' God's church.
Any god may also use Catastrophe to wipe out the order. This of course costs 10+# divided by half.(based on alignment.)
[10 + 3 = 13 / 2 = 6]

A 6/-6 difference between a god and it's avatar will result in either a new god rising to power(if there is a willing soul to take hold of that power) or result in the sudden lose of Godlike abilities in the avatar, who will return to mortality.(AKA: either way you lose an Avatar)
The new God will receive his 'parent' God's alignment amount in points + whatever he rolls and be allowed to take 1 free action in his first(Ascendency) round in the area he obtains Godhood.
No Catastrophe, Event, or Create Race actions may be taken.

Secondary Variant: The Cycle Of The Gods
The First Age will last 12 rounds.
Each god starts with 3 power plus whatever they roll.

The Second Age will last 8 rounds.
Each god starts with 6 power + dice roll

The Third Age will last 10 rounds.
Each God starts with 8 power + dice roll
Each god must tell a short tale of a hero(/villain) guided by the god during this age. This 'adventure' affected the god somehow and altered their alignment by +1/-1 while gaining 2 points.

A final "Dawn Age" will happen at the end of the Third Age.
At this Dawn Age each god will be granted 12 points plus whatever they would have gained from a bonus. The gods may take 1 action for every 2 players. Example: 6 players mean 3 actions.
(Note: With only two players each god may take 2 actions.)

This allows each god to add some finishing touches or launch a last bitter attack against a foe before the World is considered complete and the Gods die/leave/watch/destroy it/you decide.

If planning to use the World as a setting. I would recommend having it happen during the Third Age or shortly after or during the Dawn Age. As the Final Acts of the Gods can serve as plot points.

Mini Variant: Flavored Gods
Gods have no preference at the beginning of a DoW's game unless it is a continuation with the same group and they would like to use their old gods.
So no God of War/Nature/Love/Man at the start, these titles are gained later as the Gods develop alongside the world.

If you choose to have everyone claim a title at the beginning then assign Purity/Corruption as common sense dictates and how the God will be acting throughout the game. I would recommend not allowing a starting God to go above/below 3 on their Purity/Corruption until after the game has started.
Example: God of Destruction: Corruption -3 , Goddess of Nature: Purity +1
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